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That last one looks suitably bonkers.

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This would be Guild02, then. It doesn't look quite as strong as the first lot, but Damrey looks cool and I'd be interested in trying anything Inafune's behind.

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This kind of news belongs to the NDX!

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Speaking of which, the Guild01 games are on sale this week. So getting Crimson Shroud.

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I assume Patrick will be checking out The Starship Damrey.

Really cool that Guild02 is confirmed for a NA release so quickly. I hope that means the Guild01 games that managed to be localized sold well!

Attack of the Friday Monsters reminds me of (I think this is the correct title) R. A. D. Robotic Alchemic Drive for the PlayStation 2.

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@rirse: Are you shitting me? I JUST bought that game last week. Fuck!

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Love Inafune but that tank game looks like shit.

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Level-5, thank you for being awesome again.

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Wait, so in the second game are you playing as Nazi's versus giant bugs? If that is the case, I'm hoping that even if you "win", the tank battalion is still destroyed regardless.

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@nowsaypillow: lol I just bought that too couple weeks back, damn...

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That last one looks suitably bonkers.

Quite. Damrey is intriguing as is anything Inafune, but that last one looks closest to actually delivering. Ultraman (and hopefully Voltron-esque mecha) vs Godzilla is my kind of alright. Whether the kid interacts, imagines, or controls the proceedings hardly matters.

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Last one grabbed my attention the most, but all looked cool. Will probably grab this!

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as the Outsiders once said.... JUSTtoSWWEEEEEEEEETTT!

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Well, there goes my four-year screenplay for Ant vs. Nazi. Damn.


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The Starship Damrey looks totally up my alley ^__^

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Friday monster is already wasted.

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i like it

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Damn, I just wanted Boku no Natsuyasumi so much harder now.