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Vinny Caravella is a video game journalist and Giant Bomb's Head of Video Production. He was a video editor and producer at GameSpot before joining Ryan Davis and Jeff Gerstmann at Giant Bomb, along with friend and co-worker Brad Shoemaker. He is featured in the Persona 4, Matrix Online and Deadly Premonition Endurance Runs.


Before being discovered at GameSpot, Vinny Caravella was a freelance video editor/producer working in New York. While living there, he worked on "professional education videos", which are basically tutorial videos for aspiring workers in various domains. Some of his early work includes interactive videos for various firms and being on the staff of the Dave Chappelle skit "The Prince". He also worked as a DJ at an ice skating rink.

Vinny Caravella, relaxing at home.

In early 2006, Vinny's friend Carrie Gouskos offered him a job at GameSpot, as they were searching for video editors. Since he always wanted to live in San Francisco and had been a GameSpot user for years, he took up the offer. He worked there as a video editor and producer up until his resignation in May 2008, after which he joined Jeff and Ryan at Giant Bomb.

In 2009, Vinny created color-blind-friendly textures for RockinRoll, a puzzle game for the iPhone.

On March 28th 2012, Vinny had his first son, Massimiliano Rex Caravella. Max would later grow up to be the real life John Connor. On August 30th 2014, Vinny's second child (and first daughter) Roxie was born.


The Giant Bomb community has participated in a number of different popularity polls where a winner could be voted for between Jeff, Brad, Ryan and Vinny. These are the polls and the percentages with which Vinny won.

  • Who is your favorite Giant Bomb guy? 55.1 %
  • Which of the Giant Bomb guys would you most like to bro out with? 53.5%
  • Which of the Giant Bomb guys do you find most entertaining? 51.1%
  • Who is your favorite Quick Looker? 62.9%
  • Which of the Giant Bomb crew members do you find most pleasant as a person? 72.9%
A landslide win for Vinny Caravella

As seen by the results, Vinny scored over 50% of the votes in all categories, which is impressive in a pool of four contestants, making him easily the most popular guy on Giant Bomb. Nobody knows exactly why he is so popular but some speculate it's because he is seemingly always happy.

Others speculate that his popularity doesn't stem from his personality but rather from his seducing arms so abnormally big it's hard not to get mesmerized.

Is this person in fact Jesus Christ?

A few people have even speculated that Vinny is in fact an angel and/or the second coming of Christ sent here to Earth in order to spread joy and laughter. That would certainly explain his divine demeanor.


  • "I'm a wizard and that looks fucked up."
  • "HEIL HITLER!" (Dino D-Day Quick Look)
  • "There's nothing casual about it!"
  • "Fucking E-shop, you Goddamn communist!"
  • (Impersonating Duke Nukem) "I stuck my dick in an alien's asshole!"
  • "From the fine makers of cunt."
  • "If you're my god then call me an atheist, motherfucker." (Quick Look: From Dust)
  • "This tastes like every other fucking thing we've had on this podcast."
  • "I just pooped in my pants." (Rage Quick Look and Tales from Space: About a Blob Quick Look)
  • "It will make guys come... to you."
  • "I hate women." (Giant Bombcast - 08/21/12)
  • "I hate the internet!"
  • "When you're sharing a house with 5 dudes, something is going to end up in the back of your know what I'm saying? Anybody?"
  • "Go masturbate to Smokey the Bear pictures."
  • "When push comes to shove, if it's a question about your survival or mine, like, of course I'm going to kill you -- why wouldn't I?"
  • "You're the Punisher or my dad. He does have a magical gun, and a sick skull shirt."
  • "This is a one-to-one loading screen.... It loads in real time."
  • "Do you like dildos?"
  • "[John Cena] is the guy who puts his hand in front of his face and says 'Not this'?" (Giant Bombcast - 8/20/13)
  • “I want to buy your money with some drugs.” (Giant Bombcast - 10/29/13)
  • "I drive around in my used Prius hunting people, because that's how rich I am." (Giant Bombcast - 11/12/13)
  • "You know, you never call, you never write. Please, just come home. And by the way, Cthulhu's in the basement again. We need you." (Unfinished: Darkest Dungeon - 02/06/15)

Fun Facts (?)

