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Been waiting for the US release of this

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alright... that was fast

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Gotta love new RPGs

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sweet, quick look!!

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it's out today methinks.

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Wow, Kessler really taking charge of and dropping the knowledge bomb on this Quick Look. Nice work. 
Also, Kessler: The Intern: The JRPG Guy.

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Ahh I love a good JRPG... Hope this gets an EU release!

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Shit another QL I have to skip out of moral obligations.

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does that bar say  "rogress bar "

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Woo Kessler QLs.  As a JRPG fan, I'd really love for there to be a guy who's into that stuff on GB.  Most of it these days isn't great, but there are some genuine gems out there.
EDIT:  Of course, this doesn't seem like one of the gems. Because just about every console RPG this generation has been a huge bummer, for whatever reason.

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I cant.

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can't wait to throw in all sorts of water gems to get all watered up

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Don't tell anyone but I have a pro-Kessler agenda

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Kessler knows his shit. This is awesome.

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The JRPG: 50 different battle systems to kill the same enemies and play the same story.

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Matt does a great job! He always knows his stuff and he has great enthusiasm!

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Woooo Bodega! 
I wonder if he's organised those comics yet?  :P

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The battle system looks pretty awesome, but the VO and general story sound pretty lame.

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Right on for the US release!!! 
Time to put away DP and get my real JRPG on!!!!
Dear God.......I need to call my therapist.............

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The voice acting is... well... bad.  
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Yay, more JRPGs on the Wii that I'll never look into. Sigh...I guess I'll stick to Dragon Quest.

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What the heck was that defense thing?

Also if you're getting 8 AP a turn and you have 10 max AP, shouldn't you always use until you have at most 2/10 left so you're not wasting AP during refills?

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Bodega! Putting the YAY into JRPGS.

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There 's something "off" about Matt, something kind of forced, like he's always channeling a PR guy. I dunno.    
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Hah! I never realized that ALF could mean Alien Life Form. :P
Thanks Jeff!

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@JackiJinx said:
" The JRPG: 50 different battle systems to kill the same enemies and play the same story. "
Now with umbrellas
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@Interlink:  @Interlink: I agree, but I feel like it may be coming from genuine enthusiasm. I feel that it may fade away as he gets more comfortable. Looking forward to more Kessler!
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sorry but..this guy doin the QL needs to chill out or not do anymore.  I turned this off 1/4th of the way through it because his over-embellished and over-enthusiastic remarks and tone were totally off-putting.  Not to mention annoying.

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Oh man. I just realized that Ryan will never be on a JRPG Quick Look ever again when he can just kick it down to Kessler.

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@Interlink:   I think it's more that Kessler is just excited to be there.  The GB crew is generally pretty sleepy and/or jaded sounding.  Pleased to see someone who seems genuinely into it.
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Also I didn't know that a classic controller was necessary to play a game where you press a button over and over again for 80 hours. I didn't realize that the nunchuk was such an affront to mankind.

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God, dat voice acting.
Meh... still better than Just Cause 2.

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And there you go, Whitney Houston's true secret has been revealed. Drugs = Magical Power

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@TeenageJesusSuperstar said:
" Don't tell anyone but I have a pro-Kessler agenda "
Got any pamphlets?
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@Fallen189 said:
" @JackiJinx said:
" The JRPG: 50 different battle systems to kill the same enemies and play the same story. "
Now with umbrellas "
The FPS's: 50 different weapons to kill the same enemies and play the same story.
The Maddens: 50 different plays to beat the same enemies and play the same game.
What's your point? Everything is repetitive.
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Oh god the voice acting is almost as bad as  chaos wars

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I'm trying to figure out if a fully voiced game with bad VO is better than just having to read most of the time with good VO over less parts.

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Kessler is annoying..

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Even better than the DQIX QL. Nice work Matt!

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Apparently the voices can be turned off.

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All the voice actors sound like they have a cold.

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Jeff and Kessler seemed to have a good rapport going in this QL. Kessler definitely seems to be getting better.
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Why all the hate for Kessler? When did it become a bad thing to be excited about playing video games?

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@Norusdog said:

" ok...gave it another shot cause I'm really interested in this game..need a good RPG for my Wii.....  this guy is unbearable.  sounds fake.  not saying, in any way, to get rid of him...but he NEEDS to tone it down..this is too much..I don't even want to watch any of his stuff if this continues. "

Ya, it kind of gets tolerable near the end there but I agree that they need to have a talk with this guy to tone it down. He tries to act all wacky and funny in an ironic way, but it comes across as just being a, I want to ram a nail in my ear to make it stop, kind of a annoying. As soon as I hear something with him in it my immediate reaction is always to turn it off.
He knows his stuff and does a good job at what he says, he just needs to work on how he does it. It's extremly annoying.
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This game doesn't look very good.  Happy to see another Kessler Quick Look though.

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not meaning progress if thats what you thought. its the summons in this game.
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wow this looks like a generic ass jrpg...boy

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 Kessler is fine, he is just trying too hard because he is nervous. Once he gets more comfortable and dials it back a notch he will be fine.
Chillax pon de mic!