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Been waiting for this.

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Huzzah, video podcasts are awesome.

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Supah Gangstah.  
I am now having a great day.

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Pach Attack!!

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pachter's awesome. you guys should get him on the podcast sometime.  

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Pachter calling out some dude from Take 2, Jeff Green's crazy story and Johnny V's Ice T impression, pure greatness.

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Pachter has redeemed himself and is now awesome.

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Johnny V's a supah gangsta.

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  "Quick Review: Medal Of Honor Beta......... SUCKS."- Ice T. Lost it!!!

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Drunk Pachter!

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Lmao @ the Pach-Attack on Mafia II. What a legendary panel.

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omg drunk pachter, I wonder if gametrailers will take him back

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what was with the bleeping of michael pachter?

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Alright, you got yourself a new fan Pachter, that was great.

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Why'd they censor Pachter's cursing? 
Edit: and I just noticed they bleeped it out on the second version of the podcast that was uploaded. Hmm..I guess it's for the best, 'cause Pachter was freakin' WILD.

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Oh man Jeff, Pachter, and Gary were hilarious, most surprisingly Pachter.

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Seeing John Vignocchi act out the part of Ice T really makes it come alive, this is way better than the audio only form.

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  Wow, Pachter was actually really funny. 

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Ok, so I watch the Bonus Round from and time to time and the Pach Attack segment as well and.... Pachter was fucking drunk right? I mean, that's the last guy I would expect to get up in front of about 800 people and call someone a "fucking asshole"

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All I've ever known about Pachter was from people bitching about him.  Those people are now dipshits in my eyes.  Pachter is awesome!

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 Censoring Michael Pachter's curses is not super gangsta.

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That was awesome

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I totally still own that issue of PC Gamer with DNF on the front.

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@FinalGameFreak said:
"  Censoring Michael Pachter's curses is not super gangsta. "
Agree but he was kinda out of hand
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"Have you been drinking?"
"I have been!"
Fucking awesome

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"This was the best idea; I'm so fuckin' smart." 
This is definitely true.

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 holy crap im in this video!
check at around the 14 50 mark when jonnie v's friend is introduced, my and my bitchin silverstein shirt get a huge left side shot

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Is it just me or does Michael Pachter sound a lot like Dave Snider?

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Damn, Pachter was a little drunk eh?

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the vignochi segment was awesome.

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The Best Part!

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oh wow loving the "break" segment good job GB for putting it together

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Holy fuck. Pachter, man. It's incredible seeing him so drunk. 

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  Vignochi segment was awesome - great delivery.

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 Pachter  is the man! I've gained a ton of respect for him from this.

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Johnny V is amazing

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@GuardianKnux said:
" Is it just me or does Michael Pachter sound a lot like Dave Snider? "
I actually thought the same thing when I was listening to the audio-only version earlier today.
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@GuardianKnux: when I listened to the podcast version of this that is exactly what I thought, maybe it had to do with him being drunk though
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Holy shit Pachter rofl

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they really should invite Ice T to their bombcast at some point

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@FinalGameFreak said:
"  Censoring Michael Pachter's curses is not super gangsta. "
But he also has a job that he probably likes.  Losing that because he was little tipsy on the panel would not be super gangsta. 
It wasn't censored when I listened to it on podcast though.