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Posted by rjayb89

He's quite classy with that hat.

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Love minecraft

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That game is SO hype!

Posted by Jeffsekai

Notch is dumb.

Posted by Manatassi

Wait what the 360 version is out? 

Posted by IshimuraD

I love that Notch is wearing a Mega64 shirt.

Posted by kurtbro900

What a sausage fest.

Posted by Bucketdeth

@Jeffsekai said:

Notch is dumb.

A dumb millionaire.

Posted by Irvandus

@rjayb89 said:

He's quite classy with that hat.

Posted by Forkstik

Well...thats a weird ending :P

Posted by Krelle

I could cuddle Notch all day long.

Posted by mbkish

Pretty damn funny.

Posted by Centimani

I love the exaggerated "WOOOAAAH" around the turns XD

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I love Minecraft.

Posted by TheHT

haha great launch trailer.

Posted by gunstar

Is anyone here at minecon now? Holla.

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"Giv mide kåntråller!"

Posted by Ahoydizzle

Anyone know the track that plays when they all start running? I wanna guess that it's C418 but I can't be sure

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A little something for the ladies.

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@ZarakixKenpachi: I noticed that too. Pretty cool.

Posted by Mumrik

720P! Don't let the man keep you down:

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@Mumrik: Cheers!

Posted by laserbolts

Notch is dumb.

Then I have no words to describe you.
Posted by Crono

This was the most feel good experience since the Carebears teamed up with My Little Pony.

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Did Minecraft release on xbox 360?

Posted by RoyaleWithCheese

Is PETA aware that you can punch sheep in this game? STOP THE PRESSES!!!

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@Bucketdeth:  Hahaha exactly.  Hate him all you  want he can' t hear you while he is swimming in his money vault like Scrooge Mc Duck.
Posted by dvorak

The iPhone release is so terrible. It's barely even playable.

Posted by eccentrix

I enjoy Minecraft, but this is a lot more entertaining than the game. They should put more story into their next production.

Posted by Mercanis

Well, that was unexpected. Bad English dubbing for the win.

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You Know that was a nice little trailer them joking arround the game being exiting when is the other way arround, but the ending seem a little pretentious shoudn't the game be for "everyone" now that is out on Xbox? or this is our game because all those guys were there and unless you knew who Notch was that part came out off nowhere like "oh that guy made the game?" really weird.

Posted by JackSukeru

This is the kind of dumb stuff that I like. I wish those guys all the best in the future.

Posted by Patman99

I love there little shack they built. So crappy but that is how you feel when you finally finish it.

Posted by picklecannon

The house that they made out of random shit just made the trailer for me.

Posted by csl316

I have no interest in playing the game, but this was amazing.

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Now I want to see a Twisted Pixel rebuttal to this, dueling banjos style, with Mega 64 officiating. GOOO!!!!

@RoyaleWithCheese said:

Is PETA aware that you can punch sheep in this game? STOP THE PRESSES!!!

They patched it so you get more wool through less violent methods. ;)

Posted by GlenTennis

@ZarakixKenpachi said:

I love that Notch is wearing a Mega64 shirt.

Posted by AxleBro

i love they're effectively making fun of their own game.

Posted by ThePilgrums

@Mercanis said:

Well, that was unexpected. Bad English dubbing for the win.

And "for the win" for the lose. Why are people still using this stupid phrase?

Funny trailer, though. Love the cutting between the extreme reactions and the mundane gameplay. (Not to badmouth Minecraft. I like it a lot, but it isn't exactly the most fast paced 'game' I play.)

Posted by Gordy

I love that Notch is wearing a Mega 64 Tshirt.

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@Mumrik: You sir, are a douche.

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@ScreamingFist said:

@Mumrik: You sir, are a douche.

Feel free to explain why.

I just linked the HD version that was put out for free originally. You may love paying for the premium benefits (videos and whatnot) here, but it seems silly to support them actively making the product worse for the rest of us. Especially when it concerns promotional material.

Honestly, you come across as a misguided elitist ass. Have a nice day.

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@Jeffsekai: If by dumb you mean genius, yeah.

Posted by jamesisaacs

Minecraft, meh whatever...NEXT!

Posted by pakattak

Ahahahaha... I love swedish accents.

Posted by Agent47

Wow this is great.Their reactions to punching the sheep and building that crappy house were the same as mine.

Posted by Deusx

That's one of the weirdest trailers I've ever seen... In a good way.

Posted by nighthavok313

"Yep, that's my game."