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Deceitfully light with its content but memorable all the same. 0

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days, the sequel to the incredibly mixed reception of Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, carries forth the series now trademark gritty nature and incredibly mature themes and characters and ships them into Shanghai with a lot more of what you'd expect, and yet also a lot less.When peeping toms become violent.K&L 2 reunites players, unsurprisingly, with the criminal duo of Kane and Lynch, though with the focus now centred more toward Lynch rather than Kane unlike the original. Ly...

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Games can not live on graphics alone 2

 What would you do if your life as you know it was taken away because of one mistake? What if the most powerful crime lord in the country wanted you dead? What would you do if you were trying to review a game that only has one really good quality, but that one this is perfectly executed? The predicament I'm in doesn't seem so serious now, does it? In Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days you play as James Lynch, a psychotic ex-convict who's working for a crime boss in Shanghai. Lynch has as good a life...

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48 Hrs. 1

 The damned duo reunite. Despite the criticism and controversy surrounding IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, the Danish developer pulled out a pretty acceptable hit with the much improved sequel Dog Days. Following the events in Dead Men, Dog Days shows supporting character Lynch taking the role of main protagonist starting a new life with a girlfriend in the city of Shanghai, China. However Lynch gets involved in a crime organization led by a man named Glazer who informs L...

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An Average Ride w/ Above Average Visuals 0

I will admit, I did not play the first game--so i really had no idea what to expect from Dog Days. I was weary of the game's relatively poor reputation but I decided to give it a go anyways. I'd like to point out that the game is not terrible, but lacks severely in some areas. Unfortunately, one of these areas is the combat itself which you really do not want to hear in a shooter. The gun physics are a little strange to say the least, with assault rifles behaving like shotguns and shotguns behav...

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Beware of Dog. Seriously, He'll curse at you... a lot. 0

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is one game that won't let you take in the landscape and smell the noodles, or take in anything for that matter. In fact, Dog Days is such a fast paced game, you'll barely begin taking in the meaning behind the action, and it's over.    Dog Days returns to following our anti-heroes, Kane, the cowardly kooky mercenary, and Lynch, one crazy motherfu***r. The story is simply this: the two have spent some time apart after their international romp in the first game, but are...

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A history of Kane & Lynch 0

Let's get one thing straight: I was a fan of the first game, I enjoy games and movies that are realistic in core and don't hold back on the violence, as long as it's within certain limits that eventually make it entertaining or have a good story to tell.   The first Kane & Lynch game was based on some really solid ideas. Michael Mann movies, guys in suits with bags full of money, automatic weapons, urban locations and two main characters who were not your everyday game heroes. I followed eve...

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Unique Game but Not Worth The Full Retail Price. 0

If you have played Kane & Lynch: Dead Men before then you're familiar with the two characters in the front cover who look like they're ready for war.  It's a game about two guys who had to cooperate with one another for survival and love, among other things. Dog Days takes place after the events of Dead Men and the setting is now in Shanghai.   Tom & Jerry with attitudes You play as Lynch, the medicated psychopath who had trouble controlling his actions in Dead Men, resulting to many...

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Working Like a Dog 0

   It’s a classic story: The good hearted criminals who are looking for that last big score so they can ride off into the sunset comfortably and with a pretty lady in tow. Unfortunately, when you’re hired thugs Kane and Lynch, these situations usually end up going awry before they even get started. Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days sees our anti-heroes brought together again a few years after the end of the first game. Lynch has fallen into a nice situation as an enforcer for the number two crime lord ...

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Brutal, Bloody and Just Plain freaking awesome 1

If you're like me you've  heard someone tell you "Life could be so much worse". Well that line couldn't fit the sequel to Dead Men any better. In Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, the hellish and downright broken duo are back for one deal and as usual it goes bad. The story is seen through the eyes of James Seth Lynch as opposed to Adam "Kane" Marcus as the story's main focus. Picking up years after the events of Dead Men, Lynch has adjusted to life in Shanghai and Kane has been reduced to a disillu...

