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Edited By TwoOneFive

looks like the most well thought out gameplay-wise since mgs3. \ 
i like how they threw up the handsign for peace but it also means 2 which may reference the cool co-op focus- for which this game has some of the best and clever implementation of co-op i have ever seen. 

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Posted By Ubr1337

I hope that they make it different to Portable Ops, although I loved Portable Ops it didnt feel like the Metal Gear that I had come to love. 

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Posted By Tenshin

I couldn't ask for a better trailer!

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Posted By Lemoncookie01

i'm gonna be broke in summer thanks to this

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Posted By Aelric

Having never played portable ops, how in gods name did that or will this make sense in the fiction. I mean, I know it's all about outer heaven and such, but you have multi-snakes. Is that just ignored in the story or what?

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Posted By SlantedRoom

is it just me or does Huey look a whole hell of a lot like Otacon?? 
and excuse me if this has already been said a billion times cuz it seems pretty obvious, but I didn't read through all the comments so yeah, apologies ahead of time
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Posted By MeatSim

Who are the voices of the giant mechs?

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Posted By EliasT

I'm getting this with the Big Boss Bundle later this year.

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Posted By Creamypies

Any chance of this coming out on the PS2?

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Posted By roughplague
@samsaturday said:
" I like Metal Gear and I have a PSP. But I do not want to play the former with the latter. "  

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