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Sonic Lost World is a game starring Sonic the Hedgehog developed exclusively for Nintendo platforms. The initial reveal trailer showcased footage of gameplay alternating between side-scrolling and behind-the-back perspectives.

Nintendo of Europe is handling publishing duties across Europe and Australia.


Sonic is seen in gameplay grabbing onto the side of ledges and subsequently climbing up. This appears to be a "slower" and more platforming based Sonic title. When running on walls, gravity pulls Sonic down, causing him to slide down the wall even while he runs alongside it.

The stages take place on platforms suspended in the sky, some of them being spherical in shape. The camera also rotates in sync with Sonic as he runs up ramps and upside down. For these reasons, Sonic Lost World has invited comparisons to the cancelled title Sonic X-treme.

There will be both competitive and cooperative local multiplayer modes. In the competitive mode, Two-Screen Multiplayer instead of traditional splitscreen with one player playing on the TV and the other on the GamePad screen. In co-op the player with the GamePad can use radio controlled gadgets to destroy enemies and obstacles in Sonic's path. In competitive multiplayer the two players can race against eachother.


Sonic Lost World features the return of the little cartoon animals from the original Sonic title and Sonic 2, such as the pigs and chickens. These animals appear to be threatened by six colorful, demonic-looking creatures titled the "Deadly Six".


Sonic Lost World is produced by Takashi Iizuka and will feature changes to the standard 3D Sonic gameplay by introducing a tired structure for speed based on how many shoulder buttons you have pressed at one time, and a parkour system that will allow Sonic to keep on running if he hits a wall. The powerups from Sonic Colors will also return.

3DS Version

The 3DS version will be the first handheld Sonic game to have fully 3D levels. It will be different from the Wii U version as it has exclusive levels, Wisp power-ups, special stages that use the motion sensor, customizable gadgets that can help Sonic during gameplay and local and online multiplayer modes. There will also be some sort of cross-platform functionality with the Wii U in that you can share gadgets between the Wii U and 3DS versions. This version is being developed by Dimps, developers of previous Sonic handheld versions.

Downloadable Content

In the 18th December 2013 Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata announced that there would be the release of Yoshi's Island DLC for the Wii U version featuring Yoshi Island Zone, which was available for free. He also hinted at the possibility of a Legend Of Zelda related DLC in 2014.

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