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Two of Jeff's favourites for sure.

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God dammit.

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Huh. Okay then. I don't think this seems good at all.

Wait... why is... oh, there's a 3DS Yoshi and a Wii U Yoshi? Okay then. I assumed that first trailer I saw was the Yoshi's Island they announced a while back. I guess the 3DS game is new? This would be a lot more clear if there was a story that took all the Nintendo Direct news and put it together in words.

Edit: Wait... The Wii U Yoshi game involved Yarn which I totally forgot... but this just looks like Yoshi's Story which... Oh, this is DLC for Sonic Lost World? Oh, I see. Why didn't they just say that instead of saying Additional Content? That made it sound like a preorder bonus to me.

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I can hear moist delicious spilling everywhere. Also why.

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Collect eggs to save Jeff

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I thought of a few snarky things to say but then I figured, this is a Sonic game, so who cares.

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Ummmm what.

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2014 The Year of Yoshi.

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Well I didn't see that one coming.

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At first I thought this was just more garbage filler they're going to throw into the next smash game so more people think it's cute and forget that it was disemboweled by Nintendo with Brawl. Then I realized it's not. Now I don't know what to do with all my rage.

.... Shut up, guys! You... banana-heads!

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I'm sorry Yoshi.

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Where am I?

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Year of the Jeff's favorite games right here

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Day of the Jeff.

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I know I'm, like, a decade late, but I still think it's dumb to have Sonic talk.

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More reasons to hate Alex and Patrick. Stop spoiling GotY.

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all this need now is some "wah wahs" in the soundtrack.

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Poor Jeffrey.

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That homing attack is still fucking pointless.

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What's that Jeff? You don't like Yoshi?

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I don't know why developers don't grasp how terribly out of place a goofy American voice is for Sonic...

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Wait a minute. Is Yuri Lowenthal voicing Sonic now? When did that happen?

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Why only 2D sections? They make DLC for the worst part of the game?

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It's only a matter of time now until we see Knuckles crossover into a new Punch-Out.

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@rotnac said:

It's only a matter of time now until we see Knuckles crossover into a new Punch-Out.

Can Tails be in the Pilotwings crossover?

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Excuse me, that's Yoshi's STORY. Yoshi's Story is completely terrible while Island is a SNES masterpiece.

This looks like a nightmare.

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What would really set Jeff off is a Yoshi's Island/Nights crossover game.

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So 2014 is totally Year of the Yoshi, right?

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I kind of wish Nintendo would just buy Sonic off SEGA... also just downloaded it, it fun (but a tad short) but its free so who cares :D

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Damn it.....DAMN IT!!!

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Hah, that's pretty cool. As much as I'm loving my Xbox One right now, some of the titles/content coming out for the Wii U is really making me want to go pick one up. Sonic Lost Worlds looks like a blast (for me), and Nintendo never ceases to impress with their first-party support.

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What is happening to videogames?!

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So 2014 is totally Year of the Yoshi, right?

I'd argue maybe its the year of Rosalina with her being in the new Mario Kart and Smash Bros. But yeah, it could be the year of Yoshi too with this and (hopefully) Yoshi's Yarn coming out.

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I would play a whole game of that if Sonic moved as fast as he did many years ago.

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This feels wrong.....this is how the absorption of the world of Sonic into Mario starts isn't it? It will like a DC comic Crisis event, except after it's over Tails and luigi will be teaming up to catch ghosts using a biplane.

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This may not be the worst thing ever, you know Sonic Lost Worlds.

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I think you've posted too many trailers for today, @alex. You're recycling material already.

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I think I might try this. Sonic Lost World is probably my biggest disappointment of 2013, but this looks like a fun enough distraction.

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2014 The Year Nintendo just puts Nintendo in every other game franchise.

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On the bright side, watching this makes Hyrule Warriors seem somewhat acceptable

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I honestly thought "this looks so bad, it can't possibly be a legit Sonic product." Then the splash page at the end happened.

Nintendo, buy Sonic Team. Fix this.