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I Feel Nauseous...Not Due to the Camera, Though 0

 The original Kane and Lynch was a game with a great deal of promise that just could never get it together. The characters are amongst the most unlikeable in gaming (people mention the socoipathic tendencies in Rockstar protagonists or the whininess of Square protagonists...nobody does characters you dislike quite like K & L) and it makes any connection to them nearly impossible. There was potential there, especially with the great gimmick in their multiplayer, and the sequel was some...

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An uninspired mess 1

Written By: Steven Beynon (EpicSteve)   Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days gives a great first impression. With loud firefights and a unique visual style to boot makes IO's gritty crime-drama sequel look like a great game from a distance. In reality, Dog Days is a sub-standard 3rd person shooter that happened to have a talented art team. This game is merely too short on content and the little content it does have doesn't meet the current standard. The most notable quality of Dog Day...

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Yo, Bro, it's Like Cloverfield or Some Shit 0

 Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days opens with a blurry, YouTube-quality cinematic complete with snapped editing fresh out of a college film class textbook. I should know this, because the game's shoddy save system, weak online co-op, and ludicrous difficulty tiers had me restarting the game several times before I finally progressed to the next level.  However, in a twisted sense, I'm glad the game's fragile framework had me replaying levels over and over. By the time I finished the campaign, I had pr...

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You can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter 4

Maybe I was expecting too much, I thought that maybe after the failure of the first game they'd make serious changes for Kane & Lynch 2, sadly I was wrong. When a game has as many faults as Kane & Lynch you go away and start over, sadly the people at Eidos thought if they added some god awful screen effects and a wobbly camera this would hide the crap underneath, unfortunately it doesn't. The addition of effects designed to make it look like someone is following them with a faulty video ...

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Mediocracy with Visual Flair 0

I skipped the first Kane & Lynch. At first I wanted it, because its multiplayer looked so promising, however early reviews cured me of wanting the game. So when its sequel came out, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, I certainly didn't run out to get it. I expected the game to be poor, and besides a striking visual style, I was right.  The game opens with the caption "2 days earlier" and a scene of Lynch being tortured by some dude you don't know, and apparently being killed, Kane screams at him ...

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Review: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days 0

Oh, where to begin with you, Kane & Lynch? I never had the honor of experiencing you're less than mediocre first outing as Dead Men, and yet here I am reviewing you're chance at redemption. It's less than ideal, I know, but you're second game certainly caught my eye and held my interest long enough to give your new game a try. Let's break it down, shall we? Although I didn't experience the first game, the opening cinematic for Dog Days gave me enough of a glimpse into their past and gritty ...

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"I will f*cking kill you!" Yeah, good luck. I can't hit a thing. 0

 I'm going to come out and give it to you frankly: I enjoyed this game, and it was good. Nothing more. Nothing less. It levitates between everything and never strays too far into the bad and neither the brilliant. I enjoyed my time with the troublesome duo and their adventure through the run down and grotty areas of Shanghai. The game sees Lynch - a recovering and medicated psychopath - a year or two after the events of Dead Men. Having set up a new life in China, Kane arrives to help him with o...

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All Style. No Substance. 0

Kane and Lynch tries really, really hard to be cool. From it's innovative docu-style camera, to it's gruff dialogue and story-telling, it all boils down to visual flash. Unfortunately there is precious little of anything below the stylish veneer.    The story is barked out with more grunts, groans, and erghs than a "Tool Time" soundboard. Remember that video of David Hasselhoff drunkenly eating the cheeseburger? Well that's how every line of dialogue is performed. It's obnoxious at first, then o...

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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days 0

Have you ever bought a game, finished it and reviewed it in less than 24 hours? Well it’s a first for me. You’d think that someone would do that if the game was just brilliant and you couldn’t wait to tell the world about it. This is not the case . Actually, it’s the exact opposite of that! Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a third person cover based shooter made by IO Interactive. The game brings back the two notorious bad-ass criminals Kane & Lynch into action but doesn’t tie the events to t...

