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Posted by John

he takes it personal alright.

Posted by CleverLoginName

Me I'ma cop.

Posted by ma_rc_01

Snaps! HI-larious, can't wait for this game.

Posted by x_iNcReDiMe_x

O yeah back to the awesome basics.

Was that guy cg or not? A lot of time it really seamed like it, but really well done. Or maybe it was just smart play on camera angles that gave it that look.

Posted by ethanmmm

need for speed has gang wars?

Posted by NathHaw

I chortled.

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Posted by KristoferK

Damn that's a cool one. Daaaamn. I'm looking forward to this game, and I base that on this trailer alone. Daaaamn.

Posted by Banzai_NL

Love the Movie-like bass in this one, makes me all excited!

Posted by Sharpshooter

Well thats a little bit of insight into the story of the game. I'm thinking cop with driving skills is recruited by Det. Keller to go undercover and take down the gangs from the inside, much like the original Driver game, or proper street racer gets arrested then gets an offer from Det. Keller to help the cops take the gangs down from the inside.

The second one would make more sense, that way they can have you start in a flash car for the tutorial then, in proper NFS style, everything gets taken away and you start from scratch.

Posted by PLWolf

Can't believe I'm actually excited about a new Need For Speed Game, but I am. It looks really good.
I also can't believe it comes out this year and we've seen next to nothing in terms of gameplay.

Posted by westend246

Looks  awsome.
My kind of thinking.
Kill all those bastards, let  GOD sort em out.

Posted by momentarylogic

They do it right.. these commercials are the greatest. Mighty fine marketing, oddly from EA

Posted by daniel_beck_90

Most wanted 2

Posted by MOLE

The game is going to suck

Just like Pro Street

Posted by s10129107

I think he's stupid.  REAL STUPID

Posted by George_Hukas

Mission: Watch All Videos on GB #9

MMmmm.. FMV