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Been waiting for this 
Edit: Broken audio will allow me to continue waiting for this :(

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Edit: buggy sound = scariest review ever

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I might try this out.... oh wait.
Anyone else hearing weird auido around 3:40?

Posted by scarace360

the heaviest of heavy rains.

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@TheClap said:
" Time to load up my PS3 today...wait what? "
I'll admit, I did play through a second time against Quantic Dream's wishes. It was only from where one of my characters died to see his other chapters.
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Anyone else having weird sound glitches around 3:30?

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there is something wrong with the sound... I hear statics in the middle of the video.

Posted by drewbert

For those worrying about spoilers, most of the footage is taken from the first 1/6th of the game, with the exception of two scenes taken from the second 1/6th.

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Is anyone else having audio issues from 3:28 to 4:00? Besides that great video review. I wish I could turn my PS3 on today so I can play it.

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whoa, need to re-do the video, weird audio glitches 2/3rds of the way in

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Looks like  it could be cool but i think i will just rent it or wait for a price drop

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What the fuck is with the audio

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Is it me or at around 3:40-4:00 did anyone hear weird static? O.o

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ARGH! What the hell is with those sound glitches? I nearly freaked out for a minute there.

Posted by scarace360

i think that was a death note that was in the video review saying buy this or die.
but really the sound was fucked up.

Posted by lemon360

sound issues

Posted by ImperiousRix

Anybody else getting some weird sound glitches on this video? 

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

I had some really scary audio problems start around at the 3:30 mark on this video. I have nothing else open.

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@Quipido said:

" Anyone else having weird sound glitches around 3:30? "

Woah, weird. We're looking into it.
Edit: Fixed!
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what is up with the sound.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Something weird is going on with the audio about half way in.

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THERE'S A DEMON IN THE AUDIO. Play it backwards to hear his satanic message.

Posted by Scooper

AHHHH the audio went crazy about half way through what the fuck!?

Posted by Zicdab

I am having audio issues too.

Posted by Impossibilium

anyone else hearing the garbled background audio at the 3:30 mark?

Posted by Jackel2072
@Vito_Raliffe said:
" I had some really scary audio problems start around at the 3:30 mark on this video. I have nothing else open. "
me too and yes it's scary! *grabs teddy bear"
Posted by Jedted
@Quipido said:
"Anyone else having weird sound glitches around 3:30?"

I'm getting that too, i thought it was my headphones but it looks like an audio glitch. 
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wtf, did anyone get weird ass sounds at around 3:40?

Posted by Osaladin

Anyone else having audio issues with this video around 3:40 mark?

Posted by rohanspear345

not workin at all =(

Posted by RedSox8933

Sound fixed.

Posted by Binman88

Someone needs to buy Brad a new hoodie and pair of jeans.

Posted by Brunchies

I haven't had any sound problems with the review, I guess I'm in the minority.

Posted by Godlovesugly

Watched it in progressive and there was no audio issues.

Posted by trophyhunter
@Vito_Raliffe said:
" I had some really scary audio problems start around at the 3:30 mark on this video. I have nothing else open. "
I didn't hear anything and I watched twice
Posted by drewbert

Sound should be fixed now, let me know if anyone has any problems.

Posted by Spoonman671

I was a little curious about this game, but I found the voice acting to be a big turn-off.  Maybe I'll pick up a copy when it drops in price.

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Why is that chick never wearing pants? (Not complaining, just curious)

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I was hoping there was gonna be a gag in the last few seconds like the FEAR 2 and Fallout 3 reviews. I was expecting a "Please dad, can I hgggchave one? I'd really love to have a pullhoon".

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Thanks Drew, works now.

Posted by kagekage

Now the video is just plain lagging.

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The killer is YOU.

Posted by Zaapp1

Brad does good video reviews.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Now with (mostly) perfect sound.

Posted by SteppasHQ

Best Heavy Rain Video Review i've seen so far. Cheers
Posted by drew327

Thanks for the video review, finished the game shortly after release and I agree with pretty much everything you say.