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Posted by vonFlampanker

Closest we'll ever get to a "House of Leaves" game?

Posted by Reisz

Guys I really want to play this, should I skip the QL?

Posted by scottygrayskull

Alright, I think I'm into this.

Posted by Quantris

It's kind of charming how they get confused by thinking of a level map as a physical thing inside the computer :)

Posted by neato

if you listened to the bombcast, the corner that had color bleeding through it that ryan was talking about is at 6:16.

Posted by TehJedicake

This looks dope as fuck

Posted by FancyMonkey

"Six in the clip, and one in the antichamber"... well done my good sir.

Posted by Master_Funk

Hey this QL uses the same tagline as the Dark Souls QL . Does than mean Anti-Chamber is the Dark Souls of Non-Euclidean Geometry ?

Posted by JYoung

@Reisz said:

Guys I really want to play this, should I skip the QL?

I haven't played the game, but maybe 15 minutes into the Quick Look I turned it off because it was evident that this wasn't a blind playthrough and Ryan was moving past some puzzles that would be fun to figure out on your own.

Posted by Greebman

how do you even program this

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I donno. I liked what i was seeing until the gun was introduced. turns the relaxing journey into a form of tedium. i also dislike puzzles for this very reason, though, so it's probably just me

Posted by happypup70

@IanFoxDouglas: Thank You. I am really getting tired of hearing about non-euclidean geometry and yet in all these games parallel lines always stay the same distance apart!

Posted by falling_fast

for anyone reading these comments, the video description thing used to say "Brad and Patrick"

Posted by squidraid

Watching this brought Braid to mind because it's another strong case for games as art. I like it.

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@Greebman said:

how do you even program this

i think it might be simpler than people think:

This not-code will replace geometry that the player has already stepped through as they turn around to look at it:

"//" means 'Comments,' and is not code, and is only used to clarify pieces of code for you

//'replaceGeometry' will only be 'true' when stepping within certain boundaries
when: playerView < -90° && replaceGeometry == true //when player turns to look backwards within key areas
do this: delete currentGeometry, place newGeometry //swap one level tile with another

that's more-or-less how easy this would be. honestly to program this whole thing... all these different puzzles... would just be maddening for me. i hate puzzles. and this isn't representative of any real scripting or programming language; it just gives the general idea of how a person might structure this, having already set up the definitions of each included component already.

Posted by JZ

It's called game scripting guys, you know this stuff.

Posted by kerse

@Quantris said:

It's kind of charming how they get confused by thinking of a level map as a physical thing inside the computer :)

Yeah that was funny lol.

I don't think I can watch past 10 minutes of this video, I want to play it myself.

Posted by MikkaQ

This game reminds me of Cube 2: Hypercube.

Posted by cloudymusic

Everything about this game seems very much like something I want to experience.

Posted by dvorak

If you're going to be confused about how a game like this is programmed, you would probably have your mind blown by almost any game.

Posted by Yummylee

My brain feels tingly.

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@dvorak said:

If you're going to be confused about how a game like this is programmed, you would probably have your mind blown by almost any game.

yeah it's much simpler than people think... i think.

Posted by YOU_DIED

it's a schooner

Posted by chrissedoff

I'm disappointed by the music in this game. Nothing says generic indie puzzle game like this new age-y ambient music, and Antichamber looks like it's so much better than that.

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@chrissedoff: I'm curious, what would you suggest?

@TehJedicake said:

This looks dope as fuck

And yes, yes it does.

Posted by Itwastuesday

i could never do the magic eye either. it is a sad existence

Posted by chrissedoff

@HumanoidTyphoon: I don't know. Copy Harald Grosskopf's music maybe? Or even dead silence. I'm tired of so many games using the kind of music in this quick look. It seems very safe and uninspired to me.

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Posted by tourgen

looks pretty cool

Posted by Willtron

This seems awesome, and most definitely makes you work your brain in a rad way.

Unfortunately, even just watching the QL is giving me a horrible migraine and I'm only fifteen minutes in. I don't think I'll be able to play this. :(

Posted by ChrisTaran


Jumping into the TV.

Posted by AssInAss

Surreal artists everywhere are shitting their pants.

Posted by cooljammer00

This video gave me a huge headache.

Posted by ZmillA

9 minutes in. I've seen enough

Posted by heatDrive88

Sure, maybe your character in this game is never in any real peril, but it still doesn't mean that this game isn't creepy as fuck in a really weird way.

Posted by houstongirlgotu

prepare to be dizzy

Posted by Doskias

I want this. But I also fear it.

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I like the looks of this. It's different than the usual fare. Actually a lot of that is different too, but often gets into the convention of being pixilated or whatever. This is a nice approach. I never bought Fez. The steps and such remind me of that earliar color game akin to portal.

Posted by Jackel2072

Ok going to stop watching this, because I want to play it with as little understanding as possible.

Posted by Ares42

@Greebman said:

how do you even program this

As far as I can tell it's pretty much just standard loading code you see in many modern games, just turned into a mechanic. In your average CoD or Uncharted any area behind you is being dumped out of memory and any area coming up is being loaded in. By doing this really quickly the world doesn't have to make sense as things never exist in the same space at the same time.

Posted by Tidel

I love the design of that gun so much.

Alas, no Mac port.

Posted by HerbieBug

I'm not particularly interested in playing this as my standard reaction to navigation puzzles of this type is irritation and annoyance and often a bit of nausea too. However, I am extremely interested to see what the speed running community will do with it. Really curious to see how this game breaks. What happens when you go outside the bounds of the geometry?

Posted by LikeaSsur

Why on earth is this making my brain feel weird?

Posted by ripelivejam

@vonFlampanker: fuck yes. best book ever (well not really but yes, best book ever)

Posted by ripelivejam

also some strong echochrome vibes as well.

Posted by Brendan

Ok, you cannot watch this video while also doing something else. It makes no goddamn sense.

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So the game probably uses a portal system, just like the old Doom games and Portal.


Posted by bkbroiler

This game looks amazing, and I love the Quick Look. But I can't help but feel like I'm ruining it for myself.

Posted by kunoh

Another game where I find it far more entertaining watching other people play it than play it myself.

Posted by Jedted

It's kind of annoying the way Patrick always has to over analyze everything in games like this. This QL needs more Vinny!