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Posted by FallopianTube

I actually am starting to look forward to Halo Wars. Lets hope the control dont suck.

Posted by nickyvegas

this game looks sweet

Posted by GuttlessCashew

i bet the framerate will be dogey. Plus the camra is way too close. And the controls will be clunky and hard to use. they should of made it for pc. When will they learn that rts games are only great on pcs

Posted by Jothel

I'm looking forward to this

Posted by SlimDogg95

Looks decent. Not sure how it will turn out in the end. But these guys know how to make an RTS. So it might be really good.  Can't wait for the review.

Posted by JoblessTerence

Pretty good looking game but I'm afraid that the controls might be a little too clunky.

Posted by Farmer

Looks pretty mediocre. Certainly doesn't look great.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

We will see? I am not sold on this game yet, mostly because I don't know how the controls will work. But that's what the demo is for anyways.

Posted by jakob187

Wish it was coming to PC, but regardless, it looks like a damn fine RTS game!

Posted by Aaox

Really looking forward to this!

Posted by Media_Master

looks fine to me

Posted by MichaelBach

I hope this really will bring RTS to the consoles

Posted by giyanks22

Looks okay, but the visuals don't look great.

Posted by Chewii101

Hopefully, this game will prove that RTS belong on the console. Biggest worries are the camera and controls. Graphics look pretty good, much better than previous builds shown.

Wewt more Halo!

"you have the CHOICE .. of either making marines or tanks" what? welcome to every RTS ever
"You are the general" lol in an RTS??
"some of the battles are small and some are big" AI can build lots of units if you don't rush it?

Kinda sad because the team that worked on it made AoE. I guess now that they got X'd they shouldn't care about the game anymore.

Posted by Hef

Why can't you make this for the PC too!

Posted by TheGTAvaccine

Shaping up real nicely.

Posted by Destroyeron

Ashame they continue to shaft the Halo PC audience; though Microsoft continues to make decisions that absolutely baffle me.

Posted by Pibo47

Rts belong on the PC....why can they not figure it out...

Posted by TheHBK

I dont know about this anymore.  first off, the camera is too close at points, and with the controller, that would be a bad thing.  Plus i hate how these guys just keep talking about how it will be action oriented and how console players want to see action.  What the fuck, dont tell me what i want.  I want to resource manage and make that part of my strategy, to have to figure what to get to better equip myself to win.  Its part of an RTS.
So sad, these guys gonna get fired or reassigned after this game is done, or actually, its done now.  But since they are closing it, does that mean no expansions?

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

Thank you Ensemble for explaining what RTS is. I am dumb and have lived under a rock for the past 2 decades, and did not know what this strategy genre you speak of is. :D :D :D

Posted by gamefreak9

... If sombody thinks this looks good they dont know nothing bout RTS... theres nothing new here, and there are two races? not enough customumized game play, i would guess there like 4-5 good strategys, failure

Edited by strangeling

Overall, it looks decent.

I like how they kept the Spartan jacking in there.
I don't like the many shots of large numbers of units from both sides basically running up to one another and standing there while they shoot the other in the face though.  Maybe that's a reason why I don't play RTSs any more (I recently tried Supreme Commander, but didn't play far.)
And I'm not that into Halo (only have the first one for PC, and haven't played it much), so I won't be getting this.
Posted by GTCknight

Been looking forward to this game, I hope it turns out good. I haven't played a RTS in a very long while, mostly because my current PC can't play games any more(it crashes when ever I try)and also because theres only a very few RTS games I actually want to play.   

Posted by Termite

Around 0:52 the spartan units seem to be animating REALLY well for an RTS game...hmmm

I'm intrigued.

Posted by Squinshee

The Flood better be in this game.

Edited by Satune

Lol everything they just said sounded exactly like an average RTS, but with guys from the Halo universe.
All they say is, O look you can build tanks, and halo dudes... watch them blow shit up!

Posted by angelangelv2

The game has a really rough and unpolished look.

I was sort of imagining it to be Halo 3 but in RTS perspective. It kinda looks cartoon-ish.

But, we'll see when it comes out.

Edited by Crono

Looks like an average RTS - So console goers should love this!  I mean, after all, Halo is an average shooter.  After all, the guy in the video said it best:

"[Halo Wars] has that strategy aspect to it that people haven't seen in the Halo universe before."  Halo requires no strategy.

Posted by Tarsier

looks kind of lame

Posted by dagas

It may be an avarage RTS, but it's Halo so I'll play it. I'm a huge Halo fan and I've read the books so I'm looking forward to playing a game that takes place before Halo 1.

Posted by igl

joypad rts *stays away*

Posted by Osoart

If they simplify/streamline resource management, I could be swayed to buy an RTS game.
"Players don't want to dig in the dirt" is an accurate summation of how I feel about RTS in general.

Posted by MeatSim

I think I'm gonna have to play the demo first before I make a complete judgment call on this game.

Posted by JoelTGM

I don't care for RTS games.

Posted by Seram

It's very confusing to tell how this game plays compared to other RTSs.

Posted by zityz

i'll wait for a pc release, does look interesting though

Posted by RVonE

I'm really trying to give this game a chance, but somehow I feel that I'm kind of done with RTS games all together.

Posted by ManMadeGod

I can't believe this is it for Ensemble Studios :(

I wanted to see Age of Mythology 2 but guess I will have to settle for Halo Wars.

Posted by ddensel

This would've been pretty good if it were released in 2001.

Posted by ScottEFresh

Were they fighting an army of Barneys?

Edited by Scarabus

How to sell an RTS to FPS-players 101.

Blah blah blah. Spartans. Explosions. Whatever. 
Visually, this game looks really bland compared to other games in the genre. It will probably sell like crazy anyways because their target demo is the one that'll buy anything that says Halo on it. It's also the same target demo that will regret buying an RTS once the hype dies down.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

So... the killer features are that it's an RTS?

Woah man I have to know how to use more than one unit?! What incredible depth!

Posted by AnxiousTube

UM... it kinda looks a little borring

Posted by Chocobo_Blitzer

So you can upgrade your units then. Alright!

Posted by xZombiexkilla

When they first announced this game they said that there would be no resourcing, but  I guese now they finally found out what a real RTS is.

Posted by CylonAndrew

Well, to all Halo fans: this game is in good hands, especially looking at age of empires. You will not be disapointed.

Posted by majnuker

I really can't say. Every developer video i've EVER SEEN made the game look like hot stuff. I mean, look at SPORE!!

So this will likely just come out and die off slowly. I think it will be utterly forgettable in the next 2 years.

Posted by keyhunter

RTS's never have a good framerate. Except for Total war games. 10 thousand units on screen and the framerate is still perfect.

Edited by Mattalorian

It's far too generic for it's own good. From the video, it didn't seem like there was anything special about Halo Wars that separates it from other RTS games. Unless they make a really good "generic RTS", it seems like Halo Wars will actually be a fairly disappointing game.
'Course, it's probably too early to be making that call. I'm willing to give it a try, but I won't be surprised if it's disappointing.

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