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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Review 0


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Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days Review: Dog shit 0

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days brings back the titular duo from Dead Men, and puts you in the role of Lynch this time. The story starts off quietly enough, with Lynch getting Kane involved in a weapons deal in Shanghai. The deal quickly goes wrong and the two must get out of China. Thats it for story in this game, get out of China. The game has an extremely linear campaign and is a simple third person shooter with cover mechanics.     Motion camera can bite you in the ass The visual style is the most...

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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days 0

I guess I should have known what I was getting into. Everyone who played this when it came out said it wasn't a very good game. I was still interested in playing it though, because of some of the things they were doing with the presentation, and how it seemed different from other games. So I got it for fairly cheap, and it turned out to not be a very good game. I didn't hate it, but I did enjoy it less than the first game, and while I still found those other things interesting, they weren...

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New camera -- same dirty face 0

The return of Kane and Lynch doesn't feel anymore extraordinary than their first foray in gaming. Tweaks to the game's core structure has certainly made it more accessible, but lingering issues still reside.    Much of what plagued the first Kane and Lynch was the lack of consistency in the gameplay. The sequel is effectively able to rid the series of the horrid and misused cover system found in Dead Men. The 'sticky' cover system was broken, but Dog Days replaces it with a hard button press. Th...

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Days for Dogs must be short 0

I guess the reason why a single human year equals seven for a dog is because their days are so short.  As for the title, and to quote Wayne's World, "so it's not just a clever name."  This game is terrible.  This game is short.  This game is a waste of money.  You can probably stop reading this review right there and walk away with all you need to know about this game.  I can remember being able to muster through a lot of the gameplay flaws of the last Kane and Lynch just enough to get through i...

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Kane And Lynch 2: Dog Days Review 0

Developer: IO InteractivePublisher: EidosDog Days is the sequel to a game that in all honesty, nobody really wanted. The first outing for the duo was early on in console life cycles and was met with mixed response, but certainly didn’t warrant a sequel.Still IO plowed on and produced a sequel.On the face of it the game is actually quite promising. Documenting Lynch’s further descent into madness, the game takes place in Tokyo, and has an interesting art design. Created to look like a you tube vi...

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Dead Men to Dog Days Improvement? Not Enough 0

Kane and Lynch 2:Dog Days is a third person shooter developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive. Kane and Lynch 2 is the sequel to the critically hated Kane and Lynch:Dead Men. Kane and Lynch 2 is a game that I wanted to play even knowing how bad the first one was. It was promised that many improvements have been made over the first game. This maybe true since I have not played Dead Men at the time of writing this, but if things have been improved I am not sure that I want to ...

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Nasty, Brutish, and Short. 0

A juxtaposition of contemporary aesthetic and medieval thought, KL2 is the most memorable game I've ever played, and is definitely one of the most well-realized games of this generation.Years after the conclusion of the first Kane and Lynch, James Lynch has settled in Shanghai and is working as low-level muscle in a gang of western expatriates. When the opportunity to make money and move up in the hierarchy arises, Lynch gets in touch with the estranged Adam Kane, who has the requisite skills an...

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Worse than the original, if you can believe that. 0

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men was not a particularly well-received game. It was criticized for it's weak gameplay (Especially the broken cover system), half-assed story, unlikable characters, depressing tone and laughable profane-ridden dialogue that would make Tony Montana blush. There was also the infamous incident where Jeff Gerstman was allegedly fired from Gamespot after the game a negative review while Eidos Interactive had purchased advertisements all over the site. This PR disaster p...

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There Is No Happy Anything... 0

In my original review of Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, I talked about how players should not be entering the story with any hopes of happy anything. Rather, as in stories like Max Payne, moments of tragedy and death are broken up periodically by scenes of running. There were no real "happy" endings in Kane and Lynch, and there is no joy to be had for our anti-heroes in the sequel. I should warn, if you are intending on playing Kane and Lynch 1, there are spoilers in this review.   Kane and Lynch is ...

