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Beat Is a eight year old orphan who hangs out with Allegretto; Beat calls Allegretto 'Retto' as a nickname. Both of them have their own secret hideout in Ritardando and they steal bread to give it to homeless children, sort of like mini Robin Hoods. Beat knows about Allegrettos 'past' and how he can pick locks and worm himself out of situations easily. Generally Beat acts like a normal either year old kid, innocent, naive and quick to jump to conclusions.

Beat's father gave him a camera before he passed away, that's why he keeps it near and dear. He and Allegretto get into a few arguments over it, Allegretto thinks that looking through "curved glass" will distort the world and that the camera prevents one from seeing the world with their own two eyes. But Beat believes differently and he loves the camera.

Beat's garments are actually stolen clothes from a wealthy merchants house. Makes sense as the posh jacket and sash he sports certainly don't look like clothes orphans would wear.

Combat style

Beat is a supporting character. His stats are quite low but his speed is pretty high. He uses a hammer/rifle hybrid weapon; it can be used to shoot enemies and used as a blunt weapon up close. However, you really don't want to bring Beat on the frontlines, poor defense and low HP make him more suited to shooting enemies from afar then bonking them on the head. Beat's camera is usable through a special attack, if you take pictures of enemies you can sell them at stores for a good profit. This is a good money making strategy and handy if you're stuck in a dungeon but low on gold; you can just snap some photos then sell them and stock up on items. Beat is probably one of the worst characters to use in Harmony Chains, none of his specials do a lot of damage. But by using his gun shots one could build up a good amount of echoes.


Yumiko Kobayashi voiced Beat in Japanese, and Mona Marshall did the English voice.

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