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Tuesdays aren't so bad.

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ah yes, the famous i love mondays on giantbomb dotcom

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Xbox Infinity sounds horrible but I'd accept it. Going back to the Xbox would be a good return to source. I have no idea though.

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Drew's on vacation ? Man, Mondays suck !

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@gbrading: To me it doesn't sound horrible so much as unimaginative. But it has good potential for logos. Like, the infinity symbol with the part where it crosses highlighted to form an X.

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Drew's twitter comments were pretty great to read. I know of Eurovision from reading UK forums, but I've never actually seen it myself.

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What if they went with the original prototype name, the "DirectX Box"?

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P.S: No drew :(

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Will try to participate on that stress test!

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I effing loved Dinosaucers!

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Whoa, does this skip at multiple points for anyone else or just me?

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Play Battlefield for TNT with Vinny taking the place of Mike Horn/Norm Chan.

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I love ryan was like "hey everyone love the YDKJ TNT, so lets not do that again."

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Anyone know that toy figurine behind Brad's monitor? That is about 6 inches tall?

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I have pants on... I hate Mondays.

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Oh yeah, Eurovision!

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(Hey Brad, the Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault multiplayer is kind of MOBA-ish.)

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@jz said:

I love ryan was like "hey everyone love the YDKJ TNT, so lets not do that again."

that's... not even close to what he said?

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Whoa, does this skip at multiple points for anyone else or just me?

I can't get past the 5:14 mark.

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What are the names of the Canadian cartoons that were in the UK but not the US?

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Dinosaucers looks incredible. I might have to watch a few episodes.

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Just don't watch puzzler quick looks. Don't.

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Another round of Cards against Humanity for TnT?

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Xb0x (Xbox Zero)

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these should be an hour long

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So glad black-shirt Vinny is back. I hardly recognized last week's Vinny.

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@rayspencer: I think they're confusing French and Canadian. There were a lot of cartoons produced in France/Japan partnerships and translated for UK consumption. Stuff like Mysterious Cities of Gold, Ulyssess 31 and Once Upon a Time...Man.

Also Spain/Japan: Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds.

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@sethshandor said:

Whoa, does this skip at multiple points for anyone else or just me?

I can't get past the 5:14 mark.

Weird. I gave up, it would keep either jumping back 3 seconds or ahead 2.

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Whoa Brad putting some weight on.

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"Where's Dave?"

Pyongyang, what's with you not knowing, Ryan? Jeez.

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Drop the "box", just The X.

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New console talk! Monday's are exciting.

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Quake Live should solve issues with server hosting.

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@murdoc_ said:

Another round of Cards against Humanity for TnT?

Yes please. I got excited when Ryan was sounding like he finally realized that the best TNT's are the ones where four of them play a game against one another and just have fun. Then when he said quake I just shook my head. That's the opposite!

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Man I fuckin' loved dinosaucers (and I agree Patrick, Bound in Bloods gameplay was incredible gun mechanics)

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Drew went to Europe to join a pop band. Any of them.

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@atwa: Thank you, very cool figurine

now waiting for the new xbox console... *taps wrist*

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There is totally a story connection between the first 2 Call of Jaurez games. The 2nd is a prequel to the first and they both are fuckin weird but I like them both. The 3rd one was just utter dog shit though.

In the 1st one you would quote scripture whilst wasting dudes with a revolver. It was pretty dope.

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Nice to see some decent video quality, i.e. the camera isn't blown out by the light from the window. Also some Quake action sounds cool, if we can have another stream to keep the non-Quake players happy then that would be marvelous. Since Alex has said things are slowing down again on the release schedule,how about some suggestions: a quick thing about the Black Mesa thing for Half Life (well it's free, seems stable, and hopefully the last few levels will be completed soon), some Trials perhaps, Super Crate Box (again , free), WipeOut 2097 or 3 to remind us what the Playstation was about (pleeeeease), or a Geometry Wars do or die stint. Perhaps give that last one to someone other than Brad, he still deserves time to reflect on his CoD marathon. Those suggestions are mostly action stuff, so a random reminder of one of the first TellTale adventure episodes wouldn't go amiss either. I'm thinking something other than Walking Dead, like Sam'N'Max, Tales Of Monkey Island, etc (or even LucasArt's Grim Fandango - go on @rorie now's your chance).

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that controller looks a reference to the type 100 mobile suit from zeta gundam

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@sooty said:

Whoa Brad putting some weight on.

This is your Brad on Dota

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Sorry Patrick, Bound in Blood was hot garbage. Retched gameplay and nothing crazy enough storywise to be worth it.

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Microsoft EggBox.

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101 games in a controller? 'Ball's in your court, Microsoft.

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I liked when they shit all over the name Xbox 365 when some guy wrote into the Bombcast with it a year or two ago. Now they're okay with it I guess.