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Posted by InfamousBIG

This was funny, fun, and intense, but I would like to see a new game instead of a part 2.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

If the Giant Bomb staff were fighting game characters and their abilities were based on gaming skills, it would look a little something like this:

Top Tier: Jeff, Drew

Mid Tier: Vinny, Dave, Patrick

Bottom Tier: Brad, Ryan

Posted by rockhardalibi

This takes me back. Guys seem to be having fun with it, please keep it up.

Edited by CitizenKane

While I love watching this post-live, but these LOLSs are a lot more fun live and in the chat with other people.

Posted by Ross

I hate to use this word but that was beyond EPIC!

Posted by brocool

OMG freedom fighters! Cue Awesome music

Posted by DBoy

"Wait, who's Chris?"

"He's your brother."

Totally lost it there. Anyway, this was an amazing game, so underestimated. Glad they did a LOLS on it.

Posted by defcomm

Yes, finish this game guys. Such an overlooked and fantastic game.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Wow didn't even know this happened...

Posted by sungahymn

I totally remember this game, though I never played or bought it.

Posted by Buddy900

"Show that guy's face whos boss" - Drew

Posted by Shadow

Next time on "Load Vinny's Brother's Last Save"...

Posted by sawtooth

(hellicopter shows up)

Vinney - "Get inside something!"

(runs in a circle)

it's too good

Posted by SSully

They did such a great job for not playing in so long. There were so many close calls, but they played smart and pulled out at the proper time.

Edited by Undeadpool

This has given me a STRONG desire to boot this up again. I own it on STEAM but I've only played about 20 mins.

Edit: I love Drew's shouting of advice like "NONONONO! THEERE'S A MEDKIT THAT WAY!" and when both of them scream simultaneously.

Edited by brandondryrock

Dang, I might have to go home and play this tonight. Such a good game.

Also, it is hard watching this video with Vinny not knowing about auto aim.

Posted by TooWalrus

Laughed way too hard when Vinny said "why don't you want to come out? Or, are you busy picking a dudes skull out of your teeth?"

Edited by manbot47

this made me want to get a premium account

Posted by peritus

@manbot47 said:

this made me want to get a premium account

A wise choice!

Posted by Noblenerf

This video makes me regret not finishing Freedom Fighters.
Oh, sugar!

Posted by Oky

This was a fun video.