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Posted by solidlife

Looks alritee 

Posted by weegieanawrench

NFS with more awesome. Awesome.

Posted by VoshiNova

NFS online!? revolutionary!!

Posted by Milkman

So, it's Test Drive Unlimited?

Posted by TheMustacheHero

Why is the frame rate so bad?

Posted by Ututu222

Weird... I'm not sure if it's just my computer, but the total time says 6 minutes, but the trailer is actually only about 1 minute. And the video itself was kind of janky. Also, looks kind of like Blur.

Posted by Sjupp

Why am I getting strange(bad) framerate?

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Posted by intoblivion

anybody else getting the "Most Wanted" vibe from the setting?
Posted by Osiris

NFS Online... hmm have to see more first to be exited!

Posted by PLWolf

Beta Signup Complete, now I wait to see if I get in.

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6:13 mins...the longest trailer ever released! lol  
I hope the gameplay isn't as choppy as the video lol.

Posted by SoftButtCheeks

The trailer has so much to see @ the end

Posted by MisterBoss

Holy frame rate!

Posted by Webby

Needs to be uploaded again I think... or I hope.

Posted by RiceEatin2010GT

i got into the first beta event for this and it was awful, i played for a good 15 minutes and never picked it back up all weekend

Posted by Lazyaza

Signed up for the beta earlier. Use to be a fan of the series (up to most wanted), really hoping this is a return to form but with all the awesome-ness of an mmo minus the subscription fee.

Posted by agentboolen

Looks like crap!!!  I'll be passing on this one.

Posted by TheIneffableBob

The frame rate is fine.
It's your guy's computers.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

I miss Podracer. Anyone else miss Podracer? I miss Podracer.

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

no thanks!

Posted by Verge

Matrix + Cars = this?

Posted by Berkut

Blah,  EA already tried this concept and failed miserably ages ago with Need for Speed: Motor City Online.  Old school racers are still sore about EA simply abandoning that game instead of letting community take over.  Either way, that thing has fail written all over it.

Posted by Winternet

the subtitle for this vid is hilarious.

Posted by Simmse

Most Wanted online?
Well it's better than the recent NFS games.

Posted by Atlantus_Air

This is rehashed Most Wanted with many people on the same map. It's almost sickening how they've done this.
Posted by dark1024

My car has 5700 gear score, can i be in your race please?

Posted by Erkenbrand
@dark1024: Sorry, we're looking for a 6500 minimum gear score for our speeders. What's your body score? We need someone to tank cops.
Posted by TheDeadComedian

Yay free NFS and all, but what makes this an MMO? It seems more like an online racer. Is there a huge open world? Quests? Boar killing?
Posted by MeatSim

Are meter maids the the equivalent of boars or rats in this game?

Posted by Berkut

DPS oriented Lambo Looking For - high level Repair Van and Tank geared Cadillac Escalade to go gank low level cops.  Uber lewtz and rage quits guaranteed!  PM me if interested!

^--  That was harder to type up then it looks LOL.  :)