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Looks great, Vinny must be in hog heaven with that kind of budget and so many shiny new toys! Jealous!

Edit: Oh and yeah, the download is only the usual 720p60, be interested to compare the quality of a 1080 version though.

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awesome video

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

This video is making me sooooo happy!

Posted by HellknightLeon

What other site would show people the in and outs of the "making" of the site. GiantBomb is made for the people by the people and with the people in heart and mind. Best site in the fucking world. Love the check in Vinny.

Posted by Salvationtwist

vinny this is amazing AMAZING WORK!

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Posted by kalnet101

This is super great! The progress is looking really awesome! Must've been hard for you. Looking forward to a proper live show from you guys!

Posted by Dizzyhippos

Part of me wants to research the cost of everything he showed in that studio, but I think its more fun to just assume it was REALLY expensive

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I look forward to the content that we will be seeing from GBeast High Command.

Posted by Bistromath

Need to get an Uppleva to solve your cable problem.

Posted by K4g4m1

Awesome to see how you are getting set up. Can't wait for future productions.

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Yeah yeah yeah nice. It's never the same without Vinny!

Posted by DrakeLC

Vinny Caravella and Alex Navarro getting things done and taking us to the future!

Posted by NeoCalypso

oh god that framerate is glorious.

Posted by Brake

That's all well and good, but is there a Big Knob?

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Another FANTASTIC video, @vinny! You are a genius and a madman.

Posted by selbie

At 20 mins in I was on the floor in stitches. That made him sound like Christopher Walken!

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I can't wait for voice effect fun times!

Then again, Vinny used to be transition and graphic effect crazy before and really toned it down in the last few years.


Posted by Ares42

That music.. it's like I'm watching an XboX montage trailer or something.

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Me thinks Vinny needs to get a laptop with a touch screen or a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 since it's got the the stylus/pen etc.

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I think I hear an alien imitating Katharine Hepburn.

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Is that a 60-fps camera? I don't have much acquaintance with that kind of frame rate, so I was a little surprised.

Posted by Oobir

What happens if you inhale helium and pitch down your voice with the mixer? Research needs to be done!

Posted by jagehtso

With all of his silly antics it's sometimes easy to forget just how much of a goddamn professional Vinny Caravella is.

Posted by mikael110

I'll second the request for no auto-ducking of gameplay audio, it usually just distracts me when people use it.

I would also totally be behind another more complex behind the scenes look like you mentioned where you got more into the tecnical aspects of the video and audio stuff you are dealing with.

Posted by charlie_victor_bravo

@dizzyhippos: Mixer combo is about 3000€, signal converter 600€, audio snakes are free if you capture the from the wild and tame them. Those are small part of it, so it is no "do it in your home budget".

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Vinny is Daft Punk. I'm going to need to up my internet cap for this 60fps stuff...

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These things are so beautifully produced. Excellent work.

Posted by SL33TBL1ND

These things are so beautifully produced. Excellent work.

Posted by Dead_Cell

I don't know a god damn thing about video/audio stuff but I'll watch anything with Vinny in it.

Posted by Tits_Matador

Vinny should always pitch Alex's voice way up and never tell him.

Posted by Scalper

@vinny thanks for the behind the scenes videos. Love'em

You and alex are doing great work over on the east coast

Posted by LoktarOgar

Am I losing my mind, or is it only 60 when you're not watching fullscreen? Because I was watching it fullscreen and it looked sub-30, then I turned off fullscreen and it was suddenly super smooth. (as an aside there's no youtube option for 1080, and I generally use the youtube video)

Posted by anzejk

WOW, Vinny, you're sooooo smoooth. 60fps looks fucking awesome! ;)

Posted by Sykosis

man I would totally flip some switches for you guys in exchange for a sandwich.

Posted by Usernameandemail

Was the handheld a Sony nex? What was the lens? It looked great!

Posted by selfconfessedcynic

I love these making-of style videos, and would LOVE to see that more in-depth one you mentioned regarding cabling etc.

Posted by AndrewB

Why do dumb vocal effects even exist on high-end equipment? Who's using them? I've had the same effects through pretty much any PC audio hardware I've ever used, from Realtek audio codec through the more high-end consumer Xonar D2X.

Posted by Beinhart

Gotta love Vinny

Posted by StoneGut

Love Love Love the technical vids... awesome!

Posted by Osiris

Dat cable management :D

Posted by MikeJAMoran

Is it just me or has Vinny's voice/accent changed?

Posted by Wolferey

@vinny I vote in-depth videos! Really interesting to see the setup!

Posted by kvk1

Vinny, you are a national treasure my friend.

Posted by AMyggen
Posted by BeefyGrandmole

His voice around 22:30 blew my mind. That voice suits him well.

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1080P? More like 1080V!

Keep on doing the East Coast proud, Caravella!

Posted by dsouvannarath

Wow with Vinny on the east coast with all this fancy equipment, will these guys have higher production values on their content than west coast? Or will those guys step have to step it up??? Either way, I'm excited for the future of giantbomb

Posted by Corican

Thumbs up, Vinny. Thumbs wayyyy up!

Posted by wild_ronin

The continuing rise of the Giant Beast. These behind the scenes technical videos are SO COOL. Thanks a bunch, Vinny!