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Very Tall engineer!.

Tall engineers are the best

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Excellent behind the scenes footage. I really feel like GB is blossoming into a great site.

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Aaaaw, perfect match.

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great, the site is amazing, keep up the good work guys :)

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So, is this a site about video games?

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All I have to say is, funny as hell. I mean just the style and the narrator.

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I sense a longstanding joke developing.
I'm the one developing pages on Star Control 2!
Aww man, this is like a dream come true getting indirectly mentioned like that!

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Best. Episode. Ever.

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Awesome video.  I'm glad to finally see the other part of the team behind Giant Bomb.  Keep up the good work guys!

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I love the over the top documentary/retrospect editing vinny. Keep up the good work.

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Seems like they are having a lot of fun.

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Nice I liked the behind the scenes documentary style.

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Ryan is so cute!!

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Very amusing, Vinny. :)

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Best video everrr!

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Keeping it classy. Nice.

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Coronas FTW

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I get the impressions that everyone in this video is at leasy slightly drunk.

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What a fantastic video! Giant Bomb is beyond a doubt the greatest video game website of all time.
Whenever someone asks about Giant Bomb, the only correct answer is "It's a website... About video games!"

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Great great work, guys. Keep it up!

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Nice video guys. snide, we miss you in IRC!

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Hard to beleive this is just the beginning. But wait, does this mean this is the finally of "How To Build a Bomb"?

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Tall people are awesome!

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I love the how to build a bomb's.

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Awesome, love these videos keep em coming. And good work on GB.

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The style of this video was awesome. Nice job on editing and VO, Vinny!

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Great, awesome video guys!

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Excellent *does hand motion*

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You think you know, but you have no idea... This is the diary of Giant Bomb.

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(Unreliable) NARRATOR

After the break on VH1 Behind the Music: Giant Bomb, we delve into Ryan's dangerous Orange Soda addiction, Jeff's secret Princess Leia bondage fan fiction, and a shocking revelation from Brad Shoemaker.

Yes, I was the inspiration for Eeyore. On Winnie-The-Pooh.

(Unreliable) NARRATOR
Stay tuned.

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Vinny delivers again.
More videos on Giantbomb!!!!!!

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Giant Bomb (.com) definitely seems to be a labor of love.  That is probably why it is turning out so well, the people behind it really believe in what they're doing.  Great stuff.

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Whoa, Ryan looks drunk off his ass.

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I have one thing to say about this video - Luchadeer.

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It sounds like these guys did an overwhelming job bringing this site together over the last few months, good job guys

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Great video, keep them coming!

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awesome video guys

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This made me cry... ;_;

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Great to see what goes on behind the scenes guys! Great work!

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  Another great vid

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Awesome video and great job on the site!

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of course always awesome video giantbomb is on its way 2 rule the internet
although that little bit with the dude hugging ryan like that kinda disturbing

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I love this site :D

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Wow that tall guy IS freakishly handsome...


ANYWAYS great job all around. I'm blown away that your database can handle so many edits and uploads!

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I thought you said there wouldn't be any more how to build a bombs since the bomb has already been built

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I need more videos


we love them

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Very nice!!! ... How much?!?!?  lol

Seriously though guys, nice to meet the actual people behind the scenes and kinda get a background of them and stuff.