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 Ken Ogawa
Ken Ogawa

Ninja Blade has players taking up the mantle of a mysterious modern-day ninja named Ken Ogawa, defending Tokyo from horrible mutated monsters formed from a parasite called the "Alpha Worm". The producers aim to make the transition from gameplay to quick time event back to gameplay seamless.

From Software, producer Masanori Takeuchi has said that he anticipates the game to be around 12 hours long. The cityscape of the game is realistically modeled around Tokyo, so Japanese gamers can visit a few similar locales during the course of the game.


 The heavy sword.
The heavy sword.

The gameplay in Ninja Blade consists of about thirty percent boss fights, forty percent free roam, and thirty percent quick time events. When you're not fighting a gigantic boss or mashing on the face buttons in a QTE you're left with an adventure action game comparable to Ninja Gaiden or God of War. There are four weapons in the game a heavy sword, a katana, twin blades, and a large shuriken. The katana is your main weapon. It is the middle ground between the powerful but slow heavy sword, and the weak but fast twin blades. The heavy sword is used to break through walls and destroy enemy armor and shields. The twin blades are used as grappling hooks and have a variety of useful area attacks. In addition to the three main weapon you have a shuriken that you throw to use your ninjutsu. There are three ninjutsus: wind, fire, and lightning. All of these can be used to effect the environment along with attacking enemies. Every weapon and ninjutsu can be upgraded four times by collecting blood crystals that fall out of enemies.


Ninja Blade features a considerable number of bosses, most of which are depicted as gigantic mutated insects, slimes etc.The boss battles involve numerous quick time events and - in most cases - it takes several phases to beat the boss. The boss finishers can be characterised by a large dose of acrobatics, violence and over the top nonsense. When the bosses' life meter reaches zero Ken is able to initiate the finishing sequence called todome. The bosses include:

  • Pox Giant
  • Arachne
  • Impaler Leech
  • Scolex Worm
  • Slime Chopper
  • Plague Snail
  • Carrion Claw
  • Tojiro Kurokawa
  • Ryoko Kurokawa
  • Fire Hydra
  • Blast Mite
  • Stalker Larva
  • Mylasia Fly
  • Mutant Andy
  • Kuroh Sakamoto
  • Phlox Arachne
  • Kanbe Ogawa
  • Mutant Kanbe

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