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It's like Bayonetta but with Akuma in it.

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looking forward to this one.

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Sup guys..

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This looks awesome.

Damn .. Grats dave.. How did you get it so fast?

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been looking forward to this, i hear its a real spectacle 

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The commenters above didn't watch the video...

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@kmg90: I've been watching previews for it elsewhere.

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@kmg90 said:

The commenters above didn't watch the video...

yea i didnt yet been trying to get the "first" thing, but since this game is so QTE heavy even brad shouldnt be able to pull a brad on it XD
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It's all about WRATH!!

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@kmg90 said:

The commenters above didn't watch the video...

Neither did you.

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@dido85 said:

It's all about WRATH!!


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This is not a very good game.

It's a really awesome experience though.

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The game - and I'm using that word as loosely as possible - looks terrible, but the QL of it should be fun.

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57 minutes long, word that the game is totally better than it looks, and total Japanese craziness. Alright I'm in

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Rented the game, and other than the very cool storyline/ QTE scenes, it's extremely shallow and very repetitive. The gameplay is barebone and almost non-existent. Paying 60 bucks for this game is absolutely ridiculous. It should have been tagged for 19,99 right off the bat; there's just no replay value at all, and the game clocks around 5 hours.

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So I hope after this QTE-fest bombs, Japanese developers will finally stop cramming QTEs into their games and realize their misconception about western gamers loving QTEs.

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that is totes liam o brian

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Finally an interesting Quick Look to watch.

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This game does QTEs really, really well and if this bombs they ain't gonna have much to do with it.

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"Golden spider" sounds like some weird sex act involving urine.

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Yay, finally.

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Not so enjoyable when Brad spends the entire quick look trying to hate the game. Yeah, it might not be amazing but after the first 15 off hand comments about how much it depends on QTEs and other shit, it gets annoying. WE GET IT YOU DON'T REALLY LIKE IT OR THINK MUCH OF IT. Christ.

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@Efesell said:

This game does QTEs really, really well and if this bombs they ain't gonna have much to do with it.

I was interested when they showed the first trailer. When it became known that the game is basically a QTE-fest, I instantly lost interest. So yes, it has something to do with QTEs.

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Yeah, that's Liam O'Brien. 

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Jesus, this looks terrible. The combat seems really loose and random. Not sure entirely why, but the character design makes me feel a little queasy, like I actually couldn't look at it for long.

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Oh, Asura can overheat.


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Why is he running like a stupid naruto character....

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Anime the game !!!! :D Can get behind this

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@david1890 said:

It's like Bayonetta but with Akuma in it.

Couldn't have put it better myself.

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I hope it does well enough to where they keep trying stuff like this. Because I love the idea behind it, and had a lot of fun with the game while it lasted.. but even as I say that it's really hard to recommend it since it's targeting a very specific audience.

As for any comparisons to Bayonetta, please don't buy the game with that mindset because you will hate every second of it.

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Ugh... Bad Anime: The Game

Posted by Captain_Felafel

Wow, this is straight up an anime rendered in a video game engine. The mid-"episode" interludes with the logo, the repeating dialogue after said interludes, the insane everything, this is straight up an anime. Weeeeeeeird.

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Surprisingly, this is getting pretty damn high review scores across the web. Even higher than Syndicate or Alan Wake, from places you wouldn't expect like IGN and GameInformer. I guess there is a lot more appeal to the full experience than small chunks might indicate.

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I think this looks kind of alright, the QTE's are a little much and the editing/pacing is awful, but if they wanted to make a more standard game with what they have, I think it would have been alright. The price point doesn't make sense, but it looks neat, so I'll wait.

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mantra power? are we playing digital devil saga?

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Ha Ha, not bad!

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This is more like a interactive anime than a actual game.

Posted by Allison

You Brad Rapstar.

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@algertman said:

This is more like a interactive anime than a actual game.

Yeah, that's pretty much what they wanted to make.. and they were very thorough about it. Right down to constant credits, dramatic bumpers, repeating dialogue, pretty much everything one would expect.

Bout the only thing its missing is a karaoke intro with horrible Engrish for each chapter.

There's even an obligatory hot springs episode.

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I hear this game is pretty funny in a lot of unexpected ways. Apparently several of the achievements are part of in-game jokes - they pop up in time with whatever's happening to make it funnier.

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This game does a lot of crazy awesome shit and I love it for it - but fullprice singleplayer only? With a replay value I feel really, really sceptical about? No.
It's a helluva bargain bin purchase in the future - that you later give away or something..

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So, Goku is climbing the tower agian, huh?

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This game is ridiculous.

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@algertman: Which is exactly why this IS worth $60 to me. So shut up, Brad!

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So Japan God of War

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I don't care what anyone says, this game is fucking awesome! And i didn't much care for Brad's tone through most of the video, but it seems it charmed him, or rather punched his face off, in the end.

It ain't a game and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but the price is questionable for sure.

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@Kanji: I think you may be confused about the purpose of this site, which is mainly to let us play and show off games and talk about what we think of them. Perhaps your interests would be better served elsewhere?

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Brad - the last part is from the demo.

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@TheLeamenator said:

@algertman: Which is exactly why this IS worth $60 to me. So shut up, Brad!

Hey, I bought it and love it.