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More Zeno Clash? Yes Please!

Posted by Forcen

I think i read somewhere that they would release this for all the PC users for free later on.

Posted by Nizzleworth

Hell yeah, spin kick.

Posted by Milkman

Zeno Clash's combat definitely had some problems. Hopefully, they can clean it up a bit for the XBLA release.

Posted by damswedon

the first attack looks like the Kirk punch.

Posted by ZmillA

for a game as niche and indie as this, "ultimate edition" is a terrible subtitle

Posted by HatKing

Ok.  I'm in.
Posted by SlowHands

I already own Zeno Clash on the PC.  But I will gladly give these lovely people my money again.

Posted by MeatSim

I will try this game out for sure. it looks to crazy not to.

Posted by AURON570

the music is INTENSE >.> the headbutt reminded me of Boxer's neutral throw in SF4 xD. Technically the camera would have to face down toward your feet when doing the headbutt, not at the person your headbutting (because then you'd be hitting them with your face)...

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 4 new attacks make it "ultimate"!? that's not really a good title for it, and 4 new punches really shouldn't be enough to justify an update in the title at all.... Maybe call it "arcade version" or something if the 4 hits are exclusive to xbox; but really, "ultimate"? Hopefully they add some new content, then maybe I would buy it again as an ultimate edition on console :)

Posted by kagekage

Freakiest game I've seen in a long time.

Posted by Vigorousjammer

yes! Spin kick! Now all they need to add is Chuck Norris as a playable character!

Posted by RuthLoose88

Atlus is really publishing that game? Interesting.

Posted by MrPickles

I'm actually pretty excited for this!

Posted by TwoLines

Loved the game. Had this crazy feel to it.
The story was the best part.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles
@HatKing said:
"Ok.  I'm in. "
Posted by Murdouken

Fucking loved the first game. Thinking of buying this when it comes out purely for the co-op.

Posted by piropeople13
You know Microsoft gets like 50% right?
Posted by SlowHands
I know, but hey every little helps!
Posted by MrKlorox

Cool. Never bought the PC version. A deluxe edition sounds nice.

Posted by Jimbo7676

Atlus is an awesome publisher.

Posted by Zanthox

Oi, I wanna play this game again... I should re-download it.

Posted by MichaelLevingston

what ever happen to the deadliest worreior game for xbla

Posted by CompleteInanity
@damswedon said:
" the first attack looks like the Kirk punch. "
Ha hah hah, totally.