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Posted by drummer34

Jeff knows his stuff!!!!

Posted by classenmindy

Yeah, I tried to play these on Viddler once, and it just froze my computer. You guys are doing great with the player. :)

Posted by QforQ

old video is old

Posted by Hazard

GLaD [intentional typo] to see this back on the site. I was wondering where all the how to build a bomb episodes went. i hope there's more stuff like this coming soon, maybe something like the old gamespot live or button mashing :D.

Posted by MisterShak

Wow... that's ALOT of knowledge about video games. Alot. Great job. 

Posted by jsd

Jeff is one scary guy.

Posted by twenty0ne

Nice video.

Posted by AgileNate

The quality of this site is amazing. Love this site.

Posted by BigShot

Silly video bombsquad.

Posted by Highnote

woo jeff is amazing

Posted by Skeetz

wow thats some serious connections!!!

Posted by filiwian

Lol, it's like your own personal walking and talking wikipedia. ( :

Posted by mindless1987

wow, thats amazing, ok Jeff/LeVar i wont take your word for it, lolz

Posted by Jedted

Go Brad!!!

Posted by whospilgrim

I got one for you Jeff.  Logic Pro to the Bible.  Ha!!!

Posted by xHaVoK87

Yes he does. Has to be the best site I have seen yet!

Posted by Wazzu

This video makes a lot more sense now that I've seen the site

Posted by SaitenMar

Jeff is a robot! this proves it!

Posted by NinjaMunkey

Jeff know everything!

Posted by Pop

Spicy Chipotle

Posted by Malvicus

haha, a Reading Rainbow Reference! Get out of my Childhood!

Posted by CylonAndrew

Dam. Hardcore nerd right there!

Posted by Driadon

I've always wondered, why is Jeff manhandling a Wii in the last part of the video?

Posted by sohail12345


Posted by david241



Posted by GaspoweR

Ryan: Grrrrr.......

Posted by Travman

KABOOM... (but you can do better with those degrees Jef f... c'mon, both were platformers???) but always good to see you bro

Posted by eddie

these guys must be some kind of gods man

Posted by charma

Jeff is a gaming god.

Posted by mawfu

This should definitely be a  series.

Posted by Campion

Ha ha, random animal footage in the background.

Posted by daniel_beck_90

Jeff is the man

Posted by Regal

This is the best video ever made on the internet, for the love of all that's holy do not remove this ever.

Posted by rawker617

they both have portals in it.

Posted by BawaTheGamer

im in awe!!

Posted by MOARgan

Uhh, the video stops playing at 4:40

Posted by retwakm

keep the features coming there awesome!

Posted by bjorno

episode 11 please

Posted by amandackrueger

Oh DUDE! I totally have that picture from 'Airplane!' hanging in my bedroom. 

It's official...I love Giant Bomb.
Posted by Residentrevil2

This is still great.  About a year later and it is still great!

Posted by samsam1029

I love how Ryan laughs at the beginning lol
Posted by RHCPfan24

I remember this video. It is great even today.

Posted by corey596

lol how can you know sssooo much about games and also game developers.

Posted by Romination

i actually found some faster connections.
does this mean i'm amazing?

Posted by Mrbrandneweverythang

damn jeff
Posted by RipTheVeins

Jeff has a Wii...

Posted by Sjupp

I just re-watched this. This is still hilarious!

Posted by EdoBaka
@whospilgrim:  ha, easy. bible =  searchable bible app by Abelardo Gonzalez = made for iphone = made by apple = which bought Emagic in 2002 = they made logic pro
Posted by Aarny91

I hear Vinny.

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