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The camera is used in many video games for many different reasons. In games such as Pokemon Snap, the camera is used to complete the main objective to progress to the next level. In this case the main objective is to photograph Pokemon. Pokemon Snap is similar to a rail shooter in the sense that all the player could do was photograph. This is not true of other games, where the camera can be used as a secondary object. This is seen in Dead Rising where you play as photojournalist Frank West. Whilst his occupation might imply heavy camera use, within the game photos are not really necessary. Instead they act as a way of completing optional missions and gaining experience to level up.
Rare Charizard gained more points

Players are often limited to how many photos they can take in one level or at one time by some form of in-game limit. This is easily achieved with cameras as the cameras can run out of film. We see this is Pokemon Snap where the player is limited to 60 photos to stop players from going through the entire level holding down the 'take photograph' button. In a sandbox game such as Dead Rising, which is set over a series of days, the problem is camera battery. Obviously a limit must be implemented for realism, however, the player must also be able to collect more battery throughout the game. What better place to be when your camera dies than at a mall with a camera shop, right? Whilst it might be a 'battery' limit in Dead Rising, it is really a photo limit as battery life goes down as photos are taken.

Scoring System

Within video games, cameras often use a scoring system with 'better' photos gaining more points. This can be seen in Dead Rising where photos are automatically evaluated and split into numerous genres; Brutality, Drama, Erotica, Horror and Outtakes. Other factors affecting score include how many people or zombies can be seen in the photo with point values decreasing for repetitive shots. Pokemon Snap also had its own camera points system with Proffesor Oak rating the player's selected best photos with a score. Similar to Dead Rising, the system took into account certain aspects such as; Special, Size, Pose, Technique.

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