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Yay Mondays!

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Aww yeah!

edit: so close!

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Ilove mondays

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I love Mondays! :D

I'm...confused by Resident Evil 6. :/

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Resident Evil 6 is awesome !

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Monday Evil!

"It's less frustrating and more just boring." Now that's a boxquote if I ever saw one

PS: Orcs Must Die 2?

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I was waiting in the waiting room and didn't see this coming.

Posted by TehChich

So.....RE6 is like a shitty buffet?

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We definitely need a T-shirt of Notepad Drew.

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You can change the reticle to RE4/5 style you know...

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Wonder what Patrick meant by the endgame of Toyko Jungle changing unless it's...dinosaurs driving cars. Should be an interesting week to see what pops up on the site.

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@PinkCrayon32 said:

You can change the reticle to RE4/5 style you know...

Yeah, but it's rubbish.

Also I'm surprised Brad actually prefers, or rather finds it easier to tolerate, Chris' stuff to Leon's. I actually thought most of Leon's campaign was OK.

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Looking forward to some Sherlock Holmes sleuthing.

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Bored Sara Lima is my favorite part of i heart mondays.

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She's having one of those days

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I just read the Metacritic reviews for RE6. Wow, what a surprise. It actually looked good this time.

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poor brad

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new Breaking Brad: Just play Resident Evil 6.

Also check Brad's awesome CBS coffee cup.

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What type of headphones is Brad wearing? Are they any good?

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Also, a slight change to the video player. Cool. Videos are loading quicker for me.

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And a 6 hour Breaking Brad of Daikatana 64 this Friday, right?

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I just took a nap.

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BTW, ! Equip the ''Field Medical'' skill, it helps when you're constantly getting buggered down to your last bar because when your partner revives you, he will also gives you some additional health. So when you get knocked down, with that Skill equipped you may only just get knocked down again instead outright die...

And believe me, I share your frustration. Just wait till you get to Chris' Chapter 5 =/

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I dunno about anyone else, but I'd sure like to see more adventures of TUMBLR and Professor Pope.

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4 had a bad laser sight?

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Where's Ryan? Did they say and I missed it?

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I love Mondays BAN DREW when DREW isn't in the I love Mondays theres no pressure no structure its just hanging out with 3 of the 4 best GB crew, when Drew is there hes just pushing to fill out his little piece of paper, yes thats his job, but the I love Mondays they've done sans Drew have been excellent, he wasn't too bad on this one but still a bit annoying, really GB is at its best when the guys are doing what they do best, not working just hanging out being themselves.

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@Daiphyer said:

What type of headphones is Brad wearing? Are they any good?

They're Bowers & Wilkins P5s. They're exceptional, but pretty pricey.

EDIT: Everything 00 says about them above is also true.

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Ouch... RE6 got burned

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@Daiphyer said:

What type of headphones is Brad wearing? Are they any good?

Bowers & Wilkins P5.

I liked how they sounded, and they are made with premium materials so they really feel like you get your money's worth from them, unlike a lot of higher-end headphones that still use a plastic and artificial leather construction. They also do a very good job of noise isolation for headphones that sit on your ears.

I found that the padding wore thin after a year, and they started to become very uncomfortable though. They sit on your ears rather than around them, so I don't find them suitable for wearing with glasses. (they press your ears onto the arms) The optional in-line microphone is terrible, worse than Apple's earbuds/EarPods mic. (they have a 2.5mm > 3.5mm removable headphone cable)

Circumaural headphones that sit around your ears, rather than on them are much more comfortable if you wear glasses. I can recommend the AKG K550, which are the best sounding sealed headphones I have heard at any price, but I did also experience discomfort when the padding on the top of the headband started to wear thin after 6 months or so. (this seems to be a common issue for me with headphones)

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I think I know what the next Breaking Brad is......

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Right out of the gate with Brad: Don't buy this game.

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For hatred towards RE6, Brad receives +5 CRP (credibilty rating points). Jeff in other hand looses 3 CRPs for mockery against Double Dragon Neon. Scores have been added to the black notebook using a ballpoint pen.

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@jasius: How old are you? Please stop posting garbage.

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I heard there are no gun upgrades in re6, i lost interest instantly then.

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Ah, if only they had Vita capture kits they could have done Spy Hunter multiplayer for TNT :P

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What school taught Drew to be so fuckin' cool? I want to enroll.

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@PinkCrayon32 said:

You can change the reticle to RE4/5 style you know...

Where? All I see is laser sight color.

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Poor Resident evil. getting ripped to shreds on metacritic.

i think Patrick nailed it right, japan should just stick to being japan rather than trying to appeal to a worldwide audience.

id like to see more stuff like Doa5 and asuras wrath and tokyo jungle come out of japan than stuff like resident evil 6.

also for the Re6 podcast you guys should get cvxfreak to be on the podcast

Posted by Krataur

@jasius: You're just mad you'll never be half the man Drew is.

Posted by TheBioLover

Watching all of the reviews for Resi 6 come in was quite amusing.

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@peritus said:

I heard there are no gun upgrades in re6, i lost interest instantly then.

Wat? I mean... uhh.. I don't... WAT?




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I want more DWARF FORTRESS!!!

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There are so many character archetypes in this video. Stoic Drew. Surly Brad. Giggling, Wise-ass Jeff. More documentary stuff about this office would definitely be interesting.

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@Brad said:

@PinkCrayon32 said:

You can change the reticle to RE4/5 style you know...

Where? All I see is laser sight color.

Game settings > controller settings > set targeting reticule.

But trust me... you don't want to play with the classic laser sight.

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Double Dragon Neon is a good game, fuck all haters

Posted by The_Ruiner

I actually enjoyed Double Dragon Neon...under no circumstances should you play it alone though...which is what I suspect Jeff did...cause it's Jeff...

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Høhøhø! IE