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Posted by FLStyle

I can't move pass it Jeff, I can never forget!

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Nice "scientific" analysis everyone. :P

Posted by inkeiren

Funnier than I expected.

Posted by TMThomsen

PS3 is the devil!

Posted by Doubt


Posted by Kraznor

Yay! Pi! Nice job everybody.

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Posted by Death_Unicorn

Awesome videos everyone!

Posted by jakob187

"This isn't insanity.  It's the Question of the muthafuckin' Week!"  I LOVE IT!!!

RenegadeSnake and The Bee totally fucking win!!!  I can't stop laughing!!!
Posted by Nets

Lol I like the last guy's analysis the most.

Posted by masterken

what movie is that last one from?

Posted by Womble

Bah, they cut my comprehensive 1 minute 40 second breakdown into about 20 seconds.

Ah well, I'm still happy to be in it.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

Devil's Sin Machine and the photo of Pachter were pretty funny.

Posted by AURON570


Posted by Nizzleworth
@masterken said:
" what movie is that last one from? "
Pi, I believe.
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Damn good job everyone. Those were some hilarious takes...I loved RenegadeSnake's, the tea session was absolutley epic. The hailstorm was a great touch 2. (And yeah...the movie in the last one was PI.)

Posted by CitizenKane

Those were some awesome submissions.  Good job guys!

Posted by Kajaah117

The Pi: Faith in Chaos guy wins! I love Darren Aronofsky.

Posted by Nasar7
@masterken: Pi
Posted by Reverseface


Posted by Metiphis
@masterken:  The movie Pi by Darren Aronfsky
Posted by Jeremy_x

Yay, Pi reference! My favorite movie, Bee you're awesome.

Posted by ZeroCast


Posted by strangeling
Posted by killdave

Brilliant videos guys

Posted by SuperSambo

that lemon guys was funny for once!

Posted by HatKing
Posted by FlamingHobo

Best QOTW by far.

Posted by SinGulaR

Awesome last vid.

Posted by Vigorousjammer

Once again, The_Bee makes an awesome video, definitely the best out of them all.

They were all pretty good stuff  for this week, however.

Posted by Media_Master

It was pretty good this week

Posted by EvolutionX0

funny vids as always 

The_Bee,renegadesnake05,lemon & dirty dan were the best this week.

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No lab coats.... but good videos this week.

Posted by Mouth

The_Bee has done it again. I don't think I'm going to try this crap again.

Posted by phlegms

That was pretty hilarious.

Posted by UsbCable

Why wasn't my video included!? I mean I didn't send one in but come on!

Posted by Carlos1408

Awesome videos, good job guys

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God damn it, rather than working, I could have been drinking tea, doing math, and air-massaging controllers.

Also, a relatively large percentage of these were genuinely funny, good job here guys
Posted by Ineedaname
@SuperSambo said:
" that lemon guys was funny for once! "
But yet never answers the question.

One day.
Posted by Seedofpower

Yeah, MAX!

Posted by mad4it89

Giant Bomb has the best community ever.

Posted by ZeForgotten

I love my devilish machine! 

But I love this video also. Good job to everyone really.
Posted by dopeman

I liked joeys and that lemon guy video was horrible for like the 50th time in a row, Talentless imbeciles.

Posted by retwakm


Posted by Otacon

Really entertaining week, great job guys!

Posted by okuzy

Womble's was my favorite. nice one everyone

Posted by Champy


Posted by TwoOneFive

alright fuck it, im ordering that stupid ass lobster shirt

Posted by pirate_republic

Hmmm... these videos are getting longer and longer, and less funny. Though the last one was awesome.

Posted by Ouroboros

The_Bee consistantly makes the best one

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