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Video dont work

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My grasp of the my own language is stunning.

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Wow that was a really quick look then...

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Quickest. Look. Ever.

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Wow, this looks AWESOME! Oh...

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Those matches sure are short!
Yeah, video isn't working guys.

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That's about all you need to see of Castlevania Judgment anyway.

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haha, ok ok.

Should be working now...for better or worse.


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Sky Nachos, God bless Stephen Colbert!!!

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Sky nachos are delicious...but I still like land fish more.

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Jeff: "At any point did you read the manuals to see what the buttons do?"

Ryan: "Oh, hell no!"

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Hilarious video! That game looks awful!

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oh lordy lord.

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Well, that looks nothing like a game I'd want to play.  Which is sad.  I consider myself a Castlevania fan (enough that I knew who all the characters were they were selecting from) and if I don't want to play it, then WHO IS THIS GAME FOR!?

Also, one of the characters was Cornell from the second N64 Castlevania (Legacy of Darkness or some such nonsense?) which I'm pretty damn sure was one of several games Koji Igrashi retconned out of the "official" Castlevania timeline several years ago.  Good job, Konami.

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Personally I think you guys should preview/review games with 2 people from the team more often, even though its more work its so much more entertaining. This game looks like total garbage but you guys always manage to make it funny and awesome.

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judgement: not bothered

Great vid tho!

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Funny video, bad game.

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Man this game looks terrible, the hell IGA? It looks like Castlevania 64.

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Not since E3 has there been so much love for this game!

The commentary could of almost been a TT epidsode.

And that is why Jeff is on parole.

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WOW. That game looks like ass that's been pounded by donkey dick.

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I vote for more Quick Look Videos.  Get the word out for some under the radar games and some Mystery Science Theater 3000 style humor for bad games.

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Hilarious. You guys should do more of these.

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How fitting that you'd even encounter bugs in the game in the short time playing.

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As a castlevania fan, I disapprove of the character designs especially: Alucard, Shanoa, Trevor, Grant, Sypha.

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Strangely enough.. if I had a Wii, I'd probably get this. 

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Great commentary. Bad Game.

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"I don't think I'd call that a lady."

"Well, that's why I'm on parole."
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..Judgement !

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I love the Quick Looks.  I find them more helpful than reviews sometimes, because the only thing you take away really is "is it fun or not?".  Cuts to the heart of it.

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Lmao PS3 real time looks better than Wii CGI.

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My knowledge of the Wii is so weak that I thought this game was already out.

It isn't, is it?

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what a terrible looking game. at least this video cements that.

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Awesome, you guys should do more of these.

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That's  about the extend I would play a good fighting game because I'm not in to them.

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I want to see you guys do this with those party challenges in skate 2.

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Why don't any of the characters even remotely resemble how they looked in their respected games? I mean really who are they selling this to? Castlevania fans know better and why would anyone else but them care?

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"how come your playing as sephiroth"

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"Wolf just did Maximum Spider" lol!!! xDDD

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You should make more of these videos. Also, that game looks really bad. I also like how all the characters look nothing like they do in their respective games.

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I really wished the game kicked ass.  I'm a big Castlevania fan and I wish it was better.

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the fact that i have to buy this to keep my castlevania collection complete hurts me deeply

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I guess one of the better things about the game is that you can unlock a few things in Castlevania : Order of Ecclesia via connecting the DS wirelessly to the Wii with Castlevania(pause)Judgement in the console.

Other than that, I hoped this game would look and play better. =(

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video stops loading at 5min 58sec for some reason.

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This could be a Time Trotters episode.

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That was awesome, stirred up some Time Trotters memories.

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Yet another great game on the Wii I see.

Jeff and Ryan were indeed amusing!