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Posted by Sudbuster

Looking forward to this.

Edited by ghostNPC

AND Dave! Holy shit, this is going to be amazing.

Posted by fusrodah


Posted by Simplexity

Crouch behind a wall of guns the game!

Posted by Chtasm

Yay! Missed most of this.

Posted by Evilsbane

What no Patrick? I was looking forward to the metric ton of bitching in the comments on this video to, oh well will just have settle for this Fucking awesome conclusion to the Fight for FREEDOM!

Posted by Speedhuntr


Posted by JamesJeux007

Man, I feel like the trio Vinny/Drew/Dave could conquer the universe if they wanted to. Thank god they only want freedom.

Posted by Rorie

I love this game so much. I wish they would make a modern-day sequel. :( It'd still play so well.

Posted by PimblyCharles

omg that snowfall is so ugly. I know this an older game, but cmon. The NES has better snow in Ninja Gaiden 2. Hell, even Skyrim's ugly ass snowfall looks better, and that's built off an engine older than this game.

Posted by Monkeyman04

best line I've heard so far. Drew- "what are you guys posing for box art!?"

Posted by PimblyCharles

@JamesJeux007 said:

Man, I feel like the trio Vinny/Drew/Dave could conquer the universe if they wanted to. Thank god they only want freedom.

Whos to say they aren't already ruling the universe? Last I knew, even Obama takes orders from someone. Maybe that someone is the secret coalition of VinDavDre

Posted by Jace

@Rorie: E3, cross your fingers :).

Posted by AlKusanagi

Plumbers don't wear ties... They FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!!!

Posted by Anthony

Load Our Last Save more like Load Our Last Xbox Save!

Posted by JayDee

because there is dave i forgive you for playing more of this fucking game.

Posted by fitzcarraldo

defend your points of communism!

Posted by Kingpk

Doing all this with no option for a quicksave is rough. Dave set Vinny straight pretty quickly by telling him to let the rabble go ahead of him.

Posted by fusrodah

Can't stop the Freedom Train

Posted by thebatmobile

Hell yeah Eternal Darkness! That would be great.

Posted by TheHakku

Yay! They fought, for freedom!

Posted by StarErik

It would be great if you moved to other last-gen systems, yes. GameCube. Mmm.

Posted by Speedhuntr

You've got my vote for Crimson Skies! Loved that game.

But I've never played Eternal Darkness so I'd be interested in checking that out as well.

Posted by SquirrelGOD

Oh, man. Watching this destroys so many memories. I LOVED this game, and I remember thinking that the AI for your troops was phenomenal and really well done.

Edited by Blacksilver

Ooooh MAN! That Man-O-Wall is SOOO great. hahaha I laughed so hard @ around 1:13

Posted by geirr

Nice work, duders! Now I'm looking forward to Eternal Darkness.

Posted by BisonHero

I'm glad they're finally considering loading the last save from Gamecube or PS2 games. I was beginning to think Vinny and Drew played nothing but Xbox games last generation.

Posted by Box3ru13

Caught of bit of this earlier, but had to leave to school. This LOLS actually made me go hunt down a copy. One of my favorite games of all time and 8 years later it still holds up exceptionally well.

Wish they would make another one.

Posted by PimblyCharles

Hey you guys remember when IO Interactive actually made good games?

Posted by Swoxx

This 3 part LOLS was the best to date.

Posted by Zaccheus

I just watched Fargo and Drew saying "jeez!" every five minutes makes me laugh.

Edited by Batmeng

This game was my favorite LOLS so far.

So cool!



Posted by NicksCorner

Vinnie, Drew AND Dave?

Damn! Stupid work keeping me from watching this. Bookmarked for later!

Posted by Chris2KLee

YES! Dave!

Posted by Slay3r1583

I skipped Freedom Fighters when it originally came out for some reason. After watching these videos I can see why people really liked it. Add another vote for Eternal Darkness. Also I love the team of Vinny, Drew, and Dave they should be in all the Giant Bomb videos.

Edited by Baal_Sagoth

Godfuckingdammit, that difficulty looked so rough, especially in a game that has relatively sparse savepoints. Other than that Freedom Fighters held up really well to my very fond memories, all things considered. The feature was excellent with very funny commentary and some excellent gameplay I might not have pulled off without getting beyond frustrated.

"It's simple math, man. See? I AM LIKE A GOD!" Vinny (Glad you hear the voices too dude!!)

But seriously, great job on this one guys.

@Rorie: I agree. Even worse than that most likely never happening is that I thought Kane & Lynch was going to be that before it came out. I mean, I even like the first one just fine but it's so sad to see the squad mechanics only being there as a pathetic remnant of something FF-esque early in development.

Posted by ChrisTaran

My three favorite people in one video. This is cause for celebration!

Posted by RetroVirus


Posted by SippyCupNINJA

Drew AND Dave. I love being a subscriber.

Posted by steevl

Glad you guys finished it up!

Posted by mithical

I love that his death stare at the very end freaks them out.

Posted by beef_melody

Good job guys. This really makes me crave a SWAT4 or Jagged Alliance 2 oldgame look, just to see what crazy tactics Dave proposes :-)

Posted by Aas

@beef_melody said:

Good job guys. This really makes me crave a SWAT4 or Jagged Alliance 2 oldgame look, just to see what crazy tactics Dave proposes :-)

Yes, SWAT 4. You beautiful genius!

Posted by TheThirdMan

Great job, guys. Best feature you have done :)

Posted by MeatSim

I hope you all appreciate Vinny, Drew, and Dave fighting for your freedom.

Posted by artofwar420


Posted by FoxMulder

Freedom is safe again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Dustpan

@artofwar420 said:


Posted by mak_wikus

Best game ever.

Posted by nohthink

Is the endurance run over?

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