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Posted by LangarN


Posted by Jace

YESSS Finally got it =)

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Edit: @Jace: Jerkface.

Posted by Eribuster

NOOOOOOOOOOOO I was so close.

Posted by Thomper

Damn you, Bodega! Stop making spelling mistakes! 'Too', not 'To'! Did you learn nothing from spelling 'cinematic' as 'cinimatic'?

Posted by Frekydelic

(number of comment)th!

Posted by Jace

Hehe took so long =)

Posted by Nizzleworth

Did anyone else think this was C&C related?

Posted by PhilESkyline

20 lashes for you Matt...no make it 40!

Posted by MaddProdigy

Lotta Kany/Lynch content lately, was the first one good? Can't decide on the second from footage I've seen. Looks cool I guess, sweet graphics and combat mechanics.

Posted by iAmJohn

God damn you, Matt.

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Ok, now these are just getting repetitive.

Posted by Malakhii
@MaddProdigy said:
" Lotta Kany/Lynch content lately, was the first one good?  "
I don't think there is much else going on, summer is a little slowwww. 
Posted by Yummylee

I just hope you can unlock Kane to play as during your session without having to join someone elses, similar to RE5 and Sheva. Pretty cool character.

Posted by Ryax
@MaddProdigy said:
" Lotta Kany/Lynch content lately, was the first one good? Can't decide on the second from footage I've seen. Looks cool I guess, sweet graphics and combat mechanics. "
first one is pretty unpolished and actually bad. the second one is awesome. ive been playing the demo and is amazing. they really turned this franchise around.
Posted by ZeroCast

12 Days people. 12 Days.

Posted by loobear2025

Its shapeing up nicely :)

Posted by coreykrosting

I just might get this one.

Posted by DarkGamerOO7

This game looks so good, so tempted to purchase this game on launch. I'm glad it looks like I/O took their time with this game and didn't rush it out the door and instead chose to improve the quality of it over the first Kane and Lynch.

Posted by generalen
@MaddProdigy: Well, you can check out this video review of the first game.
Posted by JellybeanRanger

game looks good

Posted by Phantom_Gardener


Posted by fwylo

God damn there are a lot of videos for it.

Posted by DBoy

Actually anticipating this one. Looks rather good. Demo was great also.

Posted by Seppli

This is gonna be good. I just know it.

Posted by Seppli

I'm gonna like this.

Posted by DryvBy

Ahh, so this is Kane. Good to know. 

Posted by dcman007

I really didn't like the demo of this game, looked nice, but found the gameplay to be lacking

Posted by durden77

Matt, keep em comin. Don't listen to these fools. After playing the demo, somehow this has gotten to be one of my most anticipated games in a while. I want all the vids I can get. 

Posted by BroMagnon

Wonder if Jeff's reviewing this one...
Posted by immike

I didn't like the demo because it created a gameplay feature out of teamkilling. I hate teamkilling :(

Posted by damnboyadvance

Didn't really care for the demo.

Posted by Nadafinga
@BroMagnon said:
" Wonder if Jeff's reviewing this one... "
He has to...I mean, he has to, right?
Posted by FuzMel

Not sure what to think since people are giving this good reviews. The demo's fun with the right group, who know when team-killing is appropriate. Other than that, I think they just changed stuff that didn't need to be changed and then didn't change the things that needed to change. They went the wrong direction with this sequel.

Posted by sins_of_mosin

First one was so bad, I doubt I can be bothered with this one.

Posted by FunkSausage

K K K Aannnneeeeee

Posted by MonkeyMelon

This game looks interesting.

Posted by fullmetal5550

The new Kane and Lynch sequel looks positively awesome.  The playable demo I downloaded was quite fun.

Posted by D_Man_Taylor

"Where's my daughter?"  
Oh wait...

Posted by Terjay

These trailers look so bad.

Posted by bybeach

I'm interested. Stone cold interested. Not enough for pre order, I have stuff to play with.  What this is, is 12 days I will know. And if knowing becomes caring, I think I just might out right buy this game to play.  gawd, Mafia 2 is coming, also
Star craft 2 looks like it needs to be learned, time for that. And so much other of this an that out there.,  Call of prypiat was suppossed to be my summer game, I keep trying!.
Posted by titan

Too old? Don't think so.

Posted by cynicalmonkey

i heard some terrible things about the demo, is it worth the time to download?
Posted by Daawisss

played the demo nothing impressive.

Posted by Lucky_Sevans
@MaddProdigy:  The first one was just ok, but for 9 bucks used you should play it and find a friend as well because you can do split-screen co-op. The story is par, but the character development isn't bad. The demo for the new one give me hope.
Posted by Sadisticham

Looks much better than the first.

Posted by Mikular

I think Kane's new 'tache is what elevates this game above and beyond its predecessor.

Posted by Wortdog

I liked the demo....never played the first one.

Posted by puchuupuncher

too old for this Sh*t, and only four days from retirement!

Posted by benjaminajacobs

I've been thinking about playing the first game on steam... I own it, never played it.

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