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I'm drowning in quick looks. Christmas came early this year.

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flight club assemble

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Finally more flight club. Eject!

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Fuck. Yes.

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New flight club video? Welcome to the monkey house.

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Yes please and thank you

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Oh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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So what's the time to "fly upside down and hit eject"? Who am I kidding, a true flight club stat is time to takeoff.

Edit: Sadly the plane is started for them, so wheels up at 2:45. Still watching for when they break it.

Edit 2: Nice landing at 13:30 though. And yes, it only took 18 minutes for Flight Club to fully spread their wings.

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Yes, dave, vinny and drew, my favorite quicklook combo!

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This quick look is going to get out of control. Its going to get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it.

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Yes. Always more Vinny, Drew, and Dave

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Lady Drew can fly my plane any day.

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Giant Bomb Flight Club Starring:

Vincent "Backseat Driver" Caravella



Dave "Chat Dragon" Snyder

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FUCK YES! This is the reason why I love GB!

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flight club!

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FLIGHT CLUB ! blublublablubalubalub

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Wow this game looks kinda terrible compared to at least every other flight sim they've played.

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I want a "Get Higher" Lever



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Every time a flight club video comes out, I'm reminded that I still need to finish the 600 page flight manual for the A-10c Warthog sim. , how the hell did you do it?

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Flight club eject!

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The disappointment when they say the buttons in the cockpit doesn't work is unparalleled...

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I love that Vinny started out full on Flight Club, and then remembered that this is a quick look

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hehe throll rottle. Seriously though, nice job Drew!

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This looks great

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Haven't even started the video yet and I'm already grinning. FLIGHT CLUBBBBBB!!!!

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Where we're going we don't need eyes to see.

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"I will kill you."

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They should have recruited the Ravaged helicopter pilot for this one.

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The team is back!

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They forget that GTAIV brought that intense backseat driver action to the masses.

EDIT: Died during the biplane part. Amazing.

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i almost choked laughing at that copilot

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This is the greatest video ever

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Man what a great day in quicklooks involving flying vehicles.

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DCS combined arms?

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Jesus plane!

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This is the closest a quick look has ever come to ending me. I almost laughed to death at that whole bi-plane bit.

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Yall remember Sky Odyssey? I want another game like that, just flying through cool locations and stuff like that. Any recent games like that one?

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Regenerating health is OK. Regenerating wings? That's an abomination unto the Lord.

Good day, gentlemen.

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Oh yeah! I know what I'm watching for dinner today!
Edit: Put your helmet on, we'll be reaching speeds of 3!

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Hey, I live here!

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Dive-bomb into the Uncanny Valley at about 30min...

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Finally, a PROPER quick look!

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I feel like every combat flight Sim needs to benefit from a sick guitar riff for some reason.

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Giantbomb flight club rules! Glad to see Vinny, Drew and Dave get some much needed video time on the site

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Got my Flight Club t-shirt this past week. Lets do this!

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You know, just because. 

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I feel like this turns into the weirdest found footage film ever right around the middle.