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Posted by Paindamnation

BOOM goes the air mech

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Awesome always wanted to know more about this

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Needs more Adam

Posted by fetterdave


Posted by Rodin

hell yeah airmech

Posted by Animasta

wait was there a herzog eins?

Posted by Grixxel

Robotech is a go!

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I love this game so much, been playing it with friends a LOT. Really digging it.

They do have a PC download on there site as well so there is that option, I find it runs a lot smoother. Controller supports works perfectly also!

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Wow, they REALLY toned down how aggressive the AI is. When I played, the AI would drop guys so fucking fast and so close to your buildings, it didn't really matter how stacked the area was with defensive units, and the enemy mech was so fast that the time he took to get from his (extremely close) base to the one he was dropping units to, he could get back and be healed pretty much instantly. It wasn't hard exactly, but super annoying because it made the matches take forever because the AI was constantly stealing your buildings from you.

Posted by redbliss

I like building a ton of anti-air turrets and watching the enemy AI mech get destroyed. This game is fun.

Posted by mrwolf710

I guess this is like Herzog Zwei (I never played it) but it's a MOBA, ain't it?

Also I don't like the term MOBA. How about CHaTs instead? Creeps, Heroes and Turrets.

Posted by Mesoian

I've been playing this game for a while now, it's really fun. I suppose it has the same problems as Herzog Zwei though where you can really get into a massive stalemate where your hero character can't move due to heavy missile embankments. Totally recommend it though, it's a hoot.

Posted by MeatSim

The morality of that jet is questionable.

Posted by Wampa1

Front line assembly? Soundtrack for a game... what?

Posted by Superfriend

@Animasta said:

wait was there a herzog eins?

it was probably called "Ludwig II"

but it was too crazy and drowned in a lake. Kind of a sad story.

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Is anyone else getting a " Z" vibe?
From the units, bases, turrets, roads.

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This seems like it could be the first successful F2P for Xbox 360. I've played a little bit and I remember it saying you could hook up a 360 controller and it would map the controls and work with it (without having to macro anything or use XPadder). Would be cool to see this come to Xbox and see it succeed!

Of course, 10 seconds after posting this I forgot Microsoft is shit when it comes to letting companies patch the games...

Posted by soupbones

Looking forward to a STEAM (or XBLA) release - hopefully will support control pad controls.

WASD not for me.

Posted by standardman


Posted by bybeach


Seals the deal for a soundtrack..been a long time I heard them.

Posted by MikkaQ

@Animasta said:

wait was there a herzog eins?

Nope, which is why it's always been one of my favorite game titles.

Posted by Chazzi27

Tried downloading this on my Macbook...but alas the graphics were messed up (found the reason on the forums) however I have a lack of sound so playing this game is not happening until I can find a work around for that.

A shame, this quick look makes it look very cool, especially for a F2P.

Posted by Scarabus

This game looks awesome.

Posted by dragonboss

Want to play this but no linux support yet. Damn, and my windows partition is out of commision.. :(

Posted by doe3879

AirMech: uploaded by Drew
I thought this was gona be a FlightClub video for sure.

Posted by rmanthorp

@soupbones: If you download the EXE from their website it has full pad support built right in, works like a charm.

Posted by Syndrom

So is this game basicly a moba style game? It really looks like it.

Posted by Argo15


Posted by Pastabasta

I know Ryan does not give a FUCK but I smiled when he said Herzog 'Zeewai'.

Posted by Draxyle

Already downloaded before this video finished; can't go wrong with the free barrier of entry. Seems like some good dumb fun.

Posted by Krystal_Sackful


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I'm loving this, since I loved Herzog Zwei as a kid.

I prefer the osprey, the big support one with the two props, I'm surprised Jeff likes the normal jet. I guess it's got the airborne shield and the sword I guess. You also make the sword by leveling up into it and right clicking as the normal jet.

Posted by MysteriousFawx

@Tennmuerti said:

Is anyone else getting a " Z" vibe? From the units, bases, turrets, roads.

Fuck you now I want to play Z...... Psycho Reporting

Posted by Deusoma

Not really rushing to switch to Chrome in order to play this, but it looks cool, so I'll be keeping an eye out for it on other stuff.

Posted by artraider

id say it looks like the same thing as warhawk

Posted by IamTerics

For those wondering there is a PC version but its less stable than the Chrome version. I play the PC one and its still pretty fun.

Posted by poheroe

looking good!

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@bybeach said:


Seals the deal for a soundtrack..been a long time I heard them.

As far as I know, they haven't been any good since 1994 or so, when the electric guitars started overpowering everything else in the mix (hey, why even insist on having electric guitars in EBM?), but I haven't heard their last few albums.

The game looks a lot better than the last stuff I saw of it, the videos that showed up last year looked like it was another one of these tower defense/MOBA games, this looks slightly more like a strategy game, though I'll always prefer good old resource gathering and base building.

Posted by GalacticPunt

Ah, this is the game that Adam Boyes was losing his mind over in that PAX video. I suppose from recent developments that a PSN port is incoming!

Posted by xite

I'm getting a Total Annihilation vibe from this.

Posted by RedRocketWestie

If you're not going to tell your units to move, why build anything but turrets? :P

Posted by vinsanityv22

I saw AirMech at PAX, and it's pretty cool. But man; when this game was revealed in IGN, it was for PSN. It's supposed to be a PSN/XBLA/PC game - I don't know why, somewhere along the line, it ended up as a Google Chrome exclusive, but I don't like it. It runs like sh** on my PC, which is a few years old, but it should be able to handle THIS. I want this game on consoles, not on Chrome. That's just fucking weird. Does anyone consider Google's browser a proper platform for gaming?

Posted by big_jon

As an RTS fan I kinda like the look of this.

Posted by Bollard

Press T when you drop everything = beat AI in five minutes. The AI just drops single units on your bases all the time so its so easy to beat.

Posted by Lazyaza

Really like the art direction of this, gameplay seems a bit too over simplified but eh probably be worth checking out while listening to a podcast or something.

Posted by MAD_JIHAD

It looks like fun and its free so nothing to lose trying it out.

Posted by BBAlpert

Did anyone else see this and think of the Jet/Mecha Tengu from Red Alert 3? Or maybe I should rephrase that, did anyone play Red Alert 3?

Posted by Sharpshooter

hell for Easter you could unlock Jesus as a pilot...seriously.

Posted by mewarmo990


Actually gave this a try on Chrome shortly before the video went up. It's pretty fun in multiplayer, and free-to-play means that it'a easy to try out and see if you like it. Game's still in testing so paid units get put up for free every once in a while.

Posted by Patman99

@Sharpshooter said:

hell for Easter you could unlock Jesus as a pilot...seriously.

This is pretty good. Who wouldnt want Jesus as their pilot?

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