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monday monday monday mooooonndayy

bring it back

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There is going to be a bombcast this week.

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How was it?

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I REALLY want that painting of Lee and Clem that is sitting on the floor behind Patrick.

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Are they doing a podcast this week or what?

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No mention of DJ Maxx Technika for the Vita. :(

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Jeff, I do not sound like that when there isn't any podcast. In fact, it's much more insane-r than that.

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There should totally be a Power Rangers Kinect and Persona 4 Golden Quick Look.

I can't imagine what the Power Rangers QL would involve. Also was a bit confused when Vinny mentioned "Fist of the North Star" out of nowhere as new game (called Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2) isn't coming out until Feb 2013 for EU and NA but Japan is getting it December 20th and the demo is already out in the Japan PSN store.

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I was worried there wasn't going to be a podcast. Glad they cleared that up for me.

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What the fuck, why didn't the video end panning up? This is garbage!

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lol ... "What if you guys did a quicklook [of Persona 4] a day" ... Vinny is the best :)

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@PLWolf: I know, right?!? I'd also like to see what DJ Maxx Technika for the Vita is all about.

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The office is starting to look like Jeff's bedroom

Giant Bomb. Directed by M Night Shyamalan.

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That's some TNT music in that ad.  There's a local car dealership near me that uses it in its radio ads too.

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When did they get that framed picture of Lee and Clementine?

They have had it for months. It's in every ILM video. Has been since the second episode came out or so.

And I want it so fucking bad.

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The videos last frame is amazing. Mr Davis must be so happy with that.

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Yes, Sonic Racing Horrible Name Transformed is indeed a pretty good game!

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all i need this week is my DJ Maxx Technika Tune

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PS Afterfall: Insanity was that designed-by-forum-committee game that had a promo in which they promised to sell the game for a dollar if a million people preordered it. IGN reviewed it - it was mediocre.

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Drew, I'm starting to question your commitment to sparkle motion.

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After reading those threads about premium member entitlement and lack of content Jeff's little critique of the pissier members complaining on the site about skipping bombcasts was enjoyable.

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A Quick Look a day of Persona?  Who the hell would watch that?

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@RenMcKormack: Ah, I know, I'm just #crackinwise.

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Drew is my new Monday man, now I am back to doing nothing on my own Monday.

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@Xeirus said:

@Raven10 said:

@staggisHead said:

When did they get that framed picture of Lee and Clementine?

They have had it for months. It's in every ILM video. Has been since the second episode came out or so.

And I want it so fucking bad.

You and at least half the site. Yet it sits on the floor in their office. Someone said recently they should have some sort of contest with that as the prize. I think that would be a good idea except then we wouldn't get to see it every week.

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A Power Rangers Kinect game? I know what I want from Giant Bomb for Christmas...

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PlanetSide 2 for TNT. Make it happen. You guys did multiple Battlefield 3 TNTs, show PS2 some love and roll with the Giant Bomb outfit on Waterson server!

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I am loving Bradalf Greybeard.

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Dat Drew.

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Looking forward to the GOTY stuff. Always gets me through a somewhat boring winter break.

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I like the off-the-cuff I like Monday's, but the audio is often really bad

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I'm so glad they decided to start doing podcasts again.

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Jeff giving Ryan the most mean and difficult video game of the year outside of Hotline Miami is going to go fantastic. 
I mean, I think it's rad and one of the best games of the year, but damn some of the challenges in world tour and S-Class mode are made by complete monsters (Worth it for that end game reward though)

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God, I'm feeling so ill.

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The top men need to throw out those boxes. Frickin' gross.

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Be honest: how many of you waved back at Drew?

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When will we get the quick look of Dick All? Inquiring minds must know!

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Be honest: how many of you waved back at Drew?


Edit. NO ONE!

Double edit. The picture of Drew in the Dig Deeper, makes him look like a woman. Either that or i'm going down a very weird hole.

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you guys oughta do sumpin guns of icarus related. if you have a coordinated team, it is amazing.

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brads fake whiny temper tantrum when confronted with the sonic racing game really pissed me off for some reason, and ryan's level headed response quickly canceled out my anger.

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How about the games you guys have missed? Killzone HD, Ratchet Full Frontal, When Vikings Attack, Wonderbook... notice the theme...

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Yeah a quick look a day sounds pretty great. They could call it a Stamina run.

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I don't think so.

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NeverDead anyone? No? Okay.

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"Dig deeper into Drew Scanlon."

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For a "twilight period," you guys are sure pumping out a bunch of QLs. Cool beans.

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looking forward to Planetside 2 quicklook from Jeff

Heads up: you should prepare for that to be a totally ambivalent and perfunctory-feeling quick look.