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@hustlerlt said:

@buzz_clik: Well, Dan asked Jeff to select 50 turns.

I guess my point is this: Jeff and Dan both wanted 50 turns because they both knew it'd drag out into a shitshow for our entertainment; Jeff is just as culpable as Dan for this glorious mess. Bless them both for their (mis)calculated nonsense.

Posted by stryker1121

That was great, guys. Please do Mario Party 2.

Posted by HmmJustABox

8 more videos, please.

Posted by zc92351

@ectoplasma: Danny is a very charismatic guy, I can't believe he just showed up one day here and just "BOOM" is in. It's like he's been here forever. Love that dude.

Dan is awesome too, I didn't think I'd enjoy a new guy but he is very good. if only Vinny was still around, it'd be a dream team.

Posted by Spykid13

Just subscribed to premium thanks to reddit, and a lot of people suggested me to watch this video first.

Best decision I've seen. Please do more Mario Party, specifically the ones after 7!

Posted by DevourerOfTime

Mario Party is a series of skill.

Posted by futurstock

this is so great, i LOVED the old mario party videos y'all did. i used to play with my little sis, so i guess i have some nostalgia for these games, can't wait to see more!
hopefully jeff ends up becoming a huge fan by the end. (doubtful)
maybe pick a crazier map next time where the star moves!

jeff should take the bus on mario party days so he could partake in the party~! (...of drinking alcohol)

Posted by Demonsoul

Absolutely amazing video! Loved every second of it. More please.

Posted by Skronk61

Someone should make a giant bomb party game where Jeff is the bowser equivalent

Posted by DrWhat

Dan is the worst person in the world


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Yo tuck that chain when you see Bowser rollin thru! :D

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Yo man, this is the kind-of shit that made me sign up for premium. Some of the fuckin funniest content is coming out of GB of late. I was thinking about canceling my subscription because I just don't have time anymore to watch the streams/videos on a regular basis, but if it's all this good, then I'll make the fuckin time.

Posted by Cr0ssbow
Posted by l4wd0g

You guys are the best!

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GB knocking it out of the park for awesome content. So fun to watch a friendly round of Schadenfreude Party :)

Posted by Dethfish

My sides hurt from laughing so much. I really hope there's more of this sometime.

Posted by SYLAR112

one of the best videos on here . :)

Posted by Coreus
Posted by EedoBaba

Jeff made a reference to the Monty Hall logic problem and Dan had no clue what he was talking about.


Posted by ICantBeStopped

This was a little uncomfortable when he Dan told Brad to "get lost".

Posted by Razz17

THIS MAKES ME SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY. I'm so happy Dan is instigating Mario Party Parties. 50 turns no less!

Posted by Tandar1

When Drew stole all the stars from Brad I lost it! LOL!

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This just confirms to me that Dan was an essential addition to the team. More dumb stuff!

Posted by Taiyo

@unastrike Great work behind the scenes on this one, Jason. Made it a joy to watch. Keep it up! :D

Posted by Moseph187

Thanks Dan that was amazing, brought back a lot of memories. I broke two pads playing this with my mates. It has to be a feature now bring on 2!

Posted by divergence

I respect Jeff's attitude to this game.

Also Brad doing so bad at the start was perfect, even when its mostly luck based he's still bad at videogames.

I'd disagree with you because Brad is "OK" at Dota 2. But heck man, then I realized DOTA isn't even a damn video game! So yeah, you are right, brad sucks at videogames.

Posted by fibabanchi

@shawnlreed: more likely a way to shoehorn in an obscure wrestling reference for the 200th time.

Posted by sir_tonk

Why is audio off by like a second?

Posted by nickux

Had a great time watching this-- rest of the crew clearly exaggerating the hate sometimes only made the contrast with Dan's glee that much better. Mario Party is here to stay! Dan, apart from being a shoebox hotdog eating psychopath, never change.

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One of the best videos on the site, content is so great lately. Thankyou Dan for bringing such joy, dickishness and chaos in the form of Mario Party and forcing Jeff to face his demons. Jeff was on fire this video, had me in stitches and Dan is the perfect counterweight with his enthusiasm and tryhardness. And Drews revenge on Brad was fairy tale perfect, you could see on his face he was going to get it, just brilliant. "Sorry, I don't think like a criminal" hahha. Great job behind the scenes Jason capturing the emotion.

Hope to see more Mario Party madness or more long competitive games like this with opportunities to screw each other over, it suits the crew perfectly. I can't believe there's uptight people in comments actually getting mad and offended about this, being a dick to each other is the point of Mario Party, hell it's the only point of Mario Party. Anyone who thinks the crew was genuinely offended and weren't playing into being dicks on purpose really needs to question their ability to read social situations. None of them were actually mad at each other, everyone was laughing, they were all having a good time, as good a time they can have with a game they hate. Just more proof some people just look to get offended and complain about literally anything these days, sigh.

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The more I watched, the more I felt sorry for Drew who seemed to somehow grasp bad luck like a short straw continuously through the video. Just so many daggone moments where he went from good, to bad, fought back, had taken away, gained coins, Bowser Swap. Gained coins. Lost in Mini-Game. Plus, I think (didn't keep track) that he rolled "1" more than any other player. I mean, it was ridiculous.

So I'm really bummed he didn't pull out the victory at the end.

Still, lots of fun watching. So much laughter.

Posted by Poonce

the absolute disdain in everyone but Dan's eyes at the end...great television.

Posted by Rudy

One of the first premium 2h+ videos i've watched in a long time. Was going to just check in the first 15 minutes and ended up watching the whole thing. These are the moments that make my subscription automatic. Thank you GB!

Posted by fooly1cooly

I wanna see Will Ferrell playing the roll of Dan in this same scenario.

Posted by TylerHighlander7

Damn homer damn

Posted by MormonWarrior

Mario Party sucks! I can't possibly be more excited to watch this!

Posted by Cerebus

Thanks Dan!

Posted by Rexicon

This is some of THE best content on giant bomb ever

Posted by Tondo

This was such a joy to watch. Its always more fun when all the guys can play at the same time. Hope to see more similar videos in the future ! (and as said multiple times already, revisiting Fortune Street with Dan would be great)

Posted by Ir0n

This is the definitive version of watching a car crash - a disturbing wonderful car crash - Dan you are my hero!

Posted by Dagbiker

I go on vacation for two weeks, and giantbomb is playing anime video games, mario party, and covering MMO's WTF has Dan done to Giant bomb?

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I had some time so I plotted out the coin and star values over the course of this game. The lower figure is the plot of the coins, the upper one is plot of stars. See it bigger here:


Posted by Joe423

God damn this is awesome, I hope they play more of them. 4 on gamecube was my favourite if I remember correctly...

Posted by Ataxia

The dynamic between Dan's excitement versus Jeff complete lack of it is a great dynamic.

Posted by rusalkagirl

I think it is complete bullshit that Jeff didn't win at 2:10.

Posted by ZedsDeadBaby

@mortface said:

I had some time so I plotted out the coin and star values over the course of this game. The lower figure is the plot of the coins, the upper one is plot of stars. See it bigger here:


You are awesome for doing this.

Posted by Error1355

I love video content like this. I was laughing my ass off in ways I haven't in awhile. 3 hours of gold.

Posted by Substance_D

The audio is off by about 200-300ms.