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He's a real soulful dude, man.

Brad Shoemaker was born in North Carolina on July 20th, 1979. He began college at North Carolina State University in 1997, where he started out in Computer Science but later on switched to English. In 1999, he wrote several articles for that he never got paid for. In the summer of 2000, he began as an intern at GameSpot. In 2003, he began working as feature editor for GameSpot, subsequently becoming an associate editor. He appeared frequently on the weekly video feature, On The Spot, and podcast, The HotSpot. In 2008, after the infamous "Gerstmanngate" scandal, he left GameSpot and freelanced for a while until he became an editor on Giant Bomb with his ex-GameSpot colleagues Ryan Davis, Jeff Gerstmann , and Vinny Caravella.

Famous Attributes

Brad Shoemaker: Truly metal.

Shoemaker's most famous attribute is his voice. It is a deep, sensual voice that can be heard for miles. His voice has been described as "sexy", "sultry", and "like being hugged by Gregory Peck on a bear-skin carpet", as well as having the soothing, comforting Southern-tinged drawl of a steer-herding, prairie-riding cowboy. The kind of voice that would cool a man's head as well as stoke a fire in his loins, if Brad were so inclined.

Many Giant Bombers believe it to be a mating call. His voice is also the perfect voice for video reviews, interviews, and the Giant Bombcast.

Brad's perfectly even sideburns are yet another of his famous attributes. They are equal in length and hang just below the ear. These are also believed to attract females (as well as some males).

It is said that male and female game PR representatives are inexplicably attracted to Brad, possibly due to his extra-fly sideburns and powerful musk.

"Pulling a Brad"

Brad Shoemaker is so awesome that he has a phrase named after his exploits. "Pulling a Brad" occurs when someone dies or loses in a video game while appearing live or while recording raw footage to be broadcast later. The phrase "Pull a Brad" was first started by Justin Calvert - an editor at GameSpot. Justin coined the phrase on an episode of GameSpot's live show, On the Spot, after witnessing Brad die a number of times in the PSP game Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins. The phrase has stuck as Brad has a tendency to die more often than any other member of the Bomb Squad during Quick Looks. Even the Bomb Squad makes reference to the phrase; for example, after falling into hot lava immediately after beginning the Quick Look for Darksiders, Vinny Caravella jokes about Jeff Gerstmann taking over for Brad, who wasn't even present.

For more insight into "Pulling a Brad" during Quick Looks, Brad: Quick Look Start to Death Time is a comprehensive list of Brad's first deaths during Quick Looks, including when and how it happened. This list was retired after Brad's 100th Quick Look death.

Brad has since admitted on a thread discussing his ability to die quickly when playing games on NeoGAF that the meme has taken its toll on him and the people who constantly berate him for "Pulling a Brad" hurt his feelings.

On September 14th, 2012, "Pulling a Brad" is now the new meaning for perseverance in the face of an impossible task, after finally obtaining the "Mile High Club" achievement in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. "Pulling a Brad" means being a true champion.

