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Posted by TomA

and mystery sheep you look like Shia Lebeouf

Posted by Ineedaname

The guy who had the orange text saying let's tap was technically knocking can his video segment be removed please. (Joke btw...but not really)

Nice video anyway, that one towards the end gets extra awesome due it's terrible effects.

Posted by NukeGoBoom

Yeah id tap that.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Looks like I sent in mine too late.

Damn bad memory.

Posted by Scooper

I want to see Brad karate chop a bunch of boxes interview style.

Posted by SoyBob

Note: I was tapping "Like a fool". Which is a great song and works as a pun for this video.

I also did awful.

Posted by sloppyjoe

the mysterysheep one was awesome

Posted by thegoldencat7

Taking futility to new, hitherto unexplored heights.

Posted by Mysterysheep

TomA said:
"and mystery sheep you look like Shia Lebeouf"

I find that offensive.

Posted by Grillbar

vigorousjammer dossent count he is knocking on stuff not tapping ahh well

Edited by Renegade

Tapping on random strangers ftw! Awesome skit.

Posted by Bunnyman

Creepy tapping. Good tapping.

Edited by TwoOneFive

this is retarded. last one is the only one worth watching

Posted by okuzy

"thanks for not making any sexual euphamisms"

whoops lol. they actually cut out the part where I said "yup, I tapped that" but thanks for including it anyway
Posted by Dimitris

i love the jose reyes bobblehead. i want it

Posted by Baggykins

Expected to see a warlock using soul tap on various enemies :P

Posted by Djratchet

wooo I got in! Hopefully mine will be better next time. lol

Posted by InFamous91
Edited by Hamst3r

Aww, I forgot to submit my video for this. >:E~~

I was gettin' all Master Higgins on a tap counter.

Posted by bjorno

That wasn't a question.

Posted by Rewcastle

Can't remember what i was tapping on the guitar - but listening back, i recognise it.....

Posted by Gregomasta

no one played drums with drum sticks on a full drum set?  I should have tapped on my bass >.>

Posted by DannyJ

I was particularly fond of there being no "no" entries for this weeks QOTW.

Edited by jakob187

SoyBob and Rewcastle won the fucking internet!!!

I didn't even watch the last I Love Mondays, so I had no clue.  I could've finally made a super sweet video, and I FAILED!!!

I tap on stuff all the time.  =  (

Also, I'm THOROUGHLY disappointed that no one apparently tap dances.
Posted by MeatSim

All that taping on random objects destroyed the world apparently.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

The next question of the week should be at the end of this segment. Doesn't make any sense for it to be tomorrow.

Also, I got that exact same alarm clock/pencil holder thingy.

Posted by CharkeeFarlee

Dya know, Brad is pretty hot. O.O!
hehe awesome video!
first and last one was the best

Posted by StaticFalconar

the poor monitor screen

Posted by Xymox

Liked the last one. But man, if this is a competitive game I'd hate to play against necro. 'Cause damn dude... Totally tap totally party.. Hmm. So no one tapped a controller buying TaP sodas? 

Posted by Ivanetc

Some of y'all have no sense of rhythm at all.

Some of you do!

Posted by JackiJinx

The sheep scared me.

Posted by DarthNusair

Where did that song about Giant Bomb come from?  Is it somewhere on the site?  That was really cool!

Posted by natetodamax

I'd tap that.

Posted by MolluskLingers

Yay my Jose Reyes made it in.

Posted by jmrwacko

@ 2:30

scariest thing I've seen all semester.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

as always, much more entertaining than it should have been. this is one awesome community!

Posted by FlipperDesert

Mysterysheep will now be in my nightmares.

Posted by Namerican

Where does that Giant Bomb song come from!?
omg it rocks

Edited by Vigorousjammer

dammit, a knock is a type of tap...

oh, and basement virgin? psh. no.

Posted by Necrorectumonomicon

finally a use for my ocd tapping

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by JunkanooPunch

giant bomb community = awesome and wierd and funny @ the same time lol

Posted by TheGremp

Sweet, mine got included.  Note the "Meh."  Shirt.  Pure awesome.

Posted by Milkman

It's really crazy how some people can turn the simplest of questions and turn into a mind numbingly stupid and unfunny video.

To all those who just tapped on shit, good job. That Rock Band one was very impressive. To the others....*sigh*
Posted by Dethfish

Rewcastle had the best one. That's how you tap.

Posted by lamegame621

Woot! My boy Jon on there reppin'!

Posted by shaun832

The exploding tap was awesome!

Posted by Kraznor

That was generally pretty awesome.

Posted by strangeling


Posted by m0dm0use

hmm some of those wearnt even tapping :( wish I recorded one last week would have been epic if the fudging camera worked :(

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