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Brad 4 Lyfe

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I'm an uncle again today, so I love Mondays, too.

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Orangina 4 Lyfe.

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THAT (thumbnail) is the archetypal Brad pose.

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China don't care

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Fuck Ryan Davis! #TeamBrad

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@mlarrabee: grats duder, welcome to the big happy uncles' family.

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@Airickson said:

Orangina 4 Lyfe.


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@Porkellain: Thanks, duder! I've five nephews, and now I've a niece!

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This I Love Mondays are getting pretty long... and that's awesome!

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my brother totally tried to get that achievement in COD4. But he gave up after a couple tries. I guess he's just not as great at games as Brad is...

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China Don't Care about Team Brad, which is why they fail.

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credit " B0nd07 "

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I can't wait for my theoretical CHINA DON'T CARE shirt.

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I don't know, the screenplay says "pan to Ryan holding burrito."

Edit: So it turned out to be a gyro, but Ryan always has been the Robin Williams of wrap-based improvisation.

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A basketball wouldn't work on lava either, Jeff. Jeez. Or, on THE SURFACE OF THE MOON.

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Team Burrito huh...sounds pretty good.

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Fuck Ryan Davis. There are few things more frustrating than a contrarian.

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did i hear Borderlands 2 TNT?

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Well I, for one, appreciated your CCR reference even if no one else did.

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Guys, I heard Brad is leaving the site to command his new army of #teambrad members with the mission of conquering the world.

Also...dude...a sand living room sounds fucking awesome.

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A Borderlands 2 TNT sounds fantastic. Also, I will take a good gyro over a burrito any day of the week.

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well I guess I gotta wait for the team brad shirt now

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I will play Borderlands 2.

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Yep, Orcs Must Die 2 joins Tactics Ogres in Quick Looks that were never to be.

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Jeff, check your phone messages.It's probably HR and they want to talk to you about unsafe archery exhibitions.

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Forever TeamBrad!

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Orcs must die 2 quicklook needs to happen

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Now I don't know what I want the most: a living room covered in sand, or a living room covered in nails.

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Works on most surfaces. Except lava.

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Joe Danger 2 Quick Look? :(

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I now demand a "Fuck Ryan Davis and his surfaces" shirt.

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@Rodiard said:



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Does the basketball work on Microsoft Surface? Seems like that would be an important one for cross-branding purposes.

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@DoctorWelch said:

Also...dude...a sand living room sounds fucking awesome.

A sand living room just reminds me of a kitty litter box, so... No. Not awesome.

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i was expecting Brad to wear crown and cape

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I hope for a Just Cause 2 Multiplayer (Beta) TNT, it would be awesome

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team brad shirt should be that picture of Brad hugging Eric Pope with that filter on it.

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If I get some rebate on the shipping for my second shirt order, that would be super awesome, but let's face it. I placed a second order just so I could get a shirt that says "Fuck Ryan Davis". That was incredibly stupid and I should not be rewarded for that. That sort of thing should not be encouraged.

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If the Borderlands 2 TNT is of the quality of the Dead Island TNT, I'm completely on-board...