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Looking good.

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I don't really like how the shield just appears.

Edit: Also, "these encounters are action-oriented and real time": cut to QTE execution.

Posted by KittenMitten

I'm getting fairly excited for this game. It looks like Fable mixed with The Elder Scrolls in a way. Hope it pans out.

Posted by FoolishChaos

The character models look pretty, but those animations... kinda stale

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Looks like an 5 year old PC game; especially the inventory.
But I'm still interested, I guess. Seriously, not sure about this game.

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Besides the terrible title that just screams bad fantasy this game brings with it the most generic look and action.  I just don't get the point.

Posted by cannedstingray

looks pretty friggin good
Posted by dbz1995

Looks interesting. Hopefully I can name my sword. Get a flaming sword and name it Brisingr for mad nerd-erection.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos
@KittenMitten said:
" I'm getting fairly excited for this game. It looks like Fable mixed with The Elder Scrolls in a way. Hope it pans out. "
More like a refined Fable game. I'd say this has a lot more God of War than Elder Scrolls in it.
Posted by phrosnite

It looks interesting... I hope it's good.

Posted by Jeffsekai

The menus look like shit

Posted by GPink

Oh man, OH MAN.  The sound cue as you entered the Well of Souls area was SOOOO Grant Kirkhope.
The game looks pretty good as an action game, but it's for the music I'm buying this thing.

Posted by Zolfe

this game looks dope

Posted by Example1013

The narrator explains how and why you loot. I literally couldn't think of a stupider thing to waste breath on.

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I keep reading it as "Kingdom of Amateur"

But to be honest, I am just happy to see anything from this studio. Looks very "meh" unfortunately.

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I like the art style....well the bright colors....well...it isn't finished ye....oh who am I kidding? I've lost all interest in this game. Oh well, hope it does well though...I guess.

Posted by Toxin066

Looks sorta fun, but incredibly generic.

I'm not a huge fan of enchanting my loot. It seems like a waste of a gem, because you're almost definitely going to find a better weapon further down the road - and then you can't get that gem back.

Posted by fox01313

Game seems interesting & well of souls is excessively pretty looking.Will definitely give it a whirl.

Posted by ez123

Wow, this looks really cool, I'm more excited for this than Skyrim. The Mage seems like a blast to play.

Posted by SonofSeth

Actually looks crazy fun, like God of Oblivion or something.

Posted by Vaile

Huh, this looks like it might be what Fable III should have been.

Posted by Getz

Looks like the game Fable should have been

Posted by Scodiac

I'm definitely interested in this one.

Posted by Luck3ySe7en

Im such a sucker for fantasy games.  If the game looks this good now, i can only imagine what it'll be like in '12

Posted by zombie007

You guys should visit reckoning.com and see the extended video of the PAX demo (it is basically this whole video but with the mechanics explained and a lot more info on classes and skills.)

Watching those videos changed my viewpoint from "interested" to "will buy when out".

Cheers =)

Posted by Andheez

It doesn't look bad.......but it doesn't look good.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

It kind of bothers me seeing that shield come out of no where, but oh well. Also, the health bar's design isn't that great.

Other than that, looks pretty fun!

Posted by turbocake

Looks like fun to me. For people who enjoy having fun. Funhavers.

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Looks pretty interesting actually, I was worried it was gonna be boring with a 1 button attack that they kept talking about but it looks like theres all sorts of skills even for melee characters.

Edit: Just watched the full thing on their website and man this game looks great, I just really hope they don't try to fit it on one disc or something and make a 8-12 hour game, I am ok with multiple discs on xbox as long as the game is good (here's hoping on LA Noire).
Posted by JimmyRedd

This looks kind of terrible. 

Odds on Curt Schilling's sock being a piece of loot ?

Posted by Daftasabat

This looked ok, not amazing but then we can't all live in a "Perfect World" ;)

Posted by Yummylee

So many loot focused action-RPG's arising lately. This does look to be one of the best, though. Now the only one thing I need to know is: Can I play as a Dwarf?!?

Posted by ArcLyte

the title sucks ass but the gameplay looks good.

Posted by yevinorion

It looks kinda interesting, but I'm a little put off by the invisible shield that magically appears. The menus look weak as well, but hey...combat already looks better than Fable III.

Posted by Koobz
This video just made me more hyped for Skyrim and Diablo III.  Which I think is probably not what they wanted.
Posted by RazielCuts

This looks great but the camera seems too close and too low? 

Posted by wrecks

I'll play this.

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@Toxin066: there is a remove gem option, you can clearly see in the almost 40 min presentation.  You can craft, socket and remove gems to and from items.
Posted by HarlequinRiot

If they can make this a straightforward, refined action-RPG with loot, I'd be interested. If they infest it with too much stat tracking and inventory management though, I'm out. 

Posted by lucianotassis

The game looks really amazing! I'm more excited about it now! :)
Posted by TheChaos

Mage for sure.

Posted by jrlyon

For me this looks amazing. The crafting, the magic. I'm into it.

Posted by Lotus

Where is my bow? mom?

Posted by mazik765

Gameplay looks kind of like Fable. Which is fine. I'd play a game that played like Fable but was better...

Posted by IrishBrewed

Menus do look streamlined for the console. But the animations and art look great. With R.A. writing for this, it has to be deeper then a game like fable and close to the lore depth of a elder scrolls.... This is a precursor to their MMO so you would think its purpose is to grab you by the subscription balls not leave a sour taste in your mouth...So I think the odds of success are good but look at the TURD DRAGON AGE 2 was.! These games start promising but can quickly turn into a pile of hot dung with a sexy trailer.....

Posted by kingzetta

looks cool to me

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