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Posted by CarolinaFan3515

I thought they were wanting to drop the "Call of Duty" from there name entirely yet the last thing you see is "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2."     I just don't get it.

Posted by HaYHaYHaY

y does this look more like the end of the world then just a war...?
Posted by Tonic7

So that guy was shooting at terrorists camped on the WWII Memorial in DC from a helicopter. Dude.

Posted by Yummylee

whyy...whyyy couldnt it lead to Queens We Will Rock You :'(
Posted by i8Donuts

Holy crap space. Does that mean Modern Warfare 3 will have the space between spaces?

Posted by Hannibal

Has anyone mentioned SPACE?!?!??!!

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@CarolinaFan3515: They (IW or Activision) readded the name after doing a survey about brand awareness (not as many people knew about MW2 without the COD slapped on somewhere).
Posted by Sykosis

Whao, Whao, Whao. . . . Space!. . . . Did I just see SPACE!

Posted by ep_driver
@W0lfbl1tzers said:
"Finally a good Eminem song. Its been a while. "

not sure if anyone's already pointed this out to you, but this song's been out since 2002. and yes, it's a good song for sure.
Posted by RyShe

I work at a tiny ass Kmart, and we got our shipment in of this game today, 200 copies! the second biggest we have had since I've been there is madden with 50, I spent most of today reading the back of the box.

Posted by DBoy

Yep, gotta change my underwear now...

Posted by ep_driver

wasn't sure if i could be any more excited for this game, then they put this song in a trailer. the fact they got this song locked down for this trailer is rad.
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Posted by ep_driver
@kagekage said:
"the use of eminem in this trailer has convinced me to camp in front of my gamespot the day before launch. "

hahaha, seriously.
Posted by PhilESkyline
@Sykosis said:
" Whao, Whao, Whao. . . . Space!. . . . Did I just see SPACE! "
It's not what you think. Trust me.
Posted by Invasionone

.... Fuck, I want this game.

Posted by Milkman

Saw this during the World Series and immediately said to my friend "Woah, wait. Was that dude in space?".

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Posted by hellknight8619

buying this asap!!
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Posted by Marshermallow
@SmashedControllers said:
" Greatness! I hate hip-hop but that song got me pumped! "
Exact same feeling I hate it but I love it so much more!
Posted by ShinyD3mon

I wasn't planning on buying this as I don't really have the budget for another video game right now, but..

Posted by nezmac101

wow, 6 more days..
Posted by TwoOneFive

they dev's must have hired a couple of teenagers to come up with the climactic scenes

Posted by ezdude

hey guess what?
space yo.

Posted by ZeForgotten

I wasn't sure about getting this, but they couldn't have picked a better song to get me pumped up for this action. 

Posted by danhimself

I was talking to this guy earlier and he told me that the game sucked and everyone was going to hate it...I asked how he knew that and he said that he was in the beta...I know there was no beta so I played along with him for awhile asking how he got into the beta and what were his favorite new features and all that before I posted a link to a site with an article about how IW wasn't doing a beta

Posted by stephengotlost

Oh sorry, we don't have dedicated servers because we're ON THE MOON.

Posted by IrradiatedTurnip

Jeez, what did I just witness.
Posted by belaraphon

that was pretty awesome.

Posted by HawkSE

So...50 Cent hates helicopters, Nathan Drake hates helicopters, now in MW2, we got terrorists hating helicopters

Posted by onimonkii

til i collapse is a pretty boss song. probably still won't buy this though

Posted by Rawrz

This trailer was awesome. I seen it on tv and never even noticed the Eminem song in it. I used to not care about this game but the insanity of the trailer makes me curious to get it sometime. Till I Collapse rules.

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Cool but... Cheesy music..
Posted by Haiitan_Knives_973

Wait...SPACE? CRAZZY? Has to be a Special Ops thing.

Posted by Giantsquirrel

Looks like I'm definitely getting the PC version. God damn this game is gonna look spectacular on my rig.

Posted by supalink

poor choice in music imo

Posted by sumdim

Explosions in space. EXPLOSIONS IN SPACE. 
Where do I line up?

Posted by AlmightyTooth

Did space just blow up?

Posted by Tearhead

This game looks fucking sick. Also... MW2, ON THE MOON!!

Posted by Druminator

G-Unit's UAV is air bourne!

Posted by Caligan

Weird how most people chose to be more vocal on criticizing the music rather than the actual subject, as if someone cared about anothers' musical taste.
In any case, I am mostly excited to see how this gets into space at some point, that scene looks amazing.

Posted by R3Qui4M

COD in SPace

Posted by OldManLight

WTF?  @ 0:58  are we fighting terrorism in space?

Posted by Nasar7

I'd much rather listen to Eminem than generic "hard rock." Game looks great, as expected.

Posted by Beomoose

To borrow a british-ism, It's Not Gone Well....

Posted by Jerr

lol eminem? come on?

Posted by Capt_Ventris

Someone at IFW was listening to the bombcast.

Posted by Capt_Ventris

It maybe be poor form to admit it but after that trailer......

Posted by CrazedJoker

Goosebumps, and if you ask me... That's the greatest Eminem song out there. Better than Marilyn Manson, eh dragon age?