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Love late night qls

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You know... , if you delete your comment, then gets the 1st comment quest, then if he deletes it, gets the quest, and you still get to keep your quest completed status also. This coming from someone who has long ago already fulfilled my lifelong journey to conquer said quest, and who has done what I just described!


I really want to play this but motherfucker im poor as fuck no joke. TeamBRAD

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YAY BORDERLANDS -- though I should probably play the game instead of watch this quick look.

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Yeeeeeeeees! Tomorrow. You're only a day away. o___o

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Well I guess homework will wait

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Can't wait to use Maya tomorrow in my Solo run

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Finally! I haven't even played the first one yet!

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waiting for it to unlock on Steam

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Damnit this doesn't unlock till the 20th :(

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The music is awesome! Can't wait for this!

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nice, this will be over just in time for BL2 to unlock on steam!

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So, it's more Borderlands. Cool, I'll play it then.

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I see where what he means about not feeling a connection to the characters, but since I played, literally days worth in co-op. I kind of became connected to each character, only because my friends were playing them. It will be nice to see those characters back again, but this time with more dialogue.

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More borderlands is just what I want

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Yep, more Borederlands. Not even remotely mercurial, but I made my point. This game is not for me.

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i look forward to buying this with DLC for 10-20 bucks.

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you can't trust the info on giantbomb.com only gamebomb.ru and glantbump can be trusted

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I love that there is a Pangolin shield. That's pretty awesome.

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I wonder if this went up slightly early. Usually the embargo times are for pst, so I don't see them until 3:00am est. and it seemed funny with the steam unlock mention at the end that in fact someone may I fact be pissed with them for posting it early, even if it's only by a few hours

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I like how they made all the numbers on everything bigger than they were in the first game.

I see Jeff has endeavoured to once again make the most boring plainjainy character build possible. haha.

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Not sure how I feel about that "internet humor".

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Why am I not surprised that they are somewhat 'down' on the game? It's so predictable, whenever people really liked a surprise hit and are then highly anticipating the sequel, it will always end up being disappointing to them. It's just human nature.

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I expected Jeff to feel this way. Meanwhile for me who has been obsessed with the franchise for three years will play the hell out of this game for another three. I know the humor is juvenile or "out of touch" but I still find it all endearing. Can't wait till I get home from work tomorrow!

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Good to see I'm not the only person fed up with internet memes. Still on the fence about this game though.

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@DexterKid said:

Why am I not surprised that they are somewhat 'down' on the game? It's so predictable, whenever people really liked a surprise hit and are then highly anticipating the sequel, it will always end up being disappointing to them. It's just human nature.

I also think most people who liked the first game have played way less than 200 hours of it. I played about 50 or 60 hours of the first game and this seems like exactly what I want three years later.

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Can't wait to make my melee Zero build. Gonna be crazy.

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Looks like more Borderlands alright.

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Really great quicklook. Only made me more excited to play the game.

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A little more like the first one than I would have liked, but a game like this is always super fun with friends.

Huh Brad really does seem like the smartest Giantbomb dude, psychosomatic was probably one of the last things I expected to hear outta one of them. I like it. I actually really enjoy when he talks about space too.

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Part of me really hopes there are a crap ton of Borderlands 2 Quick Looks like there were for the last game. Just because it would be funny to me.

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Jeff really needs to get away from his "I'm gonna go all regen and make the game easy" mindset. Some games regen sucks and you're just gonna hinder your enjoyment of the game by going all defensive rather than offensive.

Looking at his skill tree he has only picked a single offensive skill, and only because he had no other choice.

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Spoilers... damn

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Does Brad pull off something unbelievable in this video's final seconds, as per usual?

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late night quicklook yessss

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so looking at this it would seem that you don't need to play the first game. Does the story benefit more from playing the first or can it hold its own?

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Man the guy who voices whatever class Jeff is playing as is the same guy who played the Warmage in Orcs Must Die!. I can't separate the voice from that character.

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Didn't like the first. Don't like the second. If there is a third, can't really see me liking that either. Thanks but no thanks.

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Played the first Bordomlands during the free Steam Weekend(yes, I dl-ed/used the custom config file) and didn't like it one bit. Hope this is better but I'll wait for a huge price drop before purchasing it.

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Hmm I'm a little unsure why Jeff seems to have tried to play the commando class exactly like Roland in the first game and ignored most of the other more interesting options... I mean I guess he can play it anyway he likes but that does seem like he's hampering his own enjoyment. Begs the question if thats what he did to review the game then was he the best choice for that review? *shrug*

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Man. More Borderlands sounds really great... But this game just looks super muddy. Maybe it's just the cel-shading style rubbing up against the aging tech but I took a look at this QL and just cocked an eyebrow.

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Aww, here I was hoping for another hilarious 4-player QL.

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The enemies have way too much health. Anytime an enemy gets to melee range while I'm firing full auto at him... that's when I know a shooter is bad.

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How could they forget about the day/night cycle in the first game? Remember the moon that was constantly on fire on one side?

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I see that Jeff still hasn't learned that you don't need to look at the actual item to pick it up, you can do so through the tooltip. He complained about that in the first game even though it had this functionality as well. Pretty hilarious.

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While they are great guys, people have to remember that one gave Syndicate a perfect score and the other doesn't get enthused about anything unless its a point & click adventure or Starcraft. I'd say play it and see for yourself. I know I am.