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Posted by w34ky

cant wait. overgrown.. mh

Posted by Sweep

Yo giantbomb, i'm really happy for you and i'ma let you finish - but modern warfare 2 had one of the biggest entertainment launches of all time.

Of all time.

Posted by Fodder008

Didn't look that cool until they showed Crash and Overgrown, now I'm pretty pumped!

Posted by Ryan
@Sweep said:
" Yo giantbomb, i'm really happy for you and i'ma let you finish - but modern warfare 2 had one of the biggest entertainment launches of all time.

Of all time.

I thought I was tired of this joke. Turns out it just needed to age like fine wine.
Posted by angelkanarias

looks good, too bad it's first for xboxlive

Posted by skilled_gamer

wonder if all the glitches in crash and overgrown will be carried over
Posted by Reverseface

Thermal scope will destroy Overgrown don't get too excited! I'm buying this for Crash! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM KA KAKA KAKAKAK

Posted by Tireyo

Game looks pretty good.

Posted by Evilsbane

Looks fine, I am not spending 15 bucks on it, but it looks fine.

Posted by punkrockerlhs

Pretty much just excited for crash and overgrown... Im not sure that justifies the 15 dollar price tag

Posted by cximran

[insert obligatory Activision hate here] 
Looks cool though, they sure know how to produce cool trailers!

Posted by SoyBob

Turns out, all elite soldiers are at their peak when they wipe their eyes.

Posted by AgentofChaos

"I'm gettin overstimulated. Griz sit on me!"

Posted by Zaapp1

This is the one where they add stimpaks, right?

Posted by jim_dandy

Not for 15 bucks.

Posted by Daryl

What the? The video started replaying but it's just the audio.

Posted by Aeterna

15bucks for some maps? They must be shitting themselves if that's true.  
Remember when maps and extra content came free with patches or otherwise being playermade? Yeah, it's hard to think a company's NOT trying to rip you off now. 
(Of course there's still some good dev's out there, but not in the big companies that's for sure.)

Posted by heartlessomen

anyone else think this package is vastly overpriced?

Posted by Jeffsekai

Game still looks like ass.

Posted by Masonvd

Where's my PSn release date? :(

Posted by brocool

I tried  to Ryan, But I failed.

Posted by Sweep

Whilst I'm usually fully enthusiastic about any product which justifies me shouting "Oscar Mike!", I'm not paying for more maps for MW2. Especially maps that I played in MW1. I got bored of those maps a long time ago, I don't want to get bored of them all over again.
Actually... fuck it. I'm pretty much done with MW2 in general. That game has been fully fucking exhausted. I'm not paying for overpriced maps. When the fuck does Super Street Fighter 4 come out?

Posted by turbomonkey138

Was that DOC adams at the end ?

Posted by dylanderoo

God i hate MW2 and their over excited fanbase

Posted by Pathogenocide

FUUUUUUUU No shipment?!

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Posted by JiuJitsuka85

Luckily I bought Bad Company 2, so I can easily resist against buying this overpriced DLC.

Posted by rapaleeman

Leaving out all of the hatred for IW/Activision, did anyone else notice the guy on the balcony shooting the 1911 at the 24 second mark?

Posted by Nadafinga

For any other game, the price for this would be $10, but for THE BIGGEST ENTERTAINMENT LAUNCH OF ALL TIME, the economics unfortunately dictate that they can over-charge, and make more money in the end, even if they scare off a percentage of people with the price.
It's just business.

Posted by Ben99

why all the hate on Activision by some users here ? the game sold like crazy and I'm pretty sure millions of people are enjoying this game . Anyways, it's a definite buy for me as long as the price tag is reasonable

Posted by floodiastus

Not excited after Bad Company 2, what an awesome game THAT is!

Posted by Rolento

Not nearly exciting enough to lift my boycott.  $10 too much for the original game, $5 too much for this map pack, and  23 players too few thanks to no dedicated servers. 
Balls, says I.

Posted by koolaid39

Looks pretty good. The price tag seems a little steep. I might get them a couple days after release so people can talk about them so that I can see what they are about, and after the servers stop crying from all the downloads on day one of release.

Posted by Kornkaos

Price point is a little high, but this is one of my favorite multi-player games, so you can bet i'm getting it, loved Overgrown and Crash, and Bailout looks really awesome, Storm looks like teh crap, not a bit fan, salvage looks alright =) can't wait

Posted by ToxicFruit

I am not going to spend $15 on THIS !

Posted by TwoOneFive

fifteen for 3 new maps?! christ these guys are assholes. 

Posted by Asrahn

Players in the trailer are obviously using gamepads.
It cannot be unseen!

Edited by Lambert

So let us see:
 $15 for 5 maps = $3 per map
$10 for 3 maps = $3.33 per map
What is the big deal? Two maps are remakes? The Halo 3 map packs had many remakes as well. Seems like a lot of bitching for no reason by people who don't know what the hell they are talking about.
For the record, I traded my copy in for Bad Company 2 long ago, and I have never bought a map pack 
whetheri was the Killzone 2 overpriced map pack, or the Halo overpriced map pack. 
Why don't you idiots just stop buying these overpriced map packs altogether?

Posted by S0ndor

Maybe I'll buy it if it becomes cheaper and I ever feel the need to play this game again.

Posted by Valco

Was really excited at the thought of it, then considered for a moment and lost interest.
Posted by DARTH_WADE

I think I'll pass.

Posted by Potter9156

Bailout looks great.

Posted by ArcLyte

soon i will finally get this game for pc. it's been a long time coming now.
Posted by Danda

Hey, has anybody noticed how the missed-by-noone CALL OF DUTY logo is back, in a big font? 
Activision is taking the helm, folks.    

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Posted by Tregard

I wish they'd do more than just new maps. More weapons, perks, gamemodes and equipment would be better I think.

Posted by blaze503

wow that multiplayer is fun but watching it like that made it look aweful.
Posted by Daftasabat

Another Map Pack zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted by ProlificShadow

I don't care what game it's for, map packs are a ripoff, so you can only expect the same or worse from Activision. Map packs and costume packs are both a complete waste of money.