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edit; FUCK YEAH. That's what I get for being awake at 9am Tuesday. 

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It's not Monday any more!

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I was just thinking about this. But hey! It's even 1 AM on the West coast. You guys. Video was indeed top-grade, though.

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don't lie to me...

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Only Hawaii can celebrate Mondays on Monday these days it seems.

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Oh Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

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I love Mondays... 
...On a Tuesday.

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Tuesdays are cool too I guess.

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Don't you mean next Tuesday morning?

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Mr. Blutarski. 
Drunk, fat and stupid is no way to go through life.

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Those goddamn hooligans. PAY ATTENTION TO MR. DAVIS.

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You wouldn't believe how hard it is to rip videos off the YooStar 2 website. Nonetheless! I Love Mondays is up! Our long national nightmare is over!

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even though it's Tuesday morning, I Still Love Mondays!! nice use of YooStar 2 Mr. Davis haha

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Double secret Mondays!

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Also: That's it. You've won. There is no more internet to be had. We'd better all pack up and go home.

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This is getting dumber and dumber every week, bring back the old I love Mondays.

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The thought of random people stumbling across this on the YooStar 2 website make me happy.

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Excellent use of Yoostar

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Every I Love Mondays since the start of the new year has been amazing. Fact.

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Ryan looks like the guy he's talking too... a bit?

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This actually made the wait worth it. 

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I was getting tired of the weird ILM's... but this totally redeemed them for me. Yoostar 2 has officially become my favorite piece of technology.

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Why do you post these on Tuesdays now, dammit?!

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Sucks that I will miss TNT this week.   :(
WWE Allstars looks fun.

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Now I can go to sleep. :)

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This was worth the wait lol

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I don't understand how a person who hates humor could be a fan of this site.
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Damn, that was good stuff but it really should be named I Love Tuesdays

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That was... perfect. 

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@Lord_Yeti said:
" @Flow72:   I don't understand how a person who hates humor could be a fan of this site. "
Every week I wonder the same thing. What are these people doing here? 
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Somebody should splice together all the I love Mondays. I would watch it as a film.

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I love this damn site. *happy sigh*

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Yoostar 2, the many ways I love thee, let me count.

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Not bad. Not bad at all.

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The I Love Mondays shorts are THE best. Keep up the good work!

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Ok, they need to do this with every clip on yoostar 2 as I love mondays till they run out of clips.

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Or... Monday evening.

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Please start doing real ILM's again

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Bravo, good use of Yoostar2(if that's what was used).

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All right, this was worth it being a little late.

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I love Mondays, really I do, but I gotta get down on Fridays!