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Good bargain bin game. 0

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is a perfect bargain bin title. It offers a quick romp through an adult third person shooter with lots of violence, cussing, blood and guns throughout. The story isn't anything great but is enough to hold your attention for it's short duration as well. At full launch retail price this game would likely leave you disappointed but seems to have much more value at half that price point. Kane and Lynch 2 has just enough meat and potatoes to fulfill the needs of...

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Kane & Sick 0

wow just wow this game dose nothing for the 3rd person shooter what can i say about a game that is not that good, Kane and Lynch trys to sell you a story but ends up failing if you have played part one then do not waist you time with this one its more of a rent then a buy ...

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Better luck next time... 0

I played through Kane & Lynch: Dog Days and I thought the game was quite repetitive... while the art-style is quite unique with it's camera gimmick and what not, they don't exploit Kane & Lynch relationship as much as I would have wanted... all they do is throw them in shanga i and make them act surprised that they have to shoot yet another 20 guys over and over again.  I mean, you know how movies tends to try and emulate video games and it doesn't really work because they just don't und...

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Bad Dog 0

Most games recognize that in order to be entertaining, the odds must be tipped slightly in the player's favor. By adding features such as aiming assistance and regenerating health, and streamlining their controls, most games strive to be as intuitive as possible. Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is not most games. This game hates you.  The first Kane and Lynch game, infamous as it is, was little more than a mediocre shooter. The game was plagued by dumb AI, shoddy cover mechanics, and inaccurate weapo...

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Completed in one evening! I is best! 0

 Yeah your right.  Not a big deal.  But it is true.  This is the first game I have completed in one straight sitting.  I generally don't complete games,  the whole "I can't complete the game game too quickly,  I want the experience to last forever" thing.   Reading other previews and reviews,  I knew that this was a quick one and a fairly shallow one but having said that an memorable experience.    Slick graphics (mostly), slick presentation  (The quick loading of the title screen is something a...

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Shanghai shoot-out 0

IO Interactive’s gritty third-person shooter, Kane and Lynch: Dead Men received plenty of publicity when it was released back at the end of 2007. Not because of any widespread high praise or revolutionary game mechanics, but because of a certain high-profile controversy. In reality, Dead Men was an exceptionally flawed game that failed to live up to its potential and the expectations placed on the Hitman developer. Its story might have earned some fans for its brutal tale of two unpredictable ps...

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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Review 0

By - Craig H.In Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days you follow Lynch who has settled in Shanghai and has been somewhat disconnected from Kane after the events of the first game. Lynch is now involved with a big arms deal that requires Kane’s experience and expertise. This requires Lynch to ask Kane to join him in Shanghai for this “easy” job. Of course nothing is as easy as it seems and things go bad, fast. Kane and Lynch are now smack-dab in the middle of a gang fight that they have only one objective...

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This is one dog you'll forget. 0

I'd like to start off this review by saying I'm not really huge into the shooter genre like I used to be. I play maybe 2-3 first person shooters in a year, maybe 5-6 third person shooters. I just don't find them terribly exciting of innovative. However, my gamefly doesn't always send me anything from the top half of my list, and this was one of those random games.So, I guess to sum up my thoughts on Dog Days.. its simple. Remember when I said I don't find most shooters exciting or innovative? Th...

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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Second Opinion GamingSurvival Review 0

By - Richard JBack in 2007, IO Interactive released a new third person shooter IP to the market titled Kane & Lynch. Despite Kane & Lynch: Dead Men -- the series first game -- having much build up to its release, it ended up receiving very mixed reviews. Many reviewers felt the game was too ambitious, and ended up falling short. With the upcoming release of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, many were hoping that IO Interactive could finally fix its shortcomings and produce the product they a...

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Split screen heaven 0

This game is meant to be played split screen.  So was the last one.  If you play this with a person who is not a serious about games as you but can handle a controller there is lots of fun to be had.  The brevity is a strong point because you are not going to keep a casual gamers interest for seven hours straight.  Four hours?  Different story.  This isn't a game for a gaming pro to grind through.  It is meant to be played in one room with two people....

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