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Posted by Smullster

Why doesn't this interest me?  Am I jaded?  It leaves me with one question: How long can this dude fall? 

Posted by spiceninja

Looks like a poor mans Ninja Gaiden.

Posted by litlike

I wish i had some thing  that could hold that many swords that i could wear on my back.

Posted by Travis

Sort of reminds me of Devil May Cry.

Posted by mubress

this looks bad. I don't think it's even a poor mans Ninja Gaiden tbh....

Posted by BxGT

The pilot looks funny ass hell.

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Posted by xabhie

it is pretty lifeless, the whole scene, almost doozed off.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

Looks unbelievably mediocre.I would expect nothing less from From Software, though.

Posted by MooseHead

Even the quicktime events seem lazy. There are no consequences except for just going back into time a few seconds. You don't even get to see the ninja die if you fail. Developers also have to stop relying on quicktime events anyways.

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yawn.... to the gameplay. I like how ludacris the plot seems. Ninjas jumping out of helicopters piloted by a token black guy. No parachutes, zombies? giant electicity shooting spiders, bullet time..... WOW

Posted by Dilly

That whole thing just made me think of the quicktime Krauser knife fight from Resident Evil 4 except that you dont see yourself die, but the drop squads of ninjas looked really cool

Posted by okuzy

first of all, Ive got to give this game props for having japanese and english voices. But OMFG!!! lip syncing = SHIT and the main characters japanese voice is like 2 as deep his english voice. I forgot he wasnt playing ninja gaiden until he started actually fighting!!! this is like a slower ripoff of ninja gaiden!
sry for flaming on this game but it doesnt seem that impressive yet.

Posted by ocdog45

its not impressive but it looks fun. the interactive scene looks stupid. that sometimes doesn't work.

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Posted by dQuarters

Doubt I'll ever play it. But it doesn't look as bad as most everyone who posted before me makes it out to be.

Boy-o-boy. We gamers be some jaded folk.
Posted by Junpei

how wonderfully generic

Posted by Hef

It's like they tried to copy the already not-so-good ninja gaiden and made it even worse.

Posted by Jtan21

I really really dislike quicktime events.

Posted by ZmillA

this just shows how much  better the NG/NGII environments would have been with physics objects

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Posted by AEKtzis

looks and plays too much like ninja gaiden...which for me...is a bad thing. The beginning looked promising.

Posted by PJ

This actually looks interresting. Don't think it will be Ninja Gaiden 2 level but a pretty OK game. Its good that they have something that informs you that a QTE is coming since most games just put them in there and the first time it comes up you arent ready and fail. Also the quick retry might take away some annoyance from failing the QTEs since its so fast. Though some kind of death would be cool.
The music seems to be too low or something since the first fight wasn't that exciting and good music could change that drasticly.
I won't pass judgement on it untill i see more of it or play the final game.

Posted by Geno

The beginning was pretty cool but then the gameplay is just crap.

Posted by Tiberium

that spider looks cool

Posted by gundam2009

Looks good - pS3 version?

Posted by Jordan23

That wasn't that bad, even though it's an carbon copy of Ninja Gaiden; nevertheless, I think I might rent this to find out how it plays.

Posted by JJOR64

Looks solid.  Might get it when it becomes really cheap.

Posted by Dixperiken

Everyone say's it's a copy of Ninja Gaiden but really from that clip it looks like a straight copy of the God of War 1 first level. The boss fight is so similar...Theres the getting to the boss with something blocking your way. Then theres exposing the weak point of the boss by wailing on its body. Then you wail on the weak point until he backs off and recovers. Rinse and Repeat.

Posted by zorniki

I actually liked this one more than Ninja Gaiden 2, which is overrated anyway. I highly doubt I´ll buy it though. The QTE´s are at least not as frustrating as I expected them to be. I had fun with the demo, that´s what counts!

Posted by Daftasabat

BORING BORING BORING...how many games are like this? Nice graphics extremely old and stale gameplay

Posted by dark_maggot

Real Time Weapon Switching anyone?

Man this does look like a bad Ninja Gaiden want to be.

Some parts looked cool like the running down the side of the building.

Posted by Jonzee

The game actually looks pretty sweet, but boring, or should I say uninteresting (like a poor man's ninja gaiden)

But think about this. take away the Ninja's, replace the weird zombie/bats/giant spiders with something else and make this a batman or daredevil game and it would be awesome

Posted by PsYuSoFly

How come nobody ever notices that if you hold the dash button he actually runs.

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what?? "looks good"? "looks solid"?? That looked like absolute shit! I'd have to be stranded on an island with nothing but Interpol and taped epsisodes of The View as entertainment before that game even started to look fun.

Posted by punkxblaze

I dub this game: Devil May Gaiden of War.

Posted by Razor

-Way better then Ninja Gaiden 2 in terms of gameplay.
-looks almost as good as Metal Gear Solid 4.
-Whoever is playing.... is fucking horrible at action/adventure games.

Posted by License_To_Bill

This looks absolutely awful.

Posted by mattysen

This looks balls and far to chessy (and im usd to this anime style shit). The game looks like another fucking Bullet Witch or <god forbid> Vampire Rain. Any more buzz on this game and i will be sick

Posted by Kareem

This looks remarkably shitty.

Posted by TouchedJungus

I played the demo and I didn't think it was that bad at all.  I am a big NG fan and they did a great job of taking what worked from that game.  The control scheme was good and yes, if you don't like quicktime events then you wont like this too much.  But if you liked NG then deff check this one out.