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WW2 Strategy <:

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looks interesting

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The gameplay is a welcome change from anything that's out there. They need to update the storyline to a modern setting and I'm set.

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i'm on a boat!

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feeling a bit dizzy now lol

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I got to the part in the demo were you have to torpedo the battleship and the game froze on me.....

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Rockets... not very effective on boat hangars. But a couple of your plane moves were Michael Bay approved so... I guess you could chalk that up to breaking even. But hey man... don't mess with those mountains. Don't do it. They'll make you sorry.

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I thought the multiplayer demo of the first game was really fun, I never played the actual game though.  16 people fighting in a somewhat realistic naval battle is pretty darn cool.

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Transform into a robot and smash it, lol.

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I loved part 1, will be getting part 2 :D

Multiplayer was actually pretty fun in part 1 as well, so looking forward to the improvements for part 2.

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You learned that mountain real good.

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This looks like a Borefest.

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Oh my god, brad, stop accelerating towards everything, slow the hell down!!

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I'll have to pass, thanks anyway.

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it sure looks pretty. but damn looks hard to control. or maybe brad sucks.

yeah probably that. :)

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Battlestations Midway was quite good. Too short, but what there was was great. Looking forward to this.

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This looks like a PS2 game.

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Tale Spin reference!!

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Inverted controls suck!

Maybe that's why you always die Brad.

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Who decides who plays which game? Poor Brad ;)

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Quick Look's alternate title: Watch Brad Die In This Game! :D

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People in the comments are acting like such assholes. The first one was awesome, and this looks awesome as well.

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Yeah, stop being assholes, assholes!

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I played the demo yesterday and the controls are fucking hard. I honestly could not manage to complete the demo. That said, I never played Battlestations: Midway...

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looks pretty cool

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This looks cool.  This is probably one of the first WWII games in a long time that actually piqued my interest, and I'm not even a big RTS person.

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Just finished playing the demo, I thought it was really amazing and a great improvement from the first, the controls are not hard and its a demo so it only allows you to do so much. Its called strategy games kids, their a time of the past unfortunately.

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looks like poor jerky controls but the game looks decent enough.

Brad WTB QL prep time?

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Ugly, man. Really ugly.

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Boring... sweet Tale Spin reference!

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Definitely a game you'd want to play on PC, the controls look as though they haven't been "optimized" (dumbed down) for consoles.

Some of the textures don't look too good, though as long as you don't spend too much time crashing into the ground it looks nice.

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not intense enough.

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You can tell this game is old because it has film grain on it.

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Thank you Giantbomb for educating me about WWII :D

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Looks ok, but I think I can get my fill with Battlefield: 1943, and that is only going to be $15.

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Why do they do QL's of these games none of us have ever heard of?

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zzz ...zzzzzz..... what?

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Brad, you made this a really rough QL to watch... in no mean way, but a little practice before taping?

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Looks cool.

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the first one was Battlestations Midway, which was IN the Pacific. Now there doing another one based on the same campaign. Why do they alsways make WW2 games based on American campaigns, they weren't even the ones who won the war for us.

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not too bad of a game. i think ill pass though

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Nobody likes inverse controls

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I'm on a boat!

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i find it terribly ironic that brad fails to kill himself when he tries to in this

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I'm from the future :3

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@toma said:

the first one was Battlestations Midway, which was IN the Pacific. Now there doing another one based on the same campaign. Why do they alsways make WW2 games based on American campaigns, they weren't even the ones who won the war for us.

It is where most naval battles were fought I think