Pages I feel embarrassed about having points on.

These are pages I really wish weren't in my wiki history, for varying reasons.

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Posted by LordAndrew

"I can't even remember how I got the points on this page" applies to about three quarters of my contribution history.

Posted by jakob187

YOU FEEL BAD FOR HAVING POINTS ON DREW'S PAGE?!  I have Drew's seal of approval on his biography, sir.  He has himself CONFIRMED that he grew up a poor black child in South Central L.A.!

Posted by eroticfishcake

I think this list warrants a "point-and-laugh".

Posted by Alpha1

booooo to no.5 FTM

Posted by Brackynews

No Hanna Montana, no worries bro. Hold your head high.

Posted by wwfundertaker

Dildo Hahahaha.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Well, I admire your willingness to point these things out :)

Posted by PhatSeeJay

Dildo is a service to women so why be embarrassed about that? ;P

Posted by MrAriscottle

The Fifa one is pretty funny :)

Posted by habster3

If it's any consolation, one of my top contributions is to the dick page.

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Posted by LordAndrew
@Video_Game_King: I like how Ignor and Marino have points on those pages too. They know what's important.
Posted by Video_Game_King
I like how they're some of the top editors on the site, yet I showed a higher influence when I (indirectly) caused Jeff to define what the alias feature was for.
Edited by pepsicolagirl

the britney pages are something to be proud of. britney is the best and anyone who disagrees is a communist

Posted by MattyFTM
@pepsicolagirl said:
" the britney pages are something to be proud of. britney is the best and anyone who disagrees is a communist "
It has been long established that I'm both a communist and a robot, so that's nothing new.

Posted by Hamz

There is absolutely no reason to feel shame or embarrassment for having points on any of those pages my good sir. They are some of the best pages on the site. Period.

Posted by pepsicolagirl
@MattyFTM: hahaha, robot communist, of course! how did i miss that? 
Posted by Paulrus

Don't feel too bad. You didn't make, do considerable research for, and currently have 474 points for 3D Sexvilla. It's the things that we do for this site.

Posted by dudeglove

the hell have you got against Swift