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The ''documentary'' style in effect.

Development on Kane & Lynch 2 began in October, 2007, before Kane & Lynch: Dead Men was even released. On July 8, 2009 Eidos filed a trademark for the title "Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days", both with and without the colon. They also filed a trademark for "Fragile Alliance", the name of the first game's signature multiplayer mode, which was later confirmed to also be present in the sequel. In November, 2009, the first teaser trailer surfaced on MTV Germany's website. The teaser featured surveillance camera-style footage of a naked Adam "Kane" Marcus and James Lynch running from gunfire in a Chinese restaurant, chased by a dog.

The teaser accompanied no official logo or title, and featured no audio. A few days later, Square-Enix officially announced the game, alongside an official version of the aforementioned teaser and a new teaser, featuring Lynch calmly breaking a door open using a bowling ball. Days later, a full trailer was released, featuring Lynch awaiting Kane's arrival in Shanghai, and Kane's involvement in a shootout. IO Interactive has mentioned that the visual style of the game will be influenced by documentary filmmaking and user-generated videos.


  • James Lynch - The leading character this time around, over Kane from the original. A psychopath with some severe mental problems, life in Shanghai was initially helping all of his problems out even taking away his need for medication.
  • Adam ''Kane'' Marcus - An old friend of sorts of Lynch. A military grade shooter with plenty of experience with weapons and warfare, Lynch saw him as the perfect candidate to help with the upcoming deal Lynch has been offered.
  • Mr. Glazer - Lynch's boss. A cockney accented English man who sets up the aforementioned deal Lynch and Kane were both laying their lives for.
  • Xiu - Lynch's Chinese girlfriend.
  • Hsing - A Shanghai crime boss who acts as one of the game's main antagonists.
  • Shangsi - A high ranking corrupt official, with enough power to essentially be in charge of the entire Shanghai City.


Kane and Lynch in Shanghai.

The game switches the lead character from Kane to Lynch. Described in the first game as a "self-medicated psychopath," Lynch has found a peaceful life in the city of Shanghai, where he does simple jobs for a minor British gangster known as Mr. Glazer. The peace in his life mostly stems from having found a girlfriend, Xiu, whom he has genuine feelings for. Lynch and his crew get involved in an arms deal where the pay is beyond their wildest dreams and despite not having spoken to his former partner in years, Lynch decides to call in Kane for backup, as someone with military experience.

Upon arriving to Shanghai, Lynch asks for Kane's help with a ''quick thing'' before he shows him to his hotel room. Lynch heads to a low level gangsters apartment to deal with him after he was discovered to be an informant against Glazer. Once arriving there the informant is currently involved in sexual activities with a woman, who is completely nude at this point. He uses the woman as a shield to get himself out of there that forces Lynch along with Kane to give chase. Once catching up, the nude woman is killed accidentally through the crossfire, to which the gangster slits his own throat afterwards.

It then cuts to Lynch and Kane sitting in the back seat of Glazer's limo. Shortly after some small talk about the Shanghai perks, the limo is ambushed by Chinese gangsters. Lynch and Kane are tasked to try and escort Glazer's limo across, killing all the opposing ambushers, clueless as to why they're attacking them in the first place. Glazer's limo is eventually rammed over and Lynch, Kane, Glazer and his bodyguard proceed on foot to a garage to get some cover and regroup. Glazer recognizes the men as working fora high ranking crime boss of Shanghai called Hsing and is still perplexed as to why he'd attack him like this. Glazer orders Lynch and Kane to go with his men to attack the crime bosses directly to get some answers. Fighting their way through one of his factories with Glazer's henchmen, Hsing reveals that the attack is for killing the daughter of corrupt official, Shangsi, the nude woman from the beginning. At this point Glazer's henchmen turn on Lynch and Kane after realising all the blame is directed to them. Lynch and Kane manage to kill them and destroy their getaway van, fortunately, stopping them from telling Glazer. Hsing, however, managed to escape amidst all the chaos.

Lynch and Kane amidst the ambush at Xiu's apartment.

Afterwards Lynch and Kane opt to lay low. Lynch phones his girlfriend Xiu to meet them at a restaurant, so he can try and put her into hiding. She doesn't arrive, however, instead a squad of Special Forces invade the restaurant to which Lynch and Kane manage to fight their way through. It is quickly realized that Shangsi ordered these corrupt cops to attack them, through his high ranking power as an official. Lynch tries to get a hold of Xiu but to no avail, to which Lynch decides they need to head back to his apartment. Once they reach Lynch's apartment the place is empty, with Lynch beginning to worry aswell as mumble to himself. It's also soon revealed that Hsing's men where waiting for them in ambush. The duo manage to fight their way through them all eventually spotting Xiu on the opposite apartment block. Lynch and Kane manage to kill all the oncoming attackers to Xiu and Lynch desperately tells Xiu to get out of there. Xiu is soon taken hostage by Hsing himself, however, with Lynch beginning to fear for her safety surrenders while Kane lines up a shot at Hsing. Lynch knocks Kane out so they can both quietly surrender to Hsing for Xiu's safety.

