Giant Bomb-Ass Things

This site sure has a lot of references...

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No hamburger love?

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 I apologize for my sins.    

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Adachi - Creepy Raper Guy XD

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@tdk08: Them bitches didn't come to mind first?
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This list is win.

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Oh shit, how did I forget The Hooded Blazer and The Most Important Man In The Games Industry!?

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Great list, although I think that Peter Molyneux might make a good addition.

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Yo fitty, hit dat big ass ramp!

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@ChineseTea: Fixed. Unfortunately, there is no Breadmaker page... yet.
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Lately I'd say you would need to add...

 Starcraft 2
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@dvdhaus: I also put 1, for Vinny.
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Great list :)

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No Ice-T? 

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Awesome list

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Awesome list.
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batman batman batman batman batman

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I think Funky Student needs to be higher up, as i think he represents everything the Persona 4 Endurance Run was all about. However, that's just my opinion. Great list, by the way.
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rip marcello

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this is beautiful