  • Vinny became a man the first time he saw Goku turn Super Saiyan.
  • Claims to be 'The Last Italian Viking' due to his ability to eat Swedish salted candy without spitting it out.
  • Vinny is red/green color blind, a condition affecting between 7-10% of men, including fellow bomber Jeff Gerstmann.
  • Swears to have never thrown a controller out of rage. He only curses at games.
  • Thinks strategy guides are "lame," although he admits he can't go without FAQs for RPGs.
  • Finds Dragon Ball awesome.
  • Eats cold pizza that he hides under his bed along side his wife's "Dark Crystal".
  • Does not like coconuts.
  • Believes the ideal way to eat "3 Musketeers" bars is by shoving it into your mouth, then forgetting about them immediately thereafter.
  • Was once upon a time a KoЯn fan.
  • Believes the anime character that resembles him most is Maes Hughes from Full Metal Alchemist.
  • Prefers inverted controls in shooters.
  • Along with Ryan, is on a never-ending journey of playing Fallout 3, much to Jeff's chagrin.
  • Is more badass than anyone you've ever known.
  • Believes he could eat a stick of butter.
  • "Accidentally" casts Bufu on things.
  • Hates flower (or at least the reaction to flower).
  • Talks to lavender piranhas.
  • Vinny's game of choice to have stranded with on an island is Lumines.
  • Believes the English are the most capable of being the most "dickish."
  • Vinny is skilled when it comes to pulling an epic mickey.
  • According to the Giant Bomb community as of 24th January 2010, Vinny is the most attractive employee at Giant Bomb.
  • Finds Liverpool Whoppers to be "a little dry."
  • Has proved to be a better climber than Old Snake.
  • Has an idea for a game called BPM: Bodies Per Minute, where the tagline is "Killer Beat Killed."
  • Vinny is also known as "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em" Caravella, Vinny "Twitchy" Caravella and Vinny "Caramel" Caramella, Vinny "The Other M" Caravella, Ol' Vinny "Two Pens" Caravella, and Vinny "Pureskill" Caravella.
  • Just like caramel, he pulls your fillings right out of your mouth.
  • Vinny plays guitar better than Hendrix, but with his feet. Left-footed.
  • Lost a bet with co-worker Ryan Davis over whether or not Splinter Cell: Conviction would include usable night vision goggles. Vinny said it would, and when the final version did not, using sonar goggles instead, Vinny lost
  • Is the theorized progenitor of the 'Caravella-itis' Virus, a horrible affliction causing someone to strive to get 100% completion of video games.
  • Vinny can see into the future since he almost perfectly described the Xbox 360 Slim on the Bombcast (August 25, 2009 at 1 hour 20 minutes).
  • Vinny has two brothers.
  • Vinny has a copy of Psychonauts signed by Tim Schafer that was gifted to him by Carrie Gouskos.
  • Vinny is of the heterosexual persuasion and is married to Mrs. Caravella.
  • Vinny has a Grandma Betty and a Grandma Mary. He has a favourite but he's not telling.
  • While in college, Vinny spent of his textbook money on a Voodoo Card that was for sale in his college book store. He never regretted this decision.
  • Vinny once consumed an entire Kentucky Fried Chicken "Family Feast" by himself, alone within his darkened home, despite the vast shame associated with such a feat.
  • Vinny likes using the word "cunt" with wild abandon.
  • Vinny claims to have been in the Polly-O string cheese commercial.
  • Vinny came up with the idea of floor pockets.
  • Once referred to as the Italian Leprechaun.
  • If Vinny sometimes shares a house with five dudes, something might end up at the back of his throat.
  • Vinny thinks Gary Glitter's Rock and Roll Part 2 is one of the worst songs ever.
  • Vinny is suspected to be a Muppet.
  • He can last for five notes.
  • Vinny prefers singleplayer games.
  • He put the "Vinny" in "Vinny's Law".
  • He likes to ask if there is a narrative in a game or DLC.
  • He forgot he had Space Whale's phone in his pocket! But then again he finds Space Whale to be kinda a dick!
  • Vinny's trademark look, "The Vinny™" is a plain black t-shirt and jeans. Vinny's younger brother Chris claims the shirt originally belonged to him as a "baby rag". He said he thought he lost it up until now (Happy Hour 2/11/11). He also claimed there was text on the shirt that likely wore off over the years. Chris was also seen wearing a black t-shirt (with a design on it) and jeans.
  • Is allergic to great video games.
  • Has the same birthday as Bono.
  • Is so casually racist, a beer was made about it!
  • Doesn't need Altoids to have a good time.
  • From 2001 to 2005, was an actual train operator with United Trains of America.
  • Was a vegetarian for a couple of years.
  • Appeared as a stunt double for George Michael in his "Freeek" music video.
  • When playing Dark Souls, Vinny becomes so irritable to be around that Ryan calls him Dark Vinny.
  • Vinny has beaten the Anor Londo stage in Dark Souls, at which point the game congratulated him on his accomplishment. He thought it was a good place to stop and has since continued his journey with the "Load Our Last Souls" series.
  • Vinny is a father, and a great one at that. In fact, he recently won the Two Pen Vinny award for best father of all time.
  • Enjoys fucking around with filters, effects, and transitions on live shows.
  • Has a preternatural lust for gold, resulting in a 60+ minute quick look.
  • Is on his way to becoming a fully licensed HAM radio operator.
  • Loves the Spicy.
  • Golden Axe is the first game he ever beat in an arcade.
  • Broke the 12th gear in a truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2.
  • Strives to understand a game's fiction by seeking out and reading any fiction books published for said game.
  • Is a hot teen.
  • Likes mushrooms.
  • Vinny gets seriously angry if insulted in klingon. You've been warned.
  • Likes a good teapot.
  • Had an imaginary friend as a child, called the Wood Man, who would appear at night next to his bed.

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