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Drew "Punmaster" Scanlon grew up in California and graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Design|Media Arts. As a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon, Drew was mischievous enough to learn how to chug a can of Coke in record times. These skills would later be showcased in a video for Giant Bomb, resulting in sugar overdoses and diabetic comas for many poor saps trying to beat his time.

His first break came with Adobe, as he would teach various software workshops at UCLA. After this, he would find work with Electronic Arts doing video game testing. In 2007, Drew started an internship with the Grammy-winning company Motion Theory, where he worked on commercials for big brand names like Nike, Red Bull, and Sears. His work led him to becoming a contract artist for Backbone Entertainment.

Drew Scanlon was hired by Giant Bomb in 2009, where he currently edits videos and continues to chug Coke off-camera.

Fun Facts

  • Graduated from UCLA in 2008 with a B.A. in Design|Media Arts.
  • Can say "codpiece" with more class than any other Whiskey Media employees.
  • Along with Brian Williams, he helped create the Half-Life 2: Prison Escape mod.
  • Enjoys disc golf.
  • Chugs 12 oz. cans of Coke REALLY fast.
  • Thinks the Flash site Kongregate is "interesting".
  • Vice President of Risk Management for Delta Kappa Epsilon.
  • Currently working on UPA Ultimate Frisbee 2011 for EA Sports.
  • His hair actually makes him lighter.
  • Has urinated for 92 seconds straight.
  • Has written two reviews, one for Dirt 2 and one for Dirt 3.
  • Can be seen in the background, along with Brad, on the UK OXM report, talking to a security guard, while an interview was taking place.
  • Has an uncanny resemblance to Dexter Morgan.
  • Has a place in Tahoe where he plays Star Wars Pinball.
  • Looks damn fine in a Street Fighter IV Snuggie. Damn fine, indeed.
  • Is one of the bravest men alive, for opening and eating from the dreaded fish can to christen the old San Francisco office.
  • Widely considered to be the "champion" of Whiskey Media.
  • Uses the name "Fuzzy Nuts" when racing.
  • Is probably the only one in the office who can speak a language other than English. He can speak German.
  • Went to North Korea on vacation in 2012. Whether any tank warfare, missile sabotage, "Tactical Stealth Action", or dogfights were involved or not remains classified.
  • He shot several arrows at a target inside a building during the Big Live Live Show: Live 3. He had been practising in the hallway of the apartment building that he lives in. While Drew insisted that they not call him an archer, his aim was very good.
  • When playing Xbox, prefers "The Duke" over the "S Type" controller.
  • Uses the elevator music from Toejam & Earl as his ringtone.
  • Is allergic to nuts, perhaps his only weakness.
  • Can recite Dwight D. Eisenhower's D-Day speech from memory aside from the ending (and type it into DOS).
  • When growing up, Drew frequently ate Peanut Butter Pickle Sandwiches.
  • Drew hates chairs, that's why he's always standing.
  • Could be the worlds greatest male model but chooses not to be because it would be too easy.
  • His middle name starts with a "B".
  • Knows where the H button is but often forgets.
  • Known "Clown Sander".
  • Incapable of cursing.
  • Is the Frank Drebin of Metal Gear Solid.
  • Has been known to refer to the Square button on a PlayStation controller as the "H" button.
  • Known as DJ T-Shirt in some circles.

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