Facts & Trivia

Brad sporting a moustache.
  • Brad's true full name is Bradley H. Shoemaker III.
    • The H stands for Handsome.
  • Known as "Mouth of the South".
  • He's been the host of the Giant Bombcast since the 07/15/2014 episode.
  • Brad has the power to turn straight men gay and gay men straight.
  • The phrase "pulling a Brad" was coined on Brad's birthday.
  • Loves Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos, and Conor Oberst in all of his forms.
  • If Brad had to pick one game to play on a deserted island, it would be Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2.
  • Brad's gaming snack of choice is figs.
  • Brad, seemingly tired at all times of the day, is most energetic at 3:30 A.M.
  • To the ears of some, namely Jeff Gerstmann, Brad has a British accent.
  • Brad wants to see Jeff Gerstmann in the "jiggy rain".
  • Many people are convinced that Brad does not have an age, and that he simply is.
  • Every time Brad's voice cracks, an angel gets his wings.
  • Brad is actually an android designed specifically to make women swoon.
  • At least once, Brad was infected with "banana mouth" on a Bombcast.
  • Knows exactly the right angle and posture to successfully "photobomb" around a camera.
  • He can be a lady. Just give him a few minutes.
  • He occasionally shills for Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits.
  • He often says in podcast and videos: "Tell me how you really feel".
  • Once, while visiting Bojangles', they accidentally gave him an extra biscuit. It was the best thing that ever happened to him. Ever.
  • Brad likes the Harry Potter books but not the films.
  • Brad appreciates a good flashlight.
  • Brad wants Jeff to stop murdering dinosaurs.
  • According to the July 20, 2010 Bombcast, he has a favorite physicist. It's a secret, though; so, shhh!
  • Thinks comic books are "dumb".
  • Has near-godlike Quake skills.
  • Used to play Doom on a Gravis Gamepad. What's more, he did it well.
  • No, he's not trying to be cute.
  • Would probably lose to Jeff in a match of Dance Central, but we love him anyway.
  • Enjoys cooking a meal on a rainy day.
  • Has admitting to being a "id Software Fanboy" as he has bought each and every game they have developed.
  • His favorite console is the SNES.
  • Would rather be a hippo for a day than a polar bear, a blue whale, or a giraffe.
  • Loves bandages.
  • While Brad has a very deep voice, he can achieve a surprisingly high falsetto.
  • At one point during the Dante's Inferno Quick Look, a large wooden cross fell on the platform that Brad was standing, forming a bridge. The platform itself began to crumble apart. In response to the dire situation, Brad attempted to hand the controller to Vinny or Ryan, not wanting to deal with the pressure. However, Vinny and Ryan both yelled at him to go, and Brad made it to safety on the other side in the nick of time just as the cross collapsed under him. Ryan responded with "Goddammit!"
  • Brad and Ryan Davis once bought Taiwanese iPod knock-offs when attempting to purchase real iPods. Ryan called the device "terrible". Brad claims to have never physically looked at his. This was the first and last time that Brad used eBay.
  • Brad wants to take a bath in Pac-Man Championship Edition DX.
  • There's not a lot of room in his pants. Reference in video at 2:14.
  • Brad says he has never loved a game more than Mortal Kombat 2, and he probably never will.
  • Brad hasn't liked anything Radiohead has done since OK Computer.
  • While playing dungeon crawlers, Brad has a terrible compulsion to explore every inch of the map for loot. Ryan Davis calls him a "goddamn lunatic" for doing this.
  • He does not like popcorn. Everyone else thinks that's insane. He likes the Christmas Tricorn, though.
  • Brad hates ketchup but loves HP sauce. On everything.
  • He has never read any of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books. According to Jeff, Vinny, and Ryan, by not reading any of the books, he has most likely missed out on 10-15 years of pop culture references.
  • Has eaten raw horse. It was good.
  • Has eaten ostrich. It, too, was good.
  • Brad has never hosted an entire Quick Look without exclaiming "Oh God!" at least once.
  • Brad reluctantly admits to building and painting a model of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). The model was not to scale, and there was no weathering.
  • Brad has actually never watched Rambo.
  • Let the record show that he never let go of the hold button.
  • Brad can out "blade" anyone. Anyone.
  • According to Ryan Davis, Brad is a futuristic devil worshipper.
  • Brad eats Altoids compulsively. Something about the crunch really draws him into eating up to 3 at a time.
  • Brad can do a very good impression of a Murloc.
  • Once said "There's a lot of pixels in that nipple" in reference to Leisure Suit Larry on the 8-16-2011 Bombcast.
  • He has met Gene Simmons.
  • While perusing a copy of the Doom shareware at Babbage's, young Bradley Shoemaker was heard to remark, "So, it's like Duck Hunt?"
  • Brad has no soul. What was left of his soul vanished during the first Cards Against Humanity TNT.
  • Voices Quackberry in a Viva Piñata game.
  • Loves Ritz Cracker's buttery taste and depression-era sensibility.
  • Brad has a bottle of Crystal Skull Vodka that was signed by Dan Aykroyd.
  • Brad has been banned from using any sort of transitions when he is talking as he is truly awful at them.
  • Brad smokes (but only in Japan).
  • Brad thinks reading is "for suckers."
  • Word on the street is that he "makes shoes".
  • It was revealed on the Super Monday Night Combat TNT that Brad has no family.
  • He is Batman.
  • Jeff Gerstmann suspects Brad to be a terrorist.
  • Brad is a dick, at least according to Patrick Klepek.
  • Had his own "exzecutable" moment on the Tested podcast where he couldn't pronounce "ambient" correctly.
  • Hero of the Motocross.
  • Brad once spent many hours trying to get the Mile High Club achievement on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The achievement required Brad to "Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty" which he eventually accomplished during Giant Bomb's Big Live Live Show Live.
  • Is highly regarded expert on the technical details of murder. Bringing up the subject of murdering reveals his dark side.
  • His go-to seed in games that randomly generate content is "Poopy Pants".
  • Has been killed in God mode
  • He has been playing so much Dota 2 that the rest of the Bomb Squad fear for his health.
  • +mlook in Quake 1 changed his life.
  • In almost every video to feature him, Brad says, "come here, you" at least once.
  • Brad claims to be related to someone who played for the Green Bay Packers in 1967 when they won Super Bowl I. He claims to have seen the Super Bowl ring in person.
  • Doesn't think it counts when Max says it.
  • Resident Science Expert.
  • Former Anime Editor at Giant Bomb. This position was temporarily taken by Giant Bomb Mid-West correspondent Patrick Klepek, but as of Klepek's departure in December 2014 Brad has since been reinstated as Anime Editor.
  • Says "point being" when he is getting ready to lay down some knowledge on the fools around him.
  • A former member of the Dangerous Alliance. Left the nefarious duo when the other member, Dan Ryckert, achieved a Mario Party power too great to resist. Shoemaker and Ryckert have since become mortal enemies.
  • Goes by the rap name "Pistol Shrimp"
  • Brad claims to have perfect pitch in the Rocksmith 2014 Quick Look (@8:52).


Illustrated Brad from Art Academy
  • It is believed by some that Brad's voice isn't really that low, but the editors behind Giant Bomb have been pumping up the bass on his microphone for years as a running joke.
  • If Brad were to shave his sideburns uneven, the resulting shift in balance would make him incapable of standing up.
  • Controversy has started over Brad's use of the well-known "F-bomb". There have been scientific reports that show the use of this foul word by Brad causes the same effect as "the brown note". This is a theoretical sonic frequency whose vibrations would cause people who hear it to uncontrollably experience violent defecation. Some studies have shown that there is a possible solution to this effect: Brad dropping F-bombs through a vocoder. Unfortunately, a handful of test subjects were sucked into a time rift of nothingness that was somehow opened from this. Further studies are still needed.
  • It is hypothesized that in case of emergency his voice can be used as a life raft, fire extinguisher, parachute, and a multitude of various other life saving devices subject to the danger presented. Due to the tendency of his rugged good looks to quell any disturbances before they escalate to perilous levels, this phenomenon has yet to be confirmed.
  • After the events of September 14th, 2012,"Pulling a Brad" is not a matter of skill, but rather of willpower and the determination to do what must be done.

Powers and Abilities

  • Despite it never being a feature coded into the Giant Bomb framework, videos featuring Brad tend to glow with an angelic halo and alter themselves to always make his face the center of attention. The properties of this magical talent are not fully understood.

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