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Posted by imaspacebear


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Octodad pulling on those heartstrings, getting all serious.

Posted by BlackLagoon

...nobody suspects a thing...

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Showed my girlfriend the last gameplay trailer, thinking she'd be into it. She said that the octopus is a jerk for pretending to be their dad. That not only was he knocking a ton of shit over, he was lying to his fake family.

This trailer makes me think there could be some lovely metaphorical stuff in here about what it is to be a husband/father. But please, please don't make some weird backstory where like the mind of a man got put into an octopus or something. This trailer kind of hinted at something more to the character, and that would be awful.

Posted by Sgtpierceface

I'd LOVE to learn about sharks.

Posted by SolidOcelot

Aww, that was actually really sweet. Can't wait to play this, first game I ever played on a PS4.

Posted by Sessh


I think it just tried to show him missing the Ocean, his real home, and the Chef only knew him, because he wanted to well, cook and eat him, I guess.

Posted by StarErik

Was hoping that song was in the trailer. <3

Posted by UltimAXE

So, what's the gamplay hook in this, aside from "Hey, you know how ragdoll looks ridiculous 99% of the time?" It looks funny and junk, but I still don't know what kind of game it is.

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Is there some hidden layer to Octodad that I wasnt aware of? Either way, this looks like a good time.

Posted by Itwastuesday


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@sessh: Yep, that's what I thought, and what I'm hoping it still is. It could be so much more poignent if he really just is an Octopus.

@ultimaxe: From what I've seen, it's basically a simple adventure game with the fun of awkward controls in the vein of QWOP or Surgeon Simulatior. The gameplay video that was released is you, as Octodad getting dressed on your wedding day, so you have to go from room to room, solving (really) simple puzzles to find your tie, coat, etc.

Posted by spraynardtatum

This is the game I'm looking forward to the most!

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hmmmmm not sure i can wait till march

Posted by MrGtD

Is the PC version gonna have controller support? I played the PS4 kiosk version and thought the controls were actually super fun, I don't want to go back to a keyboard and I don't wanna wait til March.

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@joshwent: The joke of the series is that despite him being an ordinary octopus, he really *is* the father of those children, which defies logic and explanation. It's just that nobody has noticed that he's an octopus yet, not even his children or the woman he presumably fathered those children yet. It's all very, very silly. n_n

Posted by Shortbreadtom

Tonight, on a very special Octodad...

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Is a goddamn Octodad trailer going to make me cry? This got heavy.

Posted by TurboMan

I can't tell you how fucking excited I am about this game.

Posted by Acornactivist

That was an amazing trailer. Octodad looks...



Right? Guys?

Posted by crithon

been waiting a long time for this one, considering the early version was in 2009.

Posted by MATATAT

Aagh, I want to play Octodad with the PS4 controller but I want it sooner than later. I wonder if it'll work with controllers on the PC.

Posted by Toug

You wear a disguise to look like human guys, but you're not a man, you're a Chicken Boo.

Posted by JamesJeux007

YES ! I have been waiting on this since the Sony Press Conference :'D

Posted by vikingdeath1


I do NOT want to learn about sharks. THANKYOU!

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How did she get a free trip to the aquarium? She is the one who is really hiding something.

Posted by Adrian79

I don't get it...I wish I did but I don't.

Posted by TheWind89

Maybe Octodad can help me figure out my Male Spice Loss™ problem?

Posted by Zero_Tactility

I don't suspect a thing!

Posted by Tearhead

I hope this'll be the free game for PS+!

Posted by Bummey


Posted by mrcraggle

This game will break Giant Bomb's awards as it's clearly "game of the forever."

Posted by StarErik

That's fine and all, but no Ouya?

Posted by jedz99

Literally cannot wait, the song, the look, THE EVERYTHING

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I never imagined that Octodad could pull on my heartstrings, but the end of that trailer was good. And yes, please, tell me ALL about sharks.

Posted by DrBeardface

Wow, that trailer switched it up on me half way through, was NOT expecting that shift.

Posted by ultrapeanut


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On the Bombcast a bit ago the guys mentioned that this is a game that doesn't really make sense until you play it. Apart from the absurdity, I'm not sure I get what the excitement is about...but I'd love to play it sometime.

Posted by ThatDudeOverThere

It's the ordinary human father who defeated Ganondorf!

Posted by JuggaloAcidman

Didn't Octodad start as an anti-drug game? Or was that something else?

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If this was Greenlight it'd be a thumbs down.

Maybe it's something you just have to play to get. (I doubt it)

Posted by BillyMaysRIP

@sooty: Well lucky for us, it already passed Greenlight.

Posted by CatsAkimbo

I love everything about this!

Posted by fantomspower

They really upped those graphics eh. Remember when it looked like a PS2 game. Good on them for sticking with this octodad thing. Pretty funny, but it always reminds me of Chicken-Boo.

Posted by Itwastuesday

@sooty said:


If this was Greenlight it'd be a thumbs down.

Maybe it's something you just have to play to get. (I doubt it)

so when did you lose the capacity to have joy in your life

Posted by triviaman09

What...what is this game? What do you do in it?

Posted by D_Man_Taylor

Awesome! Will be getting this for PS4 for sure!

Posted by AngeTheDude

@triviaman09: You're an octopus and you try to perform everyday tasks with a goofy control scheme and wild physics that leads to hilarious results. I was laughing like an idiot at [LARGE ELECTRONICS RETAIL CHAIN] as I played it on a PS4 demo station.

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... I was laughing like an idiot at [LARGE ELECTRONICS RETAIL CHAIN] as I played it on a PS4 demo station.

Same here dude. My girlfriend and I were having a blast getting through that demo. I'm super stoked to play it when it comes out.

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