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Boss Fight! Go!

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YES! Solid Scanlon, baby!

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My favorite part of the week!

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I love this series, but what is this 3AM business? Do you enjoy making me adopt irresponsible sleep schedules?

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@sbaitso said:

I love this series, but what is this 3AM business? Do you enjoy making me adopt irresponsible sleep schedules?


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METAL GEAR? at noon?

Edit: Also @drew, if you have trouble with the nikita missiles, you can press triangle for first person missle cam. Also kind of sorry about the analog comment last episode cause this boss fight certaily is easier with the d-pad.

@danryckert so fork full of hat then, maybe a leather hat? thats sort of like jerky right?

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Two hours?

Two hours!


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these really are slowly becoming more like endurance run episodes

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Fuck yeah, finally the live codec screen

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2 hour treat!

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I'm addicted, never experienced any of the MGS games.

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2 hours! My day is made. I have a rather important exam coming up in about two hours, which I'm stressed out about, so this is a very nice treat to look forward to when I come back.

Thanks for recording this, Drew, Dan and Jason! I figured there would only be one episode this week, what with the PAX preparations and all.

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Time till wrestling reference: 4:15

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Hit the elevator button twice for instant arrival elevator

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YES! I love this series sooo much

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Really Good Content ,keep it up

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Love the series, but I CANNOT WAIT until MGS2. My fav MGS game by far.

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This has been one of the best Premium series the site has put out thus far. Cheers Drew and Dan!

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That was a great Travolta, Drew! This starts off well.

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This has become my favourite current Bomb content, thanks guys.

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I played Metal Gear Solid for the first time last year and was hooked so quickly. This series is great; so fun comparing Drew's experience to mine.

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I've been playing about an hour ahead of Drew. This is also my first time with MGS, but I've played most of the other ones. It's kind of odd how I can pick up and remember most of the controls across sessions while Drew has to adjust to them each time just because I've played the other games in the series to know the quirks in the controls.

This ninja boss was way too annoying and I went in with no rations and 1/4 health. I did eventually beat it after like 15 times though. Gotta love being able to use save states on an emulator. Also nice being able to play it anywhere on my Nvidia Shield.

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I love how frequent these are.

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Hot damn!

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30min mark! Greatest moment of the video so far.

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Real happy about the being able to see you guys during this! Perfect english!

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Two hours of pure joy. Thank you!

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Two hours. TWO HOURS?!

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Aw man, No commute to watch this in this week. Really want to play MGS on my Vita now, it's been sitting there for ages.

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This is exactly what I need to cheer me up this morning!

Oh man, the addition of the Codec style video feed of Dan and Drew is PERFECT!

Edit: A Forkful of Hat is PREEEEEETTY good. As a joke, I know it's not a real movie. :P

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Two hours? Hot damn.

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@drewbert has a habit of doing ineffective actions, e.g. running to get bullets when it's not needed. Performing combo, when the first punch missed, using chaff when it's not useful, etc.

@danryckert needs to eat a hat now.

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I'm sure Drew would love the alert system in MGS2 since the guards have to actually radio in backup.

EDIT: So I see Dan shaking his head when Otakon says "this is like one of my japanese animes". IT IS, ACCEPT IT!

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OMG strap in

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"Gorbachev do the thing" Dan is my go to for historically accurate quotes.

They're right, the music is still good for this game.

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I like how quickly Drew and Dan became friends.

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Huh, did they miss the thermal goggles? That really helps in this fight.

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@danryckert Metal Gear is one of the most anime ass anime things that have every existed. You'll just have to accept that you are in love with an anime.

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Every time a new episode of this pops up on the front page, I get rather too excited.

That moment when Drew makes it through a room and there's a brief pause as they let out their breaths they've been holding is magical. Right there with you guys.

A wonderful episode. Congratulations Drew - you made it. I love how you guys get a little too worked up and then suddenly realise you have to relax and get back into rhythm.

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Oh hey, my avatar makes an appearance.

That hallway scene in 1998 was super crazy. These Codec face cams are super crazy.

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Awesome episode, I was going crazy when Drew didn't know how to finish Ninja off the first time.

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Awesome, love this guys.

"Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons."

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what is that? WHAT IS THAT!??!

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OH I love the idea of putting them on camera!

This is great!