Both captured, Lynch is forced to watch Xiu be beaten and raped by Hsing and his men, while him and Kane are both brutally tortured. Lynch is eventually thrown into a dumpster left for dead, for somehow is found to still be alive. Completely nude and badly cut all over, Lynch finds his way to Kane and kills Hsing. Lynch then finds Xiu's body, deceased and mutilated close by under a shower. Distraught and angry, Kane tries to calm Lynch down and suggests they just get this deal over with and leave Shanghai. Lynch promises he'll get his revenge but for now agrees with Kane. Both naked and lined with cuts, they make their way through the Shanghai streets looking for clothes while still being pursued by the police. They manage to find some clothes eventually and make their way to the meeting point for the deal. It is then revealed that Glazer knows of the whole situation between Shangsi, Lynch and Kane and criticizes them both before marking them for dead. Lynch and Kane manage to survive the assault and chase Glazer down, with Glazer then eventually being sniped by a Special Forces unit.

Lynch with a hostage.

At this point all Lynch and Kane have left is to try and survive the constant onslaught from Shangsi. Their first escape attempt of Shanghai is via train but are quickly surrounded by law enforcement officers and are captured again. On board a helicopter en route to Shangsi Lynch quickly manages to kick off one of the soldiers as he turns around and they pick up the heavy machine guns aboard the helicopter and threaten the pilot to keep flying while they both shoot through the windows of Shangsi's skyscraper. Eventually being shot down, they land on the roof of the building where they stealthy infiltrate the building managing to corner Shangsi himself. Lynch readies to kill him while Shangsi asks that they instead make a deal to sort out their situation. Kane obliges telling Lynch to lower his gun with Lynch shooting Shangsi dead anyway for the murder of Xiu.

It then shifts to Kane and Lynch outside an airport planning to leave Shanghai once and for all, after Kane sending his daughter a voice mail telling her he's sorry for not being able to get the money he was hoping to use give her a good life. Fighting their way through plenty of law enforcement they manage to board a plane just as it's about to leave, taking it over with everyone on board hostage. As they both enter the plane, the game ends with us to assume they both did manage to at least escape Shanghai.


As with Dead Men, Kane & Lynch 2 will be co-op focused; but this time online co-op will also be supported as opposed to the offline-only co-op mode present in the first game. Competitive online multiplayer also returns. The squad mechanics from the first game have been dropped entirely, as a design decision was made to make the game more visceral and action-oriented and less tactical. A new mechanic called "Down Not Dead" has also been added, which causes the character to fall flat on their back when hit with a particularly powerful shot which does not kill them. The player can then fire at their enemy from this prone position (with vastly reduced accuracy because of the frantic nature of the gun play) or press a button to get back on their feet.

Just like in Dead Men, cover is destructible.

The cover-system in the game has been redesigned as well. The automatic " sticky cover" system used in Dead Men has been dropped in favor of a button-operated system, a la Uncharted or Gears of War.

Another addition to the game from the first is a differing camera style, this time around the camera will have a more "gritty" feel due to it being shaky and somewhat unpredictable; comparable to how a documentary may be filmed it will make the game appear more real, offering more immersion and making on-screen action more shocking. In addition to this there will also be new camera filters which, like many digital cameras, will make the camera's view vulnerable to bright lights and explosions. The option to turn 'Steadycam' on is available in the options menu, and will eliminate the sudden movements while running or making sharp turns.


Trust no one!

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days like the original features multiplayer modes as well as its cooperative campaign.

There are now three modes, including the Fragile Alliance mode from the original, with Undercover Cop mode and Cops and Robbers filling the rest of the roster.

Fragile Alliance

Fragile Alliance plays much like it did in the the first Kane & Lynch. Up to eight players are to work together to engage in a heist grabbing as much money as they can. Much like the title suggests however, players can betray their team so they can end the game with a larger sum of cash since working as a team means you'd have to split the cash between the players. The cash will be the basis for the games scoring feature, with three rounds to determine the winner.. Once a loyal player is killed he/she is respawned as a SWAT member tasked with taking down the former comrades. If the player is killed as a SWAT member as well he/she is left in spectator mode for the rest of the session. If a traitor is killed however, he/she will head straight to the spectator mode skipping the SWAT character respawn. There will be a small multitude of maps as well to choose from with one extra available to people who pre-ordered the game.

Undercover Cop

Similar to the Fragile Alliance, a team of eight is to engage in a heist getting as much cash as they can, and the traitor system is still in play. The twist this time is that one player before hand is also randomly selected as the Undercover Cop who is tasked with trying to take down the team of criminal players without getting noticed, after the heist has been committed. The Undercover Cop is also not to kill any of the opposing police force either (though they also won't shoot at you) which will give the other players hints to figuring out who it is through observation of their team.

Cops and Robbers

The simplest of modes, it sets six players as criminals and another six as cops from the outset playing much like the other modes. Engage heist and try and get to the escape vehicle with your cash, while the cop players are to stop them. Friendly fire is off in this mode so there's no chance for a player to turn traitor.

Multiplayer Character Progression

Some of the playable criminal characters from the multiplayer modes.

While there isn't so much customization to be had with your character, there does exist some unlockable weapons to attain through going up the ranks as well as titles to be awarded for your play style. There are eight individual criminal characters who the players are assigned to randomly.

There are also masks players can equip if they pre-order Kane & Lynch 2 as well. They only offer a cosmetic update, however.

As well as gaining higher ranks, there also exist a couple of other title generators that put the spotlight on how you prefer to play as well as how trustworthy you are for the Fragile Alliance mode or how often you manage to succeed as an Undercover cop.


The following maps are available upon release and can be used in multiplayer or arcade modes:

  • Subway
  • Bridge
  • Airport
  • Fish Market
  • Harbor
  • Financial

The Doggie Bag

On 8/30/2010 IO released The Doggie Bag on Xbox Live. It would later come be released on Steam(8/31) and PlayStation Network(9/1). This DLC added new maps and weapons for both multiplayer and arcade modes.

The two new maps released were Dockyard and High Rise. The Radio Tower map was also released in this pack, but it had already been available to players who had pre-ordered the game.

5 new weapons were also added in this pack:

  • DD 33
  • KL Viper
  • RTS
  • SMi 69
  • TOQ Model Four S

The Doggie Bag retails for 560 Microsoft points or $5.99 on both Steam and PSN.

Additional DLC

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days also has two additional DLC packs for each respective service. The Multiplayer Masks Pack offers additional novelty masks to conceal the traitors identity and the Alliance Weapon Packs offer seven new guns to add to your arsenal. Both of these were once used as pre-order bonuses.

The following weapons added to the Alliance Weapon Packs are as follows:

The Multiplayer Masks Pack retails for 160 Microsoft points or $1.99 on Steam and PSN. The Alliance Weapon Pack retails for 240 Microsoft points or $2.99 on Steam and PSN. The weapons included as part of the Alliance Weapon Pack do not appear during the campaign for the game, and were included alongside the Multiplayer Masks pack in the Limited Edition of the game. Weapons added as part of the pack are linked back to their real-world counterparts whenever possible.

Arcade Mode

Kane and Lynch 2 also has available a single-player only Arcade Mode. It plays very much like the Fragile Alliance mode except with seven other AI squad mates. The same levels and weapons can be selected throughout and the player's overall criminal rank will still increase as well. The game mode plays through the selected map via 10 rounds, each getting progressively harder. The player has three lives to last along the 10 rounds, with a death counting as a loss of life. No respawning back as a Cop.

AI compatriots will work alongside the player for the most part, though the player can still turn traitor against them all. Though the AI's may also decide to kill the player off if they happen to be holding what the AI may consider to be a too small amount of cash, labelling the player as a liability. The AI squad mates will not betray each other, however, even if an AI squad mate has zero stolen cash on hand. The player is scored after each round with the same variables as the online mode: kills, how much cash they managed to steal and how many other team members made it out alive.

Limited Edition Contents

The Limited Edition version of Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days included both the Alliance Weapons pack, and the Multiplayer Masks pack. Beyond this the Limited Edition of the game was little more than a less common version of the original game, with a cardboard slip over the standard game box. The game box can be identified as being part of the limited edition due to the presence of a pink strip with the words "Limited Edition" displayed on it.

PC System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: Intel 3.0 GHz or AMD 2.5 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 1 GB (XP), 2 GB (Vista)
  • Graphics: Nvidia 7800 / ATI X1800 or better (Shader Model 3.0, 512 MB Video Memory)
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
  • Controller Support: Xbox 360 Controller

*Currently there is an unaddressed bug in the Steam version which affects an unknown percentage of players. The game will crash on the opening menu screen unless Steam is set to Offline mode. Inquiries made to the developer have been met with statements that patching Dog Days is not a priority.

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