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Did Drew really take off to Europe after watching Eurovision?

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@taku128: Was it you that wrote in? Are you holding a few years old grudge?

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Man, I haven't heard Dinosaucers mentioned for like 20 years.

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Every time I see Patrick's desk I wish for a Seaman Encyclopedia Bombastica.

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Nope, not diggin mondays anymore.

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Another round of Cards Against Humanity would be pretty awesome. Also if you want continue with the You Don't Know Jack thing you guys should break out Buzz again. I love that Quick Look.

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@jodski said:

@taku128: Was it you that wrote in? Are you holding a few years old grudge?

No, it just stuck with me for some reason.

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I will be installing or troubleshooting Xfinity Tomorrow during the show. I will plan my lunch around the 1st hour of the event. No word in any meetings about Xfinity being built in with the new xbox. BUT we are launching X1 (new guide that is IP based and is super sweet and will change cable boxes for Xfintiy!) If the new Xbox could run X1 that would be HUGE! X1 is coming in July in Metro Detroit, I get it sooner like in a few weeks, also new REMOTES RF REMOTES!!!!

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Let's hope Men's Room Mayhem has a decent amount of Urinal Politics.

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Brad will somehow hijack one of the streams for a daily dota :p

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Welcome to Giant Bomb's I Love Mondays Super Xbox Tuesday Pizza Special 5/20/13 Xbox xbox xbox xb

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Patrick is right, Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood is a damn good game.

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I'm in the midwest US, and I saw Dinosaucers growing up. Weird that none of the guys have even the slightest familiarity with it. It was a co-produced series by the US and Canada.

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@ryan: Yes, more You Don't Know Jack for TNT, please! Great fun for us in Europe who can't actually play it (at least not on the Xbox Prefinity).

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Jesus Christ. I wanted to know what site Patrick was using and all I could read was "Biggr". I cannot stress enough, DO NOT GOOGLE IT. Also I found out it was Flickr.

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Vinny and Ryan talking about Denver the Last Dinosaur absolutely made my day.

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Every time I see that Skidrow poster I think about the scene group. Warez yo.

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I'll totally back Patrick on this one. I seriously dislike western themed games, but after hearing some good stuff around release I gave it a try and ended up really liking it. They managed to do something many devs fail to do and that is they made old west style guns actually fun to use.

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@zeekthegeek: I disagree. I had a blast playing BiB, ok it wasn't the most technically impressive FPS but the shooting mechanics were great and the story was just the right side of batshit crazy. I even enjoyed the MP for a couple weeks.

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It bugs me that people think it will be called "Xbox", because they already made a console called "Xbox". It's soooo dumb.

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Rkid Sow.

No one is ever breaking that code.

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@taku128 said:

I liked when they shit all over the name Xbox 365 when some guy wrote into the Bombcast with it a year or two ago. Now they're okay with it I guess.

Some guy, more like you guy, AMMIRITE? Anyway, it'll never be called that. Man that would be fucking stupid.

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I will defend Patrick that the first two Call of Juarez games were strangely enjoyable and pretty hilarious/ridiculous at times, not great games but had an appeal to them.

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We'll finally find out the conclusion of Lemon's aka @steve_ramirez's awesome Bombination! Pretty excited for that!

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Yes! Make TNT In House more often. It's the best way to do multiplayer live streams.

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As i'm watching this, it's almost exactly 13 hours till the New Xbox reveal. Can hardly contain my excitement.

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I demand that Klepek re-play Call of Juarez: BIB on UnPro Friday!

@stimpack said:

Jesus Christ. I wanted to know what site Patrick was using and all I could read was "Biggr". I cannot stress enough, DO NOT GOOGLE IT. Also I found out it was Flickr.

Yeah, same here!

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Suggestion for TNT

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I'm getting a PS4 so I don't really care about the new Xbox, but I'll still watch.

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@blackout62: that's too close to drugs I think. Microsoft is straight edge.

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His and Hers Xbox

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Quake? Ugh...

Let's just play some more Magicka or Jack.

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Must have Viva Piñata 2.

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Dinosaucers was such a stupid show, I loved it when I was a kid.

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So we heard yelling off camera and Vinny mentioned that it was Homer Rabara. Does Homer Rabara still work at Gamespot? And if so, why has he not been on any GiantBomb videos?

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I saw you browsing Joystiq, Patrick! Don't try to hide it!

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Men's Room Mayhem sounds like a shitty Dinner Dash rip-off.

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@zeekthegeek: indeed it was. i really miss the days when GB did video reviews and i love mondays were precise and about 5 min long :(

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Giant Bomb's been acting up lately. The latest videos page in the videos section sometimes refuses to update, so I completely miss a whole day's worth of videos because of that. The Splinter Cell video is the latest video according to what I'm seeing, but the front page shows a bunch that I missed.

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@bartz said:

I saw you browsing Joystiq, Patrick! Don't try to hide it!

That was Polygon. Unless he was browsing both.

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They should have a look into the Rising Storm beta. It's pretty damn fun, and it solves a lot of the issues with vanilla RO2.

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I hope Ryan is referencing